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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 18.1

"Er, it was the Chief who carried you outside..." (1)

Shi An felt like he had been roused from a long dream.

He dreamed that he had traveled back ten thousand years.

The wide, dry cave was full of glittering treasures.

He himself lay comfortably in the heap, and his long tail swept around to put his most beloved treasures under his claws.

The bright sea of treasures drowned him.

Shi An could call out the name and origin of each of his treasures.

The sapphire crown near his left claw was snatched from the mermaid kingdom five hundred years ago, the silver-white diamond chain under his head was stolen from the sprites, and the tons of gold pieces next to the tip of his tail were human tribute.

His scales were so indestructible that the hardest pile of treasure tickled his sides.

Looking at his nest, Shi An felt a rare sense of happiness and satisfaction.

He was an abyss dragon, the last one in the world.

This became an established fact since Shi An broke the shell of his egg.

In all of his life, he had never seen any of his own kind.

Being awake became less and less interesting as he lived longer.

Shi An let out a big yawn and rested his head on the tip of his tail.

So bored.

Shi An blinked and decided to sleep.

Sleep for longer.

The pitch-black dragon coiled in the treasure pile slowly opened his mouth, and a string of ancient spells echoed in the empty cave, like a whisper from ancient times.

As the sound fell, the dragon's eyelids drooped down, covering his red-gold vertical pupils.

With his body crouched on the pile of treasure, he fell asleep.

The passage of time lost its meaning from that moment.

An unknown amount of time later—

From the darkness, Shi An heard a subtle call—soft and weak, like crying or whispering.

He flew lightly in the direction from where the voice came.

In the vast darkness, Shi An saw a small human standing in the distance.

Standing alone in the cave, he lowered his head and slit his wrist with a knife.

Drops of scarlet blood splashed into the dust, carefully dropped into a complete circle, and an extremely complex magic array appeared in the center of the cave.

It was exactly the same as the pattern drawn on a paper lying on the side.

Immediately afterwards, humans stood beside the magic circle and whispered long-forgotten incantations, over and over again.

They used the ancient dragon language, which was even older than Shi An himself.

It could wake up a sleeping dragon and control its appearance and arrival.

This spell was very powerful, but in the same way, it required human sacrifice and a lot of magic power.

In ancient times, it had even required the magic power of an entire human kingdom to complete it.

Logically speaking, this spell was impossible to complete.

But the last dragon in the world had slept too long and his soul had entered its weakest state.

Shi An, who saw the whole process from the side, was angry:

"Hey, I want to continue sleeping, what are you doing, don't wake me up!"

But he could only watch helplessly as he was dragged over, closer and closer—

So, Shi An was awakened by anger.

He opened his eyes suddenly, only to see a snow-white ceiling and hear the regular beeping sound of a snow-white ceiling ringing in his ears, which was particularly clear in the empty room.

What happened

Shi An blinked and tried to move his arms.

He hissed.

Shi An's expression twisted with pain.

It hurt so much!

It hurt everywhere!

Under the stimulation of pain, his memories before the coma slowly returned.

Shi An remembered that he spit out the ball,was forced to change back into a human appearance, and fell straight from the air— then what

Shi An held his aching head in his hands, and he was unable to remember anything, no matter how hard he tried.

At this moment, the sheet next to his hand moved, and the insect stuck his head out and looked at Shi An with a look of resentment, "Sir, are you awake"

Shi An vaguely remembered what happened before he swallowed the ball.

He whispered with a little guilty conscience, "Oh..."

The insect continued distressedly, "That ball is the Eye of the Abyss, and it is the key to keeping the entire rift open.

The most important thing is that once it leaves the abyss rift, it will self-destruct!"

Shi An's voice was even softer, "Now I know."

"And that Mu Heng was still chasing you at the time!" The more the insect said, the more emotional he became, "Do you know how much effort I had to spend in order to hide from him!"

Shi An blinked and whispered, "I'm sorry..."

He apologized too readily, and the insect was startled into silence.

The young man in front of him lowered his head in frustration, his slender body wrapped in a large hospital gown.

He looked cute and pitiful, and he didn’t seem at all like the ancient behemoth that made monsters bow down to him!


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