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Chapter 199: Sacrifice and Responsibility

Sacrifice and Responsibility

At this moment, Yan Wuyue, who was behind him, looked calm.

She had known that Zhou Mingrui would not be able to control his power well.

After all, she had been the same when she first used this secret skill, so it was not strange.

At this time, it all depended on the degree of control of their respective powers.

Yan Wuyue was well aware that it took her less than ten seconds to regain control of her power.

However, it was different for Zhou Mingrui.

Yan Wuyue thought it would take about 20 or 30 seconds.

After all, he wasnt a careful person.

Much to Yan Wuyues surprise, Zhou Mingrui had already found his rhythm after only the third attack.

Everything had happened so fast that she almost didnt react and wanted to help him.

[ Why are you in a daze now Its not your style! ] Zhou Mingrui asked Yan Wuyue in confusion as he attacked.

As far as he knew, a composed fighter like Yan Wuyue would not be distracted at such a critical moment.

[ No…nothing.

Just focus on your fight! Dont waste time! ] Yan Wuyue immediately responded.

Upon hearing that, Zhou Mingrui stopped asking, for every second was precious.

Even though the speed at which the microscopic world split was not fast, that was only when there was a difference in the flow of time.

If he had been in the real world, the speed would be many times faster.

Therefore, Zhou Mingrui knew he couldnt waste time.

Looking at the remaining level-5 monsters, he revealed a smile.

Under the figure of lights control, the monsters no longer felt fear and roared as they charged at Zhou Mingrui.

Looking at Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand, Zhou Mingrui thought for a moment and changed it into a huge club with his energy.

Then, he aimed at the monster that was charging at him and swung it.

The lizard-like two-headed monster that was over ten meters longs chest was struck by Zhou Mingruis club.

Its body, which weighed more than a ton, was sent flying a few meters away by the strike.

A pit was formed where it landed.

A large number of bone spikes pierced through its skin, looking very horrifying.

Zhou Mingruis strike had shattered at least a third of the monsters bones.

Its internal organs were probably bleeding severely, but it continued limping toward Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui ignored it because this kind of crippled monster was already Yan Wuyues responsibility.

Instead, he continued to wave his club and sweep away the other level-5 monsters coming at him.

The level-5 monsters that could have suppressed Zhou Mingrui were as weak as level-4 ones, for he was in a state of fission.

Yan Wuyue continued to kill the level-5 monsters one after another.

While feeling the rapid accumulation of experience, she also helped Zhou Mingrui calculate the remaining time of the fission.

Zhou Mingrui could have killed dozens of level-5 monsters in an hour.

However, in his fission state, it had taken him less than 10 minutes to kill nearly 150 of them.

The monsters he touched were either severely injured or had lost their defense, and they would be quickly killed by Yan Wuyue.

Ten minutes ago, he was still surrounded.

Now, he had reversed the situation and was still increasing his killing efficiency.

Even the warriors and Summoners at the rear defensive line felt much less pressure because of Zhou Mingrui, for there were fewer monsters around him.

“What did this guy do to turn the situation around”

“It might be a secret skill with a strong side effect.

Otherwise, its impossible for his combat power to increase so much.”

“Alas, everyone is already giving their all to keep the defense line!”

In the sky, Lieutenant General Yu and the generals beside him were sighing as they watched Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue suddenly turn the tables.

No one would blame Yan Wuyue for using such a skill.

Under such circumstances, it would be a great contribution to delay the defense line for one more second.

“If she keeps killing like this, there will definitely be higher-level monsters looking for trouble with her.

Keep an eye on her! Once a level-7 monster attacks, immediately take her away from the front line!” Lieutenant General Yu ordered again.

However, he had a dream.

If Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue could also slaughter the level-6 monsters like this, they would still have a chance of winning the beast tide without the reinforcements.

However, he knew that this was almost impossible.

A level-4 Summoner who could suppress a level-4 monster and kill a level-5 monster with a secret skill was already an extremely rare combat genius.

If she could still deal with the level-6 monsters, Lieutenant General Yu swore to save her at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing the entire defensive line.

They could rebuild the defensive line, and humans could keep reproducing.

However, once such a peerless genius died, it would take a long time for another one to be born.

Even though this was a cruel and inhumane way of thinking, Lieutenant General Yu had to choose what was best for the human race.

If a genius like Yan Wuyue could grow to his level, then the southern wilderness could easily be taken back under the rule of human beings, let alone the whole world.

What if she could reach a higher level Till then, it wouldnt be a dream for humans to clean up monsters and completely occupy this world.

What was the big deal in sacrificing so many people for this dream

If it was necessary, he could even sacrifice himself.

As long as Yan Wuyue could grow to that level, he would not hesitate to do so.

At this moment, Yan Wuyue had also risen to level 47 after killing the monsters.

However, her level and experience bar was completely different from Zhou Mingruis.

If Yan Wuyues experience bar was a stream, then Zhou Mingruis was a powerful river.

Zhou Mingrui might not be able to reach level 50 before her.

This was the difference between the level of life and the energy density, which involved profound theories such as energy science, summoned spirit science, experience-level science, and biology.

Yan Wuyue couldnt explain it now.

After all, no matter how powerful she was in her previous life, she was just a warrior, not a scientist who studied theories and experiments.

The increase in level also made Yan Wuyues combat power stronger and stronger.

After all, the higher the level, the higher the attribute bonus he could share with the summoned spirit.

Sometimes, Yan Wuyue would even take the initiative to help Zhou Mingrui slow down some level-five monsters.

Another five minutes passed, and nearly three hundred monsters had died at the hands of Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue.

Meanwhile, his level and experience bar were also constantly increasing.

Very soon, it had already reached 90%.

Just as Zhou Mingrui was about to raise his level to level 50 in one go, the ground suddenly trembled violently.

Following that, a figure charged straight at him.

Without any hesitation, Zhou Mingrui raised the massive club in his hand and swung it at his enemy.

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