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Always Look at Me (3)

The 0 point since the start of the assessment had become a string of numbers so high that it was frightening.

Ranking Shi An firmly at the top of the list.

The lead was stunned.

Although he had paid little attention to this year’s freshmen, he vaguely remembered hearing that name before.

Shi An……isn’t he that infamous loser who failed the entrance test for three consecutive years

“Di Di Di Di——” A nearby detection equipment suddenly emitted a sharp alarm.

Everyone panicked and fumbled about.

“What’s going on!” The lead was shocked and angry.

“This……this is……” All the personnel showed the same perplexed expression.

“A few moments ago, the abyssal rift’s signal suddenly disappeared, b-but——”

“But what!”

“A, a higher fluctuation of magic appeared! Its location is at the abyssal rift!

The lead rush over and almost could not control his expression when he saw the magic statistic on the screen.

“This, this is impossible!”


Deep within the abyssal rift.

Mu Heng suddenly looked in the direction where the dragon roar was.


He was rarely this agitated——a crack appear in his normally indifferent expression with a hint of disbelief in his eyes.

When the second dragon roar sounded, Mu Heng’s magic-condensed sword shattered into balls of light, and the magic power in his body immediately skyrocketed.

The space under his feet folded and within seconds, he moved more than a hundred meters in distance.

He lifted his silvery-white eyelashes and stared in the direction where the dragon roar was.

A blazing radiance glowed at the bottom of his icy eyes.

Closer and closer to the roar.

Nearby, the airborne, enormous body of the fantasy species was faintly visible in the fog.

Its pitch-black scaled armor shone with a cold metallic luster, appearing strong and free with breathtaking beauty.


A species that only exists in fantasies and legends.

There are no traces of them on the continent after their extinction ten thousand years ago.

Mu Heng still remembers the thrill and excitement that welled up in his heart when he first saw the records of dragons in his clan ruins.

……Powerful, terrifying and yet beautiful

In that moment, the obsession and fervor that had been dormant in his soul and bloodline awakened.

It was like an irresistible force was pulling him, urging him and tempting him.

Over the years, Mu Heng had been through countless amounts of corpses and blood.

He harvested the lives of monsters and walked past their corpses indifferently, like a tireless death god.

The world fears him more than respecting him——some describe him as strong, a protector, others called him a devil, lunatic.

But there is one thing that Mu Heng knows very well——these painless killings can never satisfy his desires; the more you kill, the emptier you become.

The desire to hunt dragons was buried deep in the darkest corners of his soul, like a whisper from the ancient past, restlessly urging him at every second.


The dragon seemed to have sensed Mu Heng’s presence.

Amid the poisonous fog, the dragon lower its head.

Golden-red vertical pupils looked over from afar and saw the man’s silvery-blue eyes.

Mu Heng gripped the hilt of the sword.

A tremor rose from deep within his chest.

He could feel the intense, overwhelming and terrifying beauty pouring out without restraint.

A strong killing intent surged in him——Such a beautiful creature must die under my sword.

Shi An blinked.

Despite the surrounding darkness, he still recognized the other person at a glance.

It’s my future collection!!

Shi An checked his current state.

Although he is still far from his heyday, he was much stronger than before.

Now all that was missing was a monster that could secrete resin, and I could preserve my future collection in perfect condition and make him part of my treasure!

Shi An flapped his wings and flew up.

He vaguely remembered seeing the tracks of those kinds of monsters when he was in the rainforest area before.

No time like the present, might as well today——

However, when Shi An flew out from the rift, he suddenly had an ominous feeling.

Like a balloon with a hole, his just-restored magic power was steadily flowing out of his body and into nothingness at an extremely fast rate.


Shi An was stunned.

And the moment he was distracted, he flew sideways and his left wing hit the side of the cliff.

It hurts!

Shi An gasped in pain with tears in his eyes.

Wait, no.

It is impossible for me to feel pain from such a small impact after regaining my original form with the protection from my scales!

On the ground, the insect struggled to chase after the shadow cast by the dragon's wings overhead.

It did not have time to tell Shi An that although the Eye of the Abyss can temporarily provide a lot of magic power in the rift; the problem is…as soon as they leave the rift, the magic power will cease to have effect!!

The insect cried internally.

After being carried in the pocket for so long, it had not exercised for a long, long time.

So, running is really **ing tirinnnggg!!


​​ Mu Heng saw the enormous dragon glance at him from afar, then stretched its wings and flew out of the abyssal rift.

The corners of his lips lifted and started moving to catch up to the dragon.

His blue eyes narrowed slightly, but his silver eyelashes could not hide the fervent fighting intent in his eyes.

——It doesn't matter.

After I hang your head in my room, you will forever look at me.


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