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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 37.1

【Most dragons will experience one to three molting periods in their lifetime, and after a short period of weakness, their strength will increase substantially.

The more pure a dragon’s bloodlines, the more strength they had, and that would result in more and longer molting periods.

After long-term research and observation, the fire dragon molts twice, the black dragon once, and the rock dragon once...

There is currently no data for the abyss dragon.

——Excerpt from Mu Family Notes】

Shi An stared at the huge, pitch-black dragon in front of him and fell into deep thought.

Since breaking through his eggshell, he had never seen other abyss dragons.

Therefore, Shi An didn’t know how many times an abyss dragon had to molt to reach the peak of its strength.

Most dragons molted three times at most.

In addition, after molting three times, he entered a period of stable strength that lasted for 10,000 years.

So he always thought that he, like other dragons, only shed his skin three times.

So, that 50,000 year period of sleep was actually a molting period

Shi An suddenly thought of something and looked down at his palm.

In the distance, a thin light filtered in through the snow.

His slender palm opened, and a silvery-white film slowly coated his fingertips to his palm, the tiny and delicate scales reflecting the slight luster of metal.

Could it be that……

This was actually the first round of scales that grew back after he molted

The reason why Human Shi An's call was successful was actually because he encountered  the dragon’s fourth molting period

That's why he was trapped in this human form when he was weak.

Shi An blinked.

Although he never experienced such a long and strange molting period, but...

there should be something similar to the previous ones, right

For example-

Shi An slowly leaned forward, opened his mouth cautiously, and bit a piece of his molt.

What a shame!

Shi An frowned and spit it out, a look of disappointment on his face.

What! His molt was not edible!

He used to be able to eat it every time!

There was a clanging sound of a sharp weapon hitting the rock wall from behind, and the huge impact caused by the fluctuation of magic power reverberated in the cave..

Although the hardness of the rock wall is indeed extraordinary, under the continuous high-intensity attack, it would not last long.

Shi An sighed.

Time to go.

He raised his scaly palm and patted the head of the dragon molt in front of him with nostalgia.

It slammed into empty air.


Shi An was stunned and looked up.

The huge, pitch-black dragon body as tall as a hill seemed to fade, dissolving into spots of light echoing in the huge pitch-black cave.

They rushed towards Shi An like a bright whirlwind.

The light poured into the boy's slender chest and disappeared in an instant.


A huge vibration resounded through the mountain, and the solid rock that blocked the passage was violently destroyed.

The boulder’s rubble was sent flying, and dust poofed into all directions.

Behind the collapsed rock wall, a man's cold and solemn face was revealed.

Mu Heng's brows were cold and deep, his long silver hair was flowing behind him in the strong wind, and his blade-sharp killing intent became even more unmasked.

Not far behind the man, Wen Yao raised her hand to cover her mouth and nose and coughed amidst the dust and rubble flying in the air.

Across the cloud of dust, she looked eagerly towards the other side of the passage.

The cave in the distance was dark and empty.

The rocks above were cracked, revealing a pale gray sky, and there was no snow below.

Wait, the dragon...

where did the dragon go

Wen Yao was stunned.

She took a step forward subconsciously and looked closely toward the center of the cave.

The cave was empty except for a small human figure where the dragon had been.

There was a boy lying on his back.

He lay there quietly, covered in a thin layer of snow.

Wen Yao was startled.

That was……

At this moment, a strong wind blew past her ear.

She turned her head in astonishment, only to see that Mu Heng quickened his pace without warning.

The man walked like the wind, and the hem of the clothes behind him snapped up, drawing a sharp arc.

In the time it took Wen Yao to process what was happening, the other party had already reached the young man.

Mu Heng squatted down.

He lowered his gaze onto Shi An’s pliant body.

The boy's body was slightly curled up, his hair was disheveled, and his pale skin almost blended in with the thin layer of snow on him.

The second time.

It could be explained by coincidence for the first time, but now, Mu Heng couldn't deny that they seemed to be firmly bound by some kind of hidden thread.

Somewhere, an invisible, irresistible magnetic force pulled them together.

It was as if fate lay in his ears, whispering quietly in a language that mere humans could not understand.


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