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Always Look at Me (2)

The Eye of the Abyss is usually at the heart of the rift.

It will continuously release the unique magic power from the depths of the Abyss.

As long as the Eye is there, the abyssal rift will continue to exist.

Therefore, the only way to close the rift was to destroy the eye of the Abyss.

The Bureau had tried to bring the Eye back for research.

However, the power in the Eye was too dark and violent that the moment it leaves the rift, it will self-destruct.

So far, no one had succeeded in obtaining any samples from the Eye.

Mu Heng stopped walking and frowned slightly in confusion.

He raised his eyes and scan the steep cliff in front.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on a place several meters above him——there, a strip of cloth dangled on a sharp stone blackened by magic power.

Mu Heng’s pupils turned slightly dark, fleeting suspicion in his eyes.

He gently bent his finger and that strip of cloth, pulled by an invisible force, slowly floated down into his hand.

......it was a fragment of human clothing.


Shi An suddenly stopped walking and raised his head to stare in a direction.

Someplace nearby, numerous dark and rigid thick vines held up a dais with a dark red light shining at the top of the dais.

The light was from a small sphere.

In the darkness, the dark red light seems eerie and treacherous, a thin black slit span across the center of the sphere, making it look like an eye.

Shi An could feel it clearly.

Yes, this is it.

This is what I have been looking for.

That thick, wonderful, and tantalizing dark aura flowing out from the Eye filled his body and limbs in an instant.

A strong desire flowed out from his soul.

Shi An gazed at the Eye and could not resist walking towards it——

“Hey, hey! Wait!” The insect sensed something wrong.

But Shi An continued walking towards the Eye of the Abyss as if he had not heard the insect.

Somehow, the young man’s eyes beneath his long black eyelashes had turned completely red, like blazing lava, with pale golden patterns shining around the narrow pupils.

His inhumane traits were displayed blatantly, appearing perverse and cruel.

As the distance shortened, a thin layer of black and gold scaled texture appeared on his soft and white skin.

The texture becomes more conspicuous as Shi An moves forward.

Dark and cold scales grew out from Shi An’s eyes and spread downwards from his face and deep into his neck, covered by his clothing.

“Whoosh——” Two huge black dragon wings extend out from the young man’s shoulder blade with a sharp wind sound.

A gentle flap and he was instantly high in the air.

Without warning, the insect was thrown off Shi An’s shoulder and rolled on the ground.

It was slightly dazed and covered in dirt when it finally got up and saw Shi An had flown up to the top of the dais.

The insect shrieked: “My lord! Wait!! You can’t touch that!!”

Before the insect could finish, Shi An had already stretched out his hand and, without hesitation, grabbed that dark red eyeball into his palm.

“......” The insect was stunned.

The young man slightly lowered his head to stare at his palm, a thoughtful expression on his face.

The insect suddenly had a sense of foreboding.

“Touch–touching is okay, but you must not——”

Shi An tilted his neck and swallowed the eyeball.

“——eat it.” The insect finished the sentence dully.

A terrifying force stirred up the slow-moving grayish-white fog, making it churn and roar like waves in a stormy sea.

As if a mad beast smashing the depths of a canyon.

The fog gathered from all directions to form a thick and viscous wall that flowed like a liquid, decimating visibility.

In the storm, the insect was swaying wildly, all of its six  thin legs struggled to hold onto the grassroots beneath it, barely keeping itself from being blown away.

A deafening roar sounded from above and instantly resounded through the entire valley.

It was a sound that had not been heard on the entire continent for over ten thousand years.

The insect froze and raised its head.

The heavy fog rolled and spread as if possessing life——the next second, a huge black dragon suddenly broke through the fluid-like fog and leaped into view!

Golden red vertical pupils burned like flames in the darkness, pitch black scales shimmered with light and huge dragon wings were lithe and elegantly spread out, almost covering the valley.

The dragon lifted its neck and let out a long dragon roar again.

The formidable aura of a fantasy species dominates the entire valley, blatantly displaying its power.

Aboveground, the monsters near the abyssal rift were in turmoil.

They cowered and trembled.

Fear that had been forgotten for ten thousand years reawakened, leaving them frightened and bewildered.

The monsters instinctively lowered their heads and bodies in the rift's direction, bowing down to that absolute power.

Inside the main control room.

After all-out reparations, the data signal on the big screen was reconnected.

“Beep——” the screen lit up again and a list of freshmen names appeared.

A personnel stared at the list on the screen and asked in hesitation: “Erm……is the system malfunctioning somewhere”

“What’s wrong” The lead frowned and looked in the direction the personnel indicated.

The ranking of each freshman is listed neatly on the side of the screen.

At the top of the list was a familiar name—— “Shi An”.


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