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Perfectly Avoiding All the Right Answers (3)

Shi An moved slowly and leisurely along the path.

The Ability Academy was the most prestigious academy in the entire continent, and its facilities inside were also top-notch; with slender white towers lined up, and a net of magical power enveloping the entire academy.

It was precisely why it became so difficult to forcefully invade from the outside.

Shi An casually swept his gaze over the buildings and pursed his lips with disdain.

The insect quickly sensed the change in Shi An’s mood, “Lord Dragon, what’s wrong Do you not like this place”

“It’s not bad.” Shi An said with some criticism.

“It’s just a bit ugly.”

Insect: “……”

Yeah, there was no need to ask any further.

By now, it completely understood that in the legendary species’ eyes, which has lived for tens of thousands of years and has unfathomable strength.

The aesthetic sense is similar to that of a crow一it must be expensive! Flashy! Bright!

Shi An wandered aimlessly around the campus.

Suddenly, the insect let out a shriek.

“Wait!” Shi An stopped in his tracks, “What”

“I sensed the location of the abyssal crevice!” The insect said with astonishment, “But it is …… too far away, it may be a little blurry.

Can you go further east一”

Shi An let out an “Oh”.

But as soon as he turned around, he ran head-on into a group of people walking toward him.

Shi An blinked, his gaze sweeping past their bodies.

Yep, don’t know who.

However, just as he was about to go around the crowd in front of him, those people changed direction and blocked right in front of Shi An.

Shi An: “”

He looked over with some confusion.

As a dragon who had lived in a deep and simple world for tens of thousands of years, Shi An did not know much about the human race.

However, even a dense person like him could see the malice and ill will that almost overflowed from these people.

Shi An hesitated for a moment.

” Is there any problem”

“Problem” The leading male seemed to have heard some kind of joke and let out an arrogant snort, “Shouldn’t you yourself know what’s the matter we’re looking for you for”

Shi An: “”

“Tell me, how did you get in here” The man bent down, his face filled with mockery.

“I heard that the testing machine happened to malfunction when it was your turn What a surprise, you’re a recruit that can actually affect the school’s admissions ……”

“I didn’t expect that after trying for so long, you still haven’t recognized that you are not qualified for admission now”

The few people had smiles on their faces as they inched closer step by step.

“Haven’t you heard before Every year, the combat test of the admission exam had rendered people with missing arms and legs, and some even went missing without a trace.

Regardless of what family is backing you up …… danger is everywhere~”

Malicious laughter followed.

“I advise you to be sensible, recognize your own level beforehand, and take the initiative yourself一”

The leader bent down and rudely poked Shi An.

The young man in front of him suddenly lifted his eyes, his gaze briefly paused on his face for a few seconds.

There was not much emotion behind those dark eyes, but it somehow made people’s hearts palpitate, and the hand that was ready to poke the other’s shoulder involuntarily stopped in mid-air.

The man’s pupils suddenly dilated.

What What’s going on

Why did he start trembling uncontrollably

“Calm down, calm down, calm down!”

The insect hidden in Shi An’s sleeve hugged his finger in panic and learned the trick on how to communicate with his consciousness without a master, “My Lord! You can’t go crazy in school! You’ll be discovered!”

Shi An lowered his eyes and said with grievance, “But they are so noisy.”

Might as well just burn them down with a fire.

“Calm down! Calm down! At least we must find the abyssal crevice first before anything else, right! If you leave the school now, it will be hard to come back in time ……” The insect answered in a panic.

Shi An thought about his once mighty and majestic body, as well as his own cave of treasures.

After a long time, he sighed and reluctantly said, “All right.”

After those eyes shifted away, the brief panic and palpitations immediately receded, and the man came back to his senses.

He could hardly believe that he had almost been frightened by a famous trash with almost no magical power, and couldn’t help but feel annoyed thus he stepped forward and reached to pull Shi An’s collar: “You-”

“Is something wrong”

A cold, indifferent voice could be heard from not far away.

It was like shattered pieces of ice falling, and caused the surrounding temperature to drop a few degrees.

This voice …… sounded a bit familiar.

Shi An was stunned, and looked over the man’s shoulder to the direction from which the voice came.

He slightly widened his eyes.


It’s the human with the bright shiny hair and eyes!


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