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This Place Was Really Too Well Chosen (3)

The insect was glaring while breathing heavily, and stood fixedly in the desert.

It had persuaded the dragon until its mouth ran dry, but Shi An was not affected by anything and remained lying motionless on the ground, allowing his body to sink a little into the quicksand.

The sun blazed overhead, the wind howled behind, and soon buried the string of footprints left by Shi An, leaving only smooth golden sand dunes.

The insect continued to rack its brain, then suddenly a bulb lit up in its head.

“Right, I remember that near the abyssal rift, there seems to be a nest of gray crows!”

Gray crows are a half-abyssal half-continental species.

They do not possess a strong single attack, but they are thick-skinned and often live in groups, making them very difficult to deal with.

And most importantly ……

They are very fond of collecting bright and shiny things.

Shi An’s head moved, a thin layer of sand slid down from his hair, revealing half a white ear.

The insect dragged its legs and came close to Shi An’s ear, speaking in a mysterious and enticing tone, “That nest is quite big, it is estimated that it has existed for quite a long time.

I think there should be quite a lot of good things inside ……”

“!” Shi An immediately crawled up with a cracking sound from his joints, “I’ve rested enough.”

It worked!!! The insect almost cried tears of joy.

But Shi An lifted his head to look at the hot sun overhead, he withered away again.

“But it’s so sunny …… why don’t we leave a little later.”

The insect wished he could faint right there.

“This is an artificial desert area! The sun doesn’t set!!!”

Shi An dropped his eyebrows sadly: “…… okay then.”

At this time, a faint shout came from not far back.

It was initially thought to be the sound of the whistling wind, but as time went on, they could gradually hear a person shouting at the top of his voice: “Hey!

Shi An turned his head and looked in the direction where the voice came from.

A small black dot on the distant sand dunes was slowly approaching and seemed to be waving its arm hard at him.

After realizing that he had been noticed, the person then released his magic power and performed a short distance instantaneous movement.

Shi An blinked and recognized the incoming person.

It was actually his roommate, Lin Yan Ming.

The insect giggled and crawled into his sleeve.

The moment he saw Shi An, Lin Yan Ming sighed with relief, “Great, I thought I was the only one who had chosen the desert area.” He ruffled his hair, and a handful of sand fell down with his movements, looking extraordinarily wretched.

“I’ve been walking for three hours, and you’re still the first person I’ve met.”  After walking for twenty minutes and lying down for two hours and forty minutes, Shi An nodded and agreed shamelessly.

“Me too.”

Lin Yan Ming sat down beside Shi An with a frustrated look.

“I know my level very well, and I heard that this side is not very difficult, so I chose this place, but I didn’t expect this place to be in such an almost insurmountable condition.” He sighed and looked at his watch.

It showed the number of demons he had killed so far.


But the number of points gained was only 5.5, not even as much as a fraction of the number of points gained from killing a large demonic creature.

Lin Yan Ming turned his head and asked, “What about you, how many points have you got”

Shi An shook his head honestly and held out his hand to Lin Yan Ming.

On the watch was a rounded and complete 0.

Lin Yan Ming: “……”

He thought he was already a noob, but he didn’t expect to meet an even greater noob.

He speechlessly looked at Shi An.

The teenager crossed his legs, sitting on the ground carelessly without care for his image while his back was slightly hunched一the posture revealed the back of his white neck and the thin raised spine.

His hair was disheveled, covered with a thin layer of yellow sand from head to toe, his cheeks red from sunburn, and a pair of clear eyes looked over wordlessly, as if he was some kind of pitiful little animal.

Lin Yan Ming couldn’t help but soften his heart.

He sighed and compromised, “Forget it, you follow me later, and we’ll split the demons we kill equally afterwards.” At least they were dormmates, he should help whenever he can.

Shi An thought about it and asked, “Where are you going to go next” Lin Yan Ming frowned from a rising headache, and answered with a bitter face, “Of course to wherever there is a magical creature.

There’s no use killing these kinds of small magical creatures, the points won’t go up at all.”

Shi An recalled the abyssal rift location that the magic insect had just described to himself.

一It seemed to be that gray and black area.

Was it called an S-grade danger zone or something similar That place seemed to have lots of creatures around.

When Shi An stood up, he looked at Lin Yan Ming with arched eyebrows and said happily, “That’s good, looks like we’re heading in the same direction.”


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