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If Time Could Be Turned Back (3)

The scorched earth zone had almost become a semi-alienated area, with poisonous gas escaping from the cracks in the abyss, constantly changing the surrounding environment.


An ominous darkness shrouded the barren ground, and a disturbing aura pervaded everywhere.

As the space on the ground was alienated and transformed, more abyss species crawled out.


Lin Yanming felt likehe had never seen so many strange, ugly and terrifying monsters in his life.


At first, he was nervous and frightened.


Lin Yanming's muscles tensed up, and his heart sat in his throat.

Monsters were attacking from all directions, so he had to be vigilant at all times.

He prepared for hand-to-hand combat, but later, he found that he couldn't get involved at all.

Every time a monster entered his line of sight, Shi'an set it on fire.


Simple, violent, and amazingly efficient.


The fiery flames flashed red on Lin Yanming's cheeks from time to time, and his expression changed from shock at the beginning to calm and numbness now.


After walking together for so long, he now believed that Shi An was not being humble.

——He really only knew this one spell.


It was **ing enough.

Lin Yanming thought blankly.

Not far away, a raven-black lizard crawled out of the crack in the scorched earth, but it had only just stuck its head out before being hit with a fireball to the face.

After a violent crackling sound, only a pile of ashes remained.

The adolescent lightly retracted his eyes from the ashes.

His pale face was indifferent, as if he had just crushed an ant.

Under the long and dense eyelashes, a golden-red light swiftly flew by.

The demon insect shrunk into Shi An's sleeve, staring tremblingly at the scene of this one-sided ruthless domination.

Rather than massacre, the word "clean up" seemed more appropriate.

This is the first time it had clearly realized how small and insignificant other monsters were to the mythical species - they were far from being a threat; rather, they were a kind of dirty, mood-ruining, lowly creatures.

The demon insect couldn't help shivering.

It only now understood how lucky it was that it could survive from Shi An's hands.


The demon insect suddenly remembered that in the last simulation test before entering the academy, Shi An only burned three monsters, and there was already a very significant change.

Then why, after burning to death a countless number of monsters in the semi-alienated abyss area, there was not much change even till now


It cautiously asked: “Um,……Dragon Lord.”

Shi An: “Hm”

"How are you feeling now"

Shi An lowered his head, rolled his fingertips, and suppressed the excitement in his voice: "Superb."

He really did feel good.

Every time he burned a monster, he felt that his strength increased a little bit, like a river flowing little by little into a sea that had already dried up——as if he was using the flame to absorb the energy from the body of the plundering monster to help himself regain his original appearance.

The demon insect didn't dare to make a sound.

It didn’t know if it was just an illusion, but it felt like…when Shi An answered its question, there was an indescribable enthusiasm and happiness in his voice, as if he had entered some sort of floating state.

It was like he was drunk.

Or had gone mad from killing.

They trudged across the dark plains.

There was a strange crimson light in the distance ahead.

The color was very deep, almost merging with the darkness behind it.

The meandering slender strip, like a wound on the ground, was terrifying, and foul-smelling slime gurgled out.


Lin Yanming was shocked.


He stopped subconsciously and swallowed hard.

"What–what is that"


Shi An looked steadily in that direction, as if in a trance.

His eyes drooped slightly, and the pupils under his eyelashes had completely turned a warm red gold, as if molten gold and flames were intertwined.

In the center of his eyes were narrow vertical pupils, showing an inhuman cruel alienation.


Even if there was no need to carefully feel it, he could perceive—


The gloomy, cold, and sinister odor silently surrounded and enveloped himself in it.

At that moment, Shi An seemed to have returned to when he still had his majestic and beautiful dragon body, sitting in a spacious and clean cave with a large amount of treasure, sleeping whenever he wanted...


"Hey, are you okay" Lin Yanming's voice entered his ear.

Shi An came back to his senses.

His red-gold vertical pupils disappeared more slowly than usual, but it was eventually replaced by pitch black.

Looking down at his palm, his expression became visibly depressed.


There was nothing left! Nothing!

"What's the matter" Lin Yanming approached him nervously.

"Nothing." Shi An sighed.

He raised his gaze, and seemed to remember the question the other party asked just now.

He said absently, "Oh right, the thing ahead is the reason why these things are happening now."

Lin Yanming: "......"

He couldn't tell whether he was shocked by the content of the other party's words, or by the understatement of the way he was speaking.

Shi An tugged at his sleeve: "Come on, we’re not far from the center of the zone."

Lin Yanming nodded and finally regained his spirits.


Amazing! Soon he’ll be out!

With only a few steps left, what else could go wrong—

Rumble rumble—

There was a faint, low roar from the horizon not far away.

The ground began to vibrate without warning, as if thousands of horses were stampeding across the plain, bringing a certain heavy and terrifying sense of oppression.

Lin Yanming was startled, and subconsciously looked in the direction of the sound.

Although it was very dim, he could still see the black, overwhelming, almost suffocating number of monsters—it was a  tide of monsters.​

What the **.

Why was there a monster tide

Lin Yanming officially broke down.

What the hell! Was he being played!! Couldn’t he get a break!!

And……those monsters were not those ugly and weird breeds he had never seen before, but serious ground monsters, all with cold silver-white collars on their necks, flashing all kinds of colors–blue, yellow, and even red, which represented the boss of the zone.



Shi An suddenly regained his senses and exclaimed, "Aiya!"


He seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and reached into his pocket.

A small packet was taken out; it was stuffed with unknown spices.


Shi An quietly said to the demon insect: "That...

I think the gap in the abyss seems to be able to sharpen the sense of smell of the monsters on the ground."


The demon insect: "......Haha, yes."

You don’t say!!!


Lin Yanming noticed the small packet in Shi'an's hand.

Based on his previous experience, he suddenly had a very bad premonition in his heart.

His throat tightened, his voice trembling and erratic: "What is–is that thing you’re holding"


"Oh, this, it was stuffed into my backpack by that boy before."

Shi An scratched his head: "I don't know exactly what it is, but it seems like it can attract monsters and make them go crazy."

Lin Yanming: “..............................”

He closed his eyes, took a slow deep breath, and tried his best to restrain himself from the strong urge to slam his head on the ground.

——If time could be reversed, he would definitely go back to the moment when he formed a team with Shi An, and then punch himself!!!


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