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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 31.3

Thick snow was piled up on the ground, the sky was dark, and as far as the eyes could see, there was an uninhabited ice field.

The storm was whistling and swirling on the ice field, and his vision was limited to a few dozen meters.

Shi An: "..."

When he was a dragon, he was not afraid of the cold at all.

After all, unlike humans, who had to keep warm to survive, he had thick scales to protect his body, so it was no problem for him to roll on the highest snow-capped mountains.

But since becoming a human, there were no scales, no body that is not afraid of severe cold, but the low body temperature of cold-blooded animals was still preserved for some reason.

He, he was so afraid of the cold!

Shi An looked at Wang Li with tears in his eyes, "You, didn't you say we're going to the Aiwen area"

Wasn't Aiwen a valley that seemed like spring all year round !

Wang Li nodded as a matter of course: "Yes, Aiwen Snowfield."

Shi An: "..."

He forgot that he had slept for too long, and the terrain of the entire continent had became different from what he remembered!

Wang Li distributed the clothes that applied thermal insulation magic to the team members and then said, "It is very difficult to enter the mountain this season, especially at night.

We will rest outside the mountain tonight and enter the mountain tomorrow morning."

The group walked toward the only hotel in the distance, leaving a long series of footprints on the thick snow.

Shi An shrank his head in the thick padded jacket, his head drooping sadly.

It was better than before, but he was still cold...

He sniffed, his ears and the tip of his nose were frozen red in just a few seconds, and his dark eyes were teary and looked pitiful.

Chen Meng on the side said coldly, "You know how to pack so many snacks, don't you know what to prepare to keep warm"

Saying that, she raised her hand and threw something towards him, "Catch."

Shi An hurriedly caught it and looked down.

It was a pair of fluffy earmuffs, white and pink, with a cute pattern of cartoon rabbits and hearts on it.

Chen Meng's tone was still blunt, "I have an extra pair, so I'll lend it to you."

Before waiting for Shi An to thank her, she turned around and quickened her pace to keep up with the person in front of her.

Soon, the group of five entered the hotel.

The hotel was brightly lit, and the magic-powered fireplace was burning warmly.

The warm orange light enveloped the small storefront, which was completely different from the desolate and icy snowfield outside.

Wang Li tore off his gloves, turned to the front desk, and negotiated with the staff in a low voice.

The other four were waiting in the waiting area.

The fireplace on the side crackled and sparks flew around, but it seemed to have encountered some invisible barrier and disappeared before jumping out.

The waiter brought warm honey water.

The warmth that had long disapparated returned to their bodies again, and several people unbuttoned their jackets to breathe, only Shi An still wrapped himself up tightly, as if he hadn't recovered from the severe cold just now.

Zhao She asked suspiciously, "Aren't you a fire element"

Shi An held the cup and said weakly,

"This doesn't conflict with my fear of being cold..."

At this time, Wu Huancheng, who was on the side, said, "The temperature outside the mountain is still warm.

The environment inside the mountain is even harsher than it is here, and in the vicinity of this mountain, no natural flame can burn, only the flame condensed by magic power."

Shi An took a sip of the honey water, and his originally pale face was steamed with heat and finally turned a little ruddier.

He asked curiously, "That's why you have to bring a fire wielder"

"Not only that," Wu Huancheng shook his head and elaborated, "Besides that, there—"

Before he finished speaking, Wang Li turned around and walked over.

His face had turned bleak, a clear contrast from his previous at-ease expression, as if a layer of dark clouds shrouded his face.

Wu Huancheng stopped talking, stood up, frowned, and asked, "What's wrong"

Wang Li tiredly raised his hand, pinched the bridge of his nose, and took a deep breath, "I just talked to the front desk when I checked in, and the front desk said that they basically had no one in this season of the past year, but just recently, they got a group of guests.”

The others were surprised.


Wang Li solemnly explained, "A few days ago, a team of more than ten people also stayed here.

They checked out and left this morning, and they seemed to be heading into the canyon."

Wu Huancheng's expression also became dark, "You mean..."

Wang Li nodded.

"Yes, it is very likely that there are more people than just us who know the treasure information, and it is obvious that they are one step ahead of us now."

"What are we going to do" Chen Meng asked with a frown.

Wang Li seems to have already prepared the answer.

He gave a copy of the permit to enter the mountain to each of the four in front of him and then said, "Although it will be more dangerous at night, according to the current situation, we can't stay in the hotel, and we can only travel at night."

——Things like treasures, of course, were obtained by who discovered them first.

Three of the team were startled.

Wang Li said with relief, "Don't worry, the fire wielder in our team is very strong, so there should be no problem."

With that said, he turned to look at Shi An, "Right, S—"

The young man not far away looked like he was struck by lightning.

He asked with a desperate expression on his face, "We have to leave n-now"


Won’t we even eat dinner"



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