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Perfectly Avoiding All the Right Answers (2)

He looked at Lan Yuan Ming and said solemnly, “Thank you, you are a very nice human being.” After saying that, Shi An happily stood up, the dishevelment and sadness from before long gone, and dragged the two bags that were excessively large compared to his body into his room.

He did not look at all like a person who had just gone through the strife of the gentry and failed his exams.

Lin Yan Ming dumbly stared at the retreating back, then looked down at the plates in front of him that had been swept clean, whereas he did not move the chopstick even once, and fell into a deep silence.

…… What is going on

Why was there a feeling of being duped

The second round of the test was three days after the written test, and during the gap in between, students could familiarize themselves with the facilities in the Ability Academy and also bond with their fellow classmates.

Meanwhile Shi An had no interest in this, and slept for two days.

On the third day, the insect could no longer bear watching this situation, and crawled next to his pillow then shouted, “Lord Dragon, Lord Dragon.”

Shi An groggily furrowed his brow, then raised a hand and slapped it to the ground.

Insect: “……”

It persevered and rose again, climbing up again with difficulty, but this time it stopped out of Shi An’s reach, “My Lord, My Lord!”

Shi An reluctantly opened his eyes and said, “What do you want”

The insect replied, “Abyssal crevices do not pop up out of nowhere! And because the connection between the abyss and the ground is not stable, so its spatial location is not fixed.

Even I have to be nearby to detect where it is!”

It crawled over, picking at Shi An’s pillow: “My Lord, you really don’t ……”


Shi An slapped it down again.

The insect laid on its back while facing the sky and contemplated for a few seconds of its bug life.

It’s my fault for not remembering.

Finally, under the continuous harassment of the insect, Shi An finally got up, albeit reluctantly.

T_T I don’t want to go out.

But in order to go back to being a hermit dragon that can sleep for centuries …… let’s work for it.

With a woeful expression, the teenager sighed, then pulled open the door and shuffled out, in a slow and leisurely manner.

At a long distance from the apartment, a man lowered his head and took out his cell phone to send a message-

He went out.


The scores of the written entrance exam for the first year freshmen of the Ability Academy had all been sorted out.

The two examiners casually went through the transcripts in front of them.

“The students’ qualifications are quite good this year.” One of them lifted an eyebrow and said.

“It’s just the theory part.” The other examiner snorted lightly and shook his head, “We’ll have to see the actual battle to know their exact level.”

“But you know what Someone scored a zero this year.”

“Zero points” This time the examiner was really shocked: “Impossible, not a single question was answered correctly”

The test paper basically contained simple theoretical knowledge, and there were even multiple-choice and judgment type questions.

How could anyone perfectly avoid all the correct answers!

“Didn’t expect it, did you I didn’t expect it either.” That examiner shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s that Shi An who was the center of attention before admission.”

“Oh, him.” Another person showed a look of sudden realization: “Then, no wonder.”

“It’s said that the way he passed the basic test is a bit fishy, but he still managed to sneak in.

Seems like the Shi family is quite capable too.”

“That’s so true ……”

Just as the two were chatting with each other, a man rushed in from outside while panting.

“What’s the matter Why are you in such a hurry” The two were taken aback by him.

“Don’t you guys know There’s a student this year who got the additional question correct!”

The man wiped his sweat and said with great excitement.

“Wait, the additional question For real” The examiner had an incredulous expression and couldn’t help but repeat, “The one that no one has answered correctly in history”

This question was given by the dean, a magic spell written in a lost ancient language that no one had ever answered so far.

The bonus score for this question was also very generous.

For as long as you answer this question correctly, you are set to become the freshman with the highest score in this year, and may even set a new score record in the whole academy!

“Which freshman did it” The examiner asked somewhat eagerly.

This person’s future is absolutely unlimited!

“The dean is the one who sent me to pick up this person’s test paper.

That person seems to be called ……” The man took a breath, looked down at the slip of paper in his hand, and said, “Yes, Shi An.”

Examiner 1: “……”

Examiner 2: “……”


After repeated confirmation, the few examiners finally reached a conclusion.

Yes, that’s right.

Although no one knew how he managed to do it, Shi An definitely made it.

一Therefore, they were in an even bigger dilemma.

The additional question awarded a 200% mark multiplication bonus, where as long as the question was correctly answered, the first place of the freshman would be secured.

But the problem is that the score on Shi An’s test paper was …… zero.

一Zero times 200% that is still zero!

The examiners exchanged looks: “……”

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