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The Heavenly Saint World.

In the sky above a wasteland, ripples suddenly appeared in the originally empty space.

Then, a glowing human figure slowly emerged from it.

After his body had completely solidified, the figure of light looked around him as if it was searching for something.

He raised his arm, condensed a finger on his palm, and inserted it into the space.

A large number of light threads appeared again and continued to extend.

A large amount of spatial information began to enter the figure of lights body through the light threads, and it was constantly being analyzed and deciphered.

A moment later, the figure of light retracted his finger.

“This is an interesting world.

Ill use this place as my starting ground.”

After saying that, the figure of light landed on the ground.

Then, its body flickered with light and formed a light cocoon.

Countless light threads immediately extended out from the light cocoon.

Whether it was in the sky, on the ground, or underground, a large number of light threads spread out like water.

In the wilderness, a level 4 monster was drinking water.

In the next moment, a thin line of light appeared from beneath its feet, spreading to its body.

At this moment, the monster seemed to have sensed that something was wrong.

However, at the same time, the light threads pierced into the monsters body.

As if it felt immense pain, the level 4 monster began to struggle and wail.

However, it only took a few seconds for the monster to return to its previous calm.

However, its eyes were already slightly rippling with light.

After that, the monster started to move in one direction.

Its body went from stiff and obscure to its original state.

And this scene did not only appear here, it also began to appear in the entire wasteland.

A large number of monsters minds were occupied by the threads of the figure of light.

Hanlin City, a big border city near the southern wilderness, resisted the monster attack from the southern wilderness, which was designated by the central command as Area B.

On the city wall, the patrol team was doing their best.

Although they were repeating the boring task, everyones face was serious.

After all, if they let their guard down and something happened to them, their family and friends would be the ones facing the threat.

“Captain, whats that”

At this moment, a team member who happened to be patrolling at the gate said.

“Whats wrong” The captain, who was walking in front, stopped and turned around to ask.

“Look over there.” The team member pointed to the distance opposite the door.

The captain shifted his gaze, and when he focused his eyes, he saw a faint yellow mist.

The captains expression changed slightly when he saw this.

As a patrol guard, he was very familiar with judging distance and the size of an object.

The blurry yellow smoke could be compared to a sandstorm.

There were only two possibilities for this situation.

One was that a large number of objects were moving quickly, causing smoke and dust.

The other situation was a large-scale sandstorm, but generally speaking, they had accurate weather predictions from the base, and the intelligence showed that there wouldnt be a sandstorm of this scale in the next three days.

The final result would be that the beast tide had arrived!

“Base, base!”

The captain didnt hesitate to contact the base through the radio.

“Team B2-231 suspects that a beast tide has appeared in Area B.

Please confirm and issue orders as soon as possible!”

Soon, the base command center immediately began to mobilize satellites and send out reconnaissance flying troops, flying across the sky under the uneasy expressions of many patrol teams.

Very quickly, the flying troops had already approached the location of their target.

The pilot observed the situation with his naked eye, and his expression changed drastically.

“Command center, command center.

Beast tide discovered, beast tide discovered!”

“Based on visual assessment, its a level two beast tide.

No, Ill change my assessment.

Its a level three beast tide or even higher!”

At that moment, the fighter jet suddenly stopped, as if it had been hit by something.

Then, a black shadow descended again, causing the pilot to quickly pull the control stick.

“Warning, Im under attack from a flying monster!”

The surrounding fighter jets immediately came to help and started firing at the increasing number of flying monsters.

“Lets go!”

The fighter jet formations captain looked at the dense horde of flying monsters in front of him and broke out in cold sweat.

He immediately ordered the fighter jet formation to return.

At the same time, he pressed the communication button and began to shout, “Changing the observation information.

The target is a level 4 beast tide approaching a level 5 beast tide.

Requesting immediate support from the command center!”

After saying that, the captain led the flight formation to fire a series of weapons for cover, then immediately turned the aircrafts nose and began to retreat at full speed.

In the face of a beast tide of this scale, if their flying team had been a few seconds late, they might not even be able to leave.

But before he left, the captain gritted his teeth and said, “Release all air and ground weapons and fly away in the lightest possible state!”

After the order was given, all the fighter jets that received the order pressed the air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground bombs at the same time.

A large number of guided missiles whizzed out, flying straight toward the flying monsters in the sky.

In the next moment, the sky suddenly burst into fireworks.

The flying monsters corpses fell from the sky one after another.

For a moment, the flying monsters pursuit was stopped.

After the air-to-ground bombs landed, they continued to explode among the densely-packed beast tide on the ground.

The extremely hot flames and shock waves sent a large number of monsters flying into the air before crashing heavily into the ground.

This series of actions caused the entire beast tide to stop moving forward for a moment.

However, very quickly, they resumed their unstoppable advance.

At this time, the flight team had already taken off.

When they returned to Hanlin City, the entire city had entered the highest state of alert.

The local department began to use all civilian vehicles to evacuate women and children, and the army also began to move to designated combat positions.

Everyones face was filled with nervousness as if they were facing a great enemy.

At the same time, they also called their summoned beasts to their side, ready to help them fight at any time.

The request for reinforcements was quickly sent out in all directions.

However, the information that came later made the officers of Hanlin Citys military headquarters sweat.

This was because they were not the only ones.

A total of five major joint defense cities in Area B in the south had all detected the arrival of the beast tide.

They could not even take care of themselves, let alone help other cities.

“Damn it, why did such a huge beast tide suddenly appear without any warning”

In the meeting room of Hanlin Citys headquarters.

The highest-ranking officer, Lin Changdong, clenched his fist and slammed it on the table.

He roared, “Why didnt our drones send back any information Where are the scouts stationed at the periphery of Area B”

“Sir, Im afraid, Im afraid theyve already…”

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