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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 13.1

"Then, is fire okay" (1)

"What What's going on"

The person-in-charge of the third round's practical test ran out in a hurry in his sleeping robe, his face filled with a mixture of bewilderment and confusion, "What's going on"

"It's a call from Officer Mu."

The person-in-charge picked up the phone and his expression became increasingly shocked and grim.

After hanging up the phone, he said in a stern voice, "Quick! Shut down the simulation in the battle area! Evacuate all the students there!"

"I-I can't!" The staff member panicked, his forehead covered with beads of sweat, "It's impossible to shut down the simulation from the outside ......

Everything inside seems to be out of control!"

The person-in-charge turned his head to look at the monitoring console on the side.

Just five minutes ago, there was a frightening spike of abnormal magical reaction in one of the zones in the real-world simulation.

Immediately after that, all the students' communication devices went offline.

The GPS collars of all the magical creatures were all out of commission.

It was as if ......

in just a few minutes, the entire real-world simulation area was engulfed and subsequently isolated by some powerful force.

No one could enter, and no one could leave either.

The person-in-charge paled, his hands and feet cold, and his mind went blank.

He turned his head to look at a staff member at the side, his unsteady voice carried a hint of tremble and fear, "Hurry up ......

call the crisis management office of the Bureau1."

This matter had already developed beyond their capabilities, and now there was no other choice except the intervention of the Bureau.


Lin Yan Ming raised his head to look at the sky in front of him in confusion.

It was still pitch black, but there seemed to be a subtle difference from before.

The original simulated night sky was dark, but there was still a faint glow from starlight.

However, right now it had become pure dark black, as if all the light was swallowed up by the black hole-like sky in front of them, bringing forth a sense of unpredictable danger.

This ......

What happened

He turned on the alternate light source and lowered his head to look at his watch.

The watch's scoreboard was still lit, but the map and communications could no longer be used.

This meant that ......

they could not contact the outside world and could not confirm their location.

Lin Yan Ming panicked for the first time.

"Shit, the magic activity in this area should be too frequent during this recent time, and the abyssal rift has expanded early," The insect hiding in Shi An's sleeve said quietly.

Shi An lowered his eyes, long and black eyelashes following peacefully and the pupils that were covered up slowly returned to their human state.

He looked at his palm; his five fingers were still slim and white, with not a hint of abnormality.

"But the concentration here is still too low."

Shi An touched his palm, which had not changed too much, and said with some disappointment.

"It's still not enough."

"Well ......

this area has just been tentatively dissimilated now, the concentration here is definitely subpar compared to the inner part of the abyssal rift." The insect paused and continued, "In fact, if we wait here more, we can wait until the degree of dissimilation increases to a state similar to the abyss, but I am worried that this gap will not last that long."

After all, the area of the outbreak was concentrated at the epicenter, so the humans would certainly prioritize this.

From a logical estimation, this gap would be closed by the Bureau before they could wait until the dissimilation was completed.

"Or ......

would my Lord still follow the original plan and enter the abyssal rift" The insect proposed.

Shi An thought about it.

"I like this."

Then he seemed to have thought of something and his mood abruptly dropped, and said, "Then ......

we don't have the time to find the Gray Crow nest, right"

The corners of the insect's mouth twitched, "......


Shi An was totally depressed.

"But ......

but ......" said the insect while racking its brain, "The Gray Crow nest can be found whenever, can't it The most important thing now is to restore your strength first.

What treasure can you not get when the time comes, right"

With the explanation from the insect, a silver-haired figure flashed in Shi An's mind.

He finally pulled himself together.

"You're right."

一When his original body will be restored, what treasure can't be snatched!

Shi An turned his head to look at Lin Yan Ming, who was not far away, looking down and fiddling anxiously with his watch.

But no matter how hard he tried, the positioning mode and communication devicRe could not be used ......

this was the end.

Generally speaking, emergency exits were set up right in the middle of each area.

But ......

they were now at the junction of three zones: the forest zone, the rainforest zone, and the scorched earth zone, making the distance from each zone very far.

By now, it got so dark out that it was impossible to find the way to the emergency exit.

If they went ahead blindly, they would have been heading towards death instead.


1 Bureau here refers to the same Monster Management Bureau in the earlier chapter than Mu Heng works in.


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