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“Im afraid theyre all dead.” General Lin Changdong slumped into his chair.

According to the battle reports from the frontlines, the beast tide this time would be an unprecedented level 5 beast tide, also known as the super beast tide.

In this case, all the forces in a city were just a joke in front of the super beast tide.

If he could have predicted this in advance, he could have asked for reinforcements from the central continent and set up defensive measures, but it was too late now.

“How many elderly, women, and children have retreated” General Lin Changdong asked weakly.

“General, 30% has retreated.” The adjutant beside him immediately replied.

“All non-essential combat staff shall go and assist the elderly, women, and children in their retreat immediately.

All transportation must prioritize them.”

“If anyone disobeys the order, no matter what position they are in, and even if its my son who disobeys the order, they can be executed by shooting on the spot.” General Lin Changdong ordered in a deep voice.

The adjutant subconsciously conveyed the generals order, but turned around and asked, “General, this might create a gap in the defense, and we wont be able to react and defend in time.”

General Lin Changdong turned around and looked at him coldly.

“Do you think we can hold on”

The adjutant shuddered at the cold look in his eyes, then immediately said, “General, dont worry.

The soldiers will do their best to hold this line of defense.

Unless we all die, we will not let the monsters cross our line of defense!”

General Lin Changdong then turned his head and closed his eyes in pain.

At this time, after Hanlin City received the order from the top, it immediately began to operate at high speed.

Under the long-established arrangements, a large number of soldiers were drawn out from their non-necessary fixed positions and began to help the elderly, women, and children retreat.

The military vehicles that were originally transporting non-essential supplies were also unloaded on the spot.

They began to load the elderly, women, and children and then retreated.

During this period, some men who wanted to use their status or background to retreat were directly executed by the angry soldiers.

It must be known that there were a large number of soldiers families among these elderly, women, and children, and no one would hold back if they dared to go against the emergency military order.

The speed of the transfer suddenly accelerated.

In just an hour, the elderly, women, and children in the city had basically been transferred.

In the meantime, among the elderly, women, and children, those who had served before and could still keep up with their physical strength rejoined the army and helped the army to set up defenses.

In the command center.

“General, the elderly, women, and children have all been evacuated.

At the same time, 6457 reserve-duty soldiers have rejoined.” The adjutant reported.

“Very good, as expected of the soldiers Ive led.

Many of them are not cowards!” General Lin Changdongs gloomy expression was swept away as he laughed out loud.

After a carefree laughter, General Lin Changdong regained his serious expression and said, “Get all the weapons in the arsenal ready immediately.

Fire long-range bombing weapons at all costs.

As long as we can kill one more monster, we may have one less comrade behind us die!”

“Yes, General!” The adjutant turned around and was about to give an order.

“Wait!” General Lin Changdong suddenly raised his hand and said.

“General” The adjutant asked.

“Tell the soldiers to hurry up and have a full meal.” General Lin Changdong turned around and looked at the big screen after he finished speaking.

“Yes, General.” The adjutant replied after two seconds of silence.

“Also, Ill give you ten minutes to rest.

Go.” Lin Changdong suddenly said.

“Thank you.

Thank you, General.”

The adjutants eyes were red.

He knew that the general had given him a chance to say goodbye to his family.

“Everyone, take a three-minute break.”

After saying that, General Lin Changdong immediately got up and left the command room.

The remaining people began to pull out their mobile phones with tears in their eyes and began to call their loved ones.

At the same time, Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue, who were in Hanguang City, were attentive in class.

After experiencing the alternate spaces secret realm, the two of them calmed down.

Zhou Mingrui no longer slacked off.

He attended all the classes and worked hard to learn more knowledge so that he could settle down.

Yan Wuyue, on the other hand, didnt go to class.

She was even more experienced than the instructors in those classes.

What she needed to do now was to search for all the knowledge that she had not learned before, and more of the secret techniques she knew.

After all, there was still a full eight years before the great calamity.

During this period, she could completely develop her combat strength in many aspects, and only after accumulating and settling down would she become stronger.

After school ended that day, Zhou Mingrui wanted to head to the long bench in the school park to relax and watch the sunset.

To his surprise, he saw many flustered students.

“Whats going on Why do these guys all have the same expression” Zhou Mingrui was a little confused, but he did not approach and ask.

Instead, he pulled out his phone and gave Zhao Anqi a call.

“You want to know what happened, right”

Zhao Anqi asked as soon as the call connected.

“Yeah.” Zhou Mingrui grunted in agreement.

“Theres a beast tide in the wasteland of Area B in the south.

Its a super beast tide.” Zhao Anqi sounded a little depressed.

“What is a super beast tide” Zhou Mingrui was puzzled.

Zhao Anqi organized her thoughts and explained, “In theory, the beast tide is divided into seven levels.

Levels 1 to 2 are small beast tides, which can be easily solved by the frontier cities.”

“Level 3 to 4 is considered a medium-scale beast tide.

The frontier cities have to pay a huge price to deal with it alone.

Usually, they will ask the surrounding cities and the fortresses behind for support.”

“Level 5 is a large-scale beast tide.

Its basically impossible for a frontier city to resist it alone.

It might even be drowned and destroyed by the beast tide.”

“Level 6 is the super beast tide.

This level requires human countries to use all their strength to deal with it.

If they do not handle it well, they might even be destroyed.”

“Level 7 is the ultimate beast tide.

Once this kind of beast tide appears, the entire human race will enter a state of crisis.

No one or country can stay out of it.”

“Theoretically speaking, there has never been a level 6 to 7 beast tide.

A level 5 beast tide only appears once in many years.”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Mingrui finally understood why the students looked nervous and even terrible.

Hence, he frowned and asked, “So youre saying that the entire Hanxia has to fight this beast tide with all their might”

“Its mainly because there are a total of seven frontier cities in the southern wilderness.

By the time I found out, three of them have already fallen, and all of them have been massacred without any survivors.” Zhao Anqi replied.

After a few seconds of silence, Zhou Mingrui said, “The country should be making a move now, right”

“Yes, 80% of the army has been urgently mobilized to the southern wilderness.

At the same time, the whole country has begun to recruit all the soldiers of suitable age.” Zhao Anqi replied.

“Alright, I understand now.

Thanks.” Zhou Mingrui expressed his gratitude.

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