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But in the next moment, the expected death did not come.

The collapsing space in front of Zhou Mingrui suddenly slowed down.

Before he could even begin to wonder, the summoning space suddenly trembled.

Following that, before Zhou Mingrui could investigate further, a metallic object that emitted a silver glow shot out from the spatial ripples.

[Is this… The level 6 monster egg]

Zhou Mingrui looked at the patterns on it and immediately recognized it as the level 6 monster egg he had won at the auction house.

The eggshell was covered with patterns, and there was light emitted from these patterns at this time.

In the areas where the light shone, the speed of space collapse became slower and slower.

[Yes, I remember Yan Wuyue said that this monster egg can lead the host to avoid the detection of monsters.

At the same time, it can also travel through different alternate spaces when it grows up!]

Zhou Mingrui did not use it previously because the metal-like egg was useless.

As for the shuttle ability, it had not even been hatched yet.

How could it be used

However, the monster egg suddenly reacted.

Upon closer inspection, white threads that looked like mist extended out from the spatial cracks around it.

In the end, they connected to the metal egg.

[Could it be that after these spatial rifts appeared, the spatial energy coming from behind the rifts is the key to its growth]

Zhou Mingrui thought of this possibility, but he could not be completely sure.

Right now, there was another possibility.

Since the metal egg was moving, it might be able to use the ability to get him out.

However, the key to everything now was the figure of light.

If the other party noticed him before the metal egg activated its ability, he could be killed easily, considering the other partys strength.

Fortunately, the other partys attention was focused on the Stone King Dragon, and he did not notice what was happening around Zhou Mingrui.

The Stone King Dragons rock defense had completely collapsed, and blood gushed out like a waterfall.

However, it was still trapped in the spatial fold.

[Hurry up, big brother.

If youre any slower, both of us will be goners!] Zhou Mingrui kept shouting in his heart.

It was a race against time.

Zhou Mingrui wished that the Stone King Dragon was stronger so that it could hold on longer.

As for the metal egg in Zhou Mingruis arms, it seemed to have heard Zhou Mingruis call.

It probably felt the pressure from the surrounding space and the mysterious figure of light.

The speed at which it absorbed the energy increased once again.

The light it emitted slowed the collapse of space even more.

Even the space around the Stone King Dragon slowed down slightly.


The mysterious figure of light let out an incomprehensible sound, but the doubt in it disappeared in a flash.

[Hurry up, boss!]

All Zhou Mingrui could do now was to feel anxious.

He had no idea how to make the metal egg speed up.

Otherwise, even if it needed his energy, he would just stuff it into the egg.

Following that, as the Stone King Dragons wail grew more intense, the metal egg in Zhou Mingruis arms began to glow brighter.

Two minutes passed.

Zhou Mingrui felt like he was suffering with every passing second.

Fortunately, the metal egg in his arms was getting brighter and more solid.


Cracks suddenly appeared on the metal egg in Zhou Mingruis hand.

Following that, the metal shell began to peel off.

A small head that was glowing with silver light peeked out from the hole.

At this moment, the Stone King Dragon finally couldnt hold on any longer.

After a loud wail, it closed its eyes.

[Dad, Dad, break out, break out of danger.]

At that moment, a young and tender voice suddenly sounded in Zhou Mingruis mind.

Zhou Mingrui was stunned for a second before he immediately understood what was going on.

The little fellow in his arms was conversing with him mentally.

[Wait for a moment.

Listen to my instructions before we break out.

Do you understand what I mean] Zhou Mingrui suddenly sent a voice transmission.

[Yes, I can.] The little fellow immediately replied.

Zhou Mingrui immediately raised his head and looked at the Stone King Dragon that was gradually losing its life force.

His eyes revealed a look of greed.

Thats right, Zhou Mingrui wanted the Stone King Dragons corpse.

To him, who had Summoning of the Dead, this level-surpassing beast from the alternate space was like putting a delicious roast chicken in front of a person who had been hungry for three days.

Different from the precarious situation he was in before, now that he had the ability to escape, he naturally set his sights on this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity.

In the outside world, the mysterious figure of light saw that the Stone King Dragon had already lost all signs of life.

He loosened his grip on the Stone King Dragon and suddenly flipped it.

At the same time, the Stone King Dragons body also began to emit a thread-like milky white light.

A large number of light threads formed irregular-shaped light bands.

These light bands continued to extend, heading toward the mysterious figure of light.

[Thats the consciousness of the Stone King Dragon] Zhou Mingrui exclaimed in shock when he saw this scene.

Soon, these threads gathered in the palm of the mysterious figure of light, forming a light ball.

Looking at the shadow that was constantly moving within the light ball, the mysterious figure of light nodded slightly.

Then, he looked at the corpse that was lying on the ground, as if he was thinking about something.

At this moment, Zhou Mingrui suddenly raised his hand and aimed it at the Stone King Dragon.

He activated Summoning of the Dead.

The special rule of the skill immediately wrapped around the Stone King Dragons body.

Then, it disappeared from its spot.

[Lets go!]

The moment he cast the skill, Zhou Mingrui had already given the little fellow in his arms an order.

The moment he gave the order, a translucent spatial ripple immediately appeared around Zhou Mingrui.

And at this instant, the mysterious figure of light immediately locked onto this direction.

No matter what kind of life form it was, snatching food from the jaws of a tiger would only lead to intense rage.

The mysterious figure of light was no exception.

The moment he sensed it, he immediately stepped into space and disappeared from his original spot.

At the same time, Zhou Mingruis body seemed to have stepped into the water.

His entire body immediately sank rapidly.

The mysterious figure of light suddenly appeared from the spatial ripples in the next second after his body was completely devoured by space.

He raised his hand and grabbed the space.

However, it was too late.

The space where Zhou Mingrui had disappeared was like a piece of paper that had been crushed.

Countless spatial folds pierced through it like sharp spikes.

After letting out a strange sound, the mysterious figure of light immediately locked onto a direction and stepped back into the spatial ripples.

At this time, Yan Wuyue naturally also saw this shocking scene.

The identity of the mysterious figure of light was something that even she, who had seen many things, could not recognize.

Furthermore, the scene of the mysterious figure of light taking away the Stone King Dragons consciousness sent chills down her spine.

This ability usually meant that only a top life form could do it, and this life form usually regarded humans as ants or even grass.

Every additional life form that wasnt human was a threat and misfortune to the human race.

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