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A Fated Person (1)

Due to an accident in the true combat test, the entrance ceremony was postponed.

Even so, the hosting specifications were still not much different from previous years.

However, to the surprise of the school, at this entrance ceremony, Mu Heng actually agreed to their invitation.

This was really strange.

Before, the school had sent invitation letters to Mu Heng’s office every year, but the other party had never agreed.

They were all used to it.

However, this year, it was a rare surprise that Mu Heng had been invited as a practical training instructor, and on top of that, the other party actually agreed to the invitation to the entrance ceremony

The school could hardly believe it.

What was going on

Why was Mu Heng so genial this year

After a round of private discussions, they were still at a loss and couldn’t guess the reason at all, so they had to apply 120% of their spirit in organizing this entrance ceremony.

Above the top, in the VIP viewing area.

Mu Heng sat on the right hand side of the old principal, casually lowered his eyes, and calmly listened to the master of ceremonies reading the school rules not far away.

The headmaster of the Academy of Ability, surnamed Pei, was nearly 300 years old this year.

Due to his advanced age, he basically no longer participated in the management of the school, and rarely showed up at the school except to attend major ceremonies.

Nowadays, most of the senior combat members of the Administration were once his students.

Only Mu Heng had a different route.

He didn’t enter any academy but rather came from the famous ancient family, the Mu family.

Although the Mu family had decayed and the population has withered, the tens of thousands of years of history are still incomparable to other families.

The number of unique and strange books in the private library was even comparable to the internal high-level library of the Ability Academy.

In addition, Mu Heng himself was a rare fighting genius, who had traversed countless dangerous and extreme battlefields, and had been tempered by the mountains of corpses and seas of


He was the only non-academic mage among the famous Administrators.

However, although he was not the other party’s student, Mu Heng still respected Old Principal Pei.

Old Principal Pei smiled and turned to look at Mu Heng and said,

“I heard about the accident that happened in the actual combat test before.

Thanks to the help of Chief Mu, this matter could be solved in time before it was irreversible.

Thank you very much.”

Mu Heng shook his head: “I don’t dare to take this praise.”

He was indeed not being humble.

In this incident, his role was really limited, and the disappearance of the eye of the abyss was also very inexplicable.

Principal Pei continued to ask with a smile,

“Speaking of which, I heard that you promised to be the instructor of the true combat test”

Mu Heng nodded slightly.

“How is it Have you seen any good seedlings” asked old Principal Pei.

Mu Heng paused and replied politely,

“Your students are all good.”

Old Principal Pei laughed out loud, “Why are you still talking like this in front of an old man like me”

He coughed twice and continued, “Although I haven’t paid attention to incoming freshmen for many years, I really heard something interesting this year—”

Mu Heng raised his eyes, lake-deep and pond-calm, and fixedly looked at the other person.


Old Principal Pei narrowed his eyes slightly, the wrinkles on his face stretched out, and he said meaningfully, “It is said that one of the new students this year has solved the additional question I gave.”

Mu Heng was startled.

This was something he really hadn’t expected.

Although he had never studied at the Ability Academy, he caught wind of the additional question that no freshman can solve.

There were very few old scholars knowledgeable about this language , so a freshman who could understand it was unheard of.

“Luck Ability Or cheating” Old Principal Pei stroked his beard and said to himself with a smile.

“But it doesn’t matter.

After a long time, the truth will naturally surface.”

He looked at Mu Heng, and his eyes hidden behind the lenses were deep, still ponds.

“Chief Mu, I wonder if you are interested in teaching”

Before Mu Heng could speak, Old Principal Pei waved his hand and said with a smile,

“Of course, I know that you are busy with official business, but the school can follow your schedule to adjust and meet all your needs.

I hope you can think about it, and more importantly…”

You don’t have to reject me now.”

Mu Heng sipped the amber liquor in the glass and replied, “Okay, I will consider it.”

At this point, the master of ceremonies finally finished reading the school rules and turned to leave the stage.

Below the viewing station, among the students attending the ceremony.

Lin Yanming calmly shoved Shi An, who was dozing beside him, and lowered his voice.

“Hey, wake up.”

Shi An’s head jerked, it seemed that he woke up from his sleep, looked at Lin Yanming beside him with a pair of hazy eyes, and voiced a vague question.


Lin Yanming was a little helpless and reprimanded “I didn’t expect you to fall asleep on this occasion.”

He sighed and continued, “The principal will speak soon, and he will leave when he finishes speaking.

The result of the class will be announced at that time, so don’t fall asleep yet.”

Shi An rubbed his neck and whispered, “Oh.”

For some reason, since he changed pillows, although the quality of sleep had improved significantly, his neck would be sore and aching after he woke up.

Strange, obviously this didn’t happen when he was lying in the treasure pile before.


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