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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 35.2

After a few minutes, Mu Heng stopped.

He retracted his hand, but the stone wall in front of him remained motionless.

Wen Yao pressed the mercenary's shoulder hard, frowning, "Tell the truth."

The mercenary whimpered emotionally, "Really! Really!"

As if he were afraid that the few people in front of him would not believe him, he explained his words under Wen Yao’s firm chokehold, "Maybe, maybe it's not enough, you still need...

you also need a stronger fire magic power, so the wall, the wall will…"

Wen Yao sneered, "Not enough"

She mercilessly increased the strength of her hand and watched the mercenary's face twist slightly, "Do you know who is standing in front of you"

The mercenary fell silent.

Indeed, in this world, if Mu Heng's magic power was not enough, then nobody’s was.

He seemed to suddenly think of something and stammered, "I, I know, it's not the amount of magic power that's wrong, it's the wrong type—"

The mercenary looked at Mu Heng eagerly, "I, er… One of the leaders brought a prop to seal fire magic.

I thought he was worried about not having enough magic, but now it seems that maybe I have misunderstood.

What this door needs is not human fire magic, but the flame of a dragon!"

Wen Yao, "Where is your leader now"

The mercenary was suddenly speechless.

After a long time, he said, "D…Dead."

And that prop should still be on the corpse.

Wen Yao had no choice now.

She turned to look at Mu Heng, "Sir, what should I do now"

"It doesn't matter."

Mu Heng unhurriedly put the gloves back on.

A sword condensed from magic power appeared in his palm and flashed a cold and sharp blue light in the dark night.

"Since the door won't open, I’ll just remove the door."

He raised his hand, creating a gust of wind that blew up the hems of his clothes, and the sword, driven by an extremely violent magic power, smashed against the thick stone that was up to 100 meters tall.


The sound of rubble cracking exploded in the dead silence, and cobweb-like cracks quickly spread from the place of contact.


On the other side—

In order not to collide with Mu Heng, Shi An, riding the skeleton horse, came to the inner side of the canyon.

He stared at the rock in front of him.

Something felt off.

Why… did he always feel it was a little bit familiar somehow

At this moment, he opened his eyes slightly, struggled to jump off the back of the skeleton horse, and then climbed onto a high rock beside him.

From a higher perspective, Shi An seemed to have finally discovered something.

He gradually, little by little, widened his eyes.

This place was familiar indeed.

It couldn't be more familiar.

This was his cave! The cave where he had slept for tens of thousands of years! ! ! !

It seemed to be the reason for the abyss rift that had once opened here, which just happened to connect the cave and the ground.

Although it had been closed in the nick of time, more than half of it was left on the mainland.

And because it was closed, that half was cut straight in the middle, leaving only the sharp corner, pointing straight to the sky.

Shi An's expression was sluggish, and his pupils trembled.

Seventy percent of his caves were isolated on the mainland, and thirty percent were stranded at the bottom of the abyss.

And more importantly—

Now that his cave was outside, then, then, what about the treasure he put in the cave! ! ! !

Shi An panicked.

He rushed to the rock wall below with his fastest speed, and a cluster of dragon flames rose from his palm and slowly floated into the rock wall in front of him.


There was a sound of friction between moving stones.

Immediately afterwards, a passage was split open on the huge rock in front of him, as if welcoming its long-awaited master home.

Shi An rushed in.

After 10,000 years, his own cave had become almost unrecognizable.

Due to the shifting of tectonic plates, the originally wide place had become narrow and rugged, with gravel strewn everywhere.

The terrain in the cave was very complicated, and Shi An used up almost all his strength to find the way to his main cave.

Finally, the cave in front of him became familiar and gradually took on the appearance in his memory.

Shi An took a deep breath and walked inward.


His treasure must be…

In front of him was a huge nesting cave.

Layers and layers of hard, ancient rocks—icy rocks, built up with thick snow— were wrapped in the cover of the shadows.

There was a narrow gap at the top of the high cave, and thin light poured down from above, barely dispelling the darkness in the cave and illuminating the space to his weak human eyes.

It was as barren as an icy wasteland.

Shi An: "..."

Fucking here my ass.

A strong anger shot straight to his forehead instantly, looking at the empty cave in front of him, Shi An went crazy.

Not a single item was left! ! !

Nothing was left! ! ! !

It was all, All, ALL gone! ! !

He clearly remembered that before he fell asleep, his body was surrounded by gold, gems, and crystals… It was like a flowing golden hill that created a crisp and charming collision sound as he moved about to find a comfortable position.

The brilliant golden light reflected on his scales, which illuminated the entire cave.

But now……

It was all gone!

Everything was moved cleanly, and at a glance, he knew that it was not lost naturally, but was stolen!


Shi An's eyes were red.

The boy's voice was hoarse, as if hot and rough sand was rolling through his throat, and his originally clear voice shattered in extreme anger,

"Thief! Burglar! Robber!"



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