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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 21.2

The Damn Shams of Humans (2)

“Um,” the worm's hesitant voice sounded.

Shi An looked dazed.



The attitude of the demon insect was a bit strange.

Shi An blinked.

The sunlight that had shone in just now faded, revealing the true appearance of the nest.

Shi An: "..."

He looked around dully and fell into a long silence.

There were broken glass pieces, can pull tabs, glass beads, pen tips, and metal fragments with various strange coatings stacked in the nest in front of them.

In short, basically, they were all inferior products of modern industry production.

The demon insect was as quiet as a chicken by the side, daring not to make a sound.

Although gray crows were able to live in the abyss and on the mainland, they were still abyss species after all, and had basically never come into contact with humans.

They themselves were a species dominated by instinct alone and did not have independent individual intelligence, so they were naturally stunned by the damn shams of humans...

They scavenged a pile of rubbish as treasure.

The demon insect secretly looked at Shi An.

The other party didn't seem to have recovered from such a big blow and stood there with a gloomy face, as if his soul had left his body.

He stared at the gray crow's nest in front of him sluggishly and desperately.


It was too awful.

The demon insect sighed and silently put his slender legs on Shi An's shoulders in order to comfort: "How about, we sort through these"

Shi An: "..."

Sort my ass! ! !

Shi An was extremely sad.

The sleepiness of staying up late for a few days, the exhaustion of traveling for most of the night, the ups and downs of great joy and great sorrow, all rose to the top of his mind at this moment.

He sniffed: "Why—"

Far away.

Several of Wang Li's companions were counting their belongings and checking their injuries.

Wang Li, on the other hand, stood by himself, looking around him.

The valley was quiet and peaceful.

If it weren’t for the scorched ashes scattered around their feet, they would hardly believe that they were being besieged by a group of terrifying monsters just now.

But...one thing they could be sure of.

They were definitely rescued, but for some reason, the powerful and kind person didn't show up until now.

As a second-year prefect, Wang Li knew very well that those who could make such a move were definitely not ordinary people.

He searched around in his mind for information about strong people in the academy, but none of them matched the way of releasing the magic power just now.

Was it a teacher

"Hello—" Wang Li raised his voice and shouted:

"I don't know if you are still here, but thank you very much for your rescue just now!"

However, the only answer he received was silence.

Suddenly, one of his companions said, "Hey, did you hear something"

"Eh" Wang Li was taken aback.

He listened carefully, and sure enough, there was a sound coming from not far away, very thin and low, surreal, but it was there.

Wang Li turned his head and looked in the direction from which the voice came.

There was a huge, ancient tree in the valley.

Between the branches of the tree, there was a huge nest, which should be the habitat of the creatures that had just attacked them.


Inside the nest.

The boy squatted in the corner, sobbing sadly.

He looked thoroughly robbed of all happiness.

Demon insect : "..."

If it hadn't just seen the other party set fire, it really wouldn't believe it was the legendary abyss dragon.

It sighed, jumped down from Shi An's shoulders, and tried to flip through the ash crow's nest.

Its entire upper body was buried in the depths of glass and metal garbage, and its back legs kicked and clanked.

Shi An: "You, what are you doing"

The demon insect tried to turn over for a few more minutes, and then finally got out.

There was a small ruby ​​in its front claws.


Ash crows generally migrate in whole nests.

Although they have accumulated a lot of human waste, there should be some previous inventory we can rummage for!"

Shi An's eyes lit up, and he immediately regained his spirits.

He used to raid ash crow nests and kill the ash crows on the side.

Except for their attraction to shiny treasures, the characteristics of ash crows had remained a mystery to Shi An.

After all, after a tongue of dragon fire, they would disintegrate, so a study of their habits was unnecessary.

"Yay!" Shi An cheered, rolled up his sleeves, and began to flip through the nest energetically.


Wang Li and his party stood under the big tree, looking up at the nest above their heads.

WIth a tinkling sound, countless strange things smashed down indiscriminately and landed on the grass under their feet.

Wang Li looked down.


……What was going on

The corners of his mouth twitched and he raised his voice and shouted, "Hello"

The clinking above the head suddenly stopped.

"Hello" Gan Li called out again.

Still no reply.

But this instead confirmed their guess—their savior was indeed in the nest.

"Anyway, thank you for your help just now." Wang Li shouted.

"We actually just took a B-level mission this time.

We didn't expect to encounter these monsters.

If it wasn't for you, we might have been buried here.

If you want, can we talk to you"

A muffled voice came from overhead:

"Don’t want to"

Wang Li replied with a good temper:

"Okay, but at least let us give you the reward for the task.

After all, you also indirectly helped us complete the task, and this reward should be yours!"

Shi An crouched in the lair and blinked.

"Task Reward"

Wang Li: "Yes, in order to cultivate the students' true combat ability, the Ability Academy will regularly release different tasks, some on-campus and some off-campus.

After receiving the tasks and completing them, you will get a lot of rewards."

Shi An: "!"






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