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Training Ends

After everything was pushed out, the entire space of consciousness immediately turned chaotic.

However, Zhou Mingrui could clearly sense the existence of the space of consciousness.

When the space of consciousness was in chaos, a strange yet familiar aura began to spread.

Zhou Mingrui was very familiar with this aura.

Previously, when he activated the disk that contained the Netherworld Fire Seed, he had sensed the aura that came from the netherworlds Forgotten River.


An invisible wave of consciousness spread out in all directions like the Big Bang during the birth of the universe.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui regained control of the space of consciousness.

If the previous space was like a 100-square meter house, the current space of consciousness was as large as a football field.

And at the top of the space of consciousness, a white ball of light hung in the air, its body burning with weak white flames.

Zhou Mingrui knew that the ball of light was the condensation of his consciousness.

When the space of consciousness was completely formed, he could sense the magic particles in the surrounding space more clearly.

His previous senses were like a short-sighted person, but now, it was like wearing glasses.

His vision became clearer, the number of senses increased, and the range was wider.

After the magic particles were connected through consciousness, they began to condense in Zhou Mingruis space of consciousness, forming faint white energy.

“This should be magic.

Its a pity that I havent learned any magic skills yet.

Otherwise, I could have an additional trump card.” He thought.

Zhou Mingrui could feel the increasing amount of magical energy in his space of consciousness.

It was a pity that he did not know any magical skills, so he had no way of testing out the power of his spells.

Hence, Zhou Mingrui no longer gathered his magical energy.

Instead, he began to think of ways to quickly increase his level.

It was easy to wait for Yan Wuyue to provide him with experience, but the speed was not that fast.

If he wanted to catch up with Qin Podi, he could not wait like this.

One had to know that it was impossible for that person to just sit there and wait for others to catch up to him.

That kind of person must be extremely self-disciplined and would not fall behind.

“Right now, I can only rely on these things to improve myself.

Then, Ill use the remaining time to see if I can go to the wilderness to improve myself.” Zhou Mingrui thought.

Looking at the scattered items around him, Zhou Mingrui kept them back into his space of consciousness with a thought.

At the same time, he began to sort out the items and arranged the order in which they were to be used.

After all, some things couldnt be used immediately after using other items.

There was a cool-down time before they could use the next item.

All in all, if an undead spirit wanted to improve their strength, one of the ways was to kill monsters and absorb their souls to fuse with their own souls.

The other way was through the rare treasures in the form of energy or the soul crystals created by mages that could replenish mental energy.

Those magic crystals were useless to him because different peoples magic had different attributes.

Even if they were all undead spirit-type magic, it would not be able to fuse.

Only treasures that could replenish or condense ones mental strength would be useful to Zhou Mingrui.

With a thought, a glass-like ball appeared in his palm.

The ball contained a black liquid that shimmered with starlight.

Zhou Mingrui crushed the ball, and the black liquid immediately flowed out.

However, the moment it came into contact with the air, it immediately turned into mist and rose into the air.

With the surge of energy, a suction force immediately appeared in his nose.

The black, shimmering mist was immediately sucked in and began to rapidly enter Zhou Mingruis body through his nose.

As soon as the black mist entered his body, it quickly fused with the energy and immediately took effect.

Zhou Mingrui felt a comfortable feeling in his consciousness.

It was a comfortable feeling that was similar to the one that affected the soul.

It had nothing to do with the physical body.

When two hours passed, the feeling completely faded away.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he could clearly sense that his space of consciousness was undergoing a change.

In particular, the white fireball suspended in the middle of the air had also expanded slightly.

Looking at his attributes, he saw that his level had also increased from level 20 to level 21.

Being able to sense the improvement in his strength gave Zhou Mingrui sufficient motivation.

Hence, he began summoning the next item.

Just like that, time passed by quickly while the two of them were focused on cultivation.

The day before the freshmen tournament.

“We can go home now, Zhou Mingrui.”

Yan Wuyue looked at the time.

It was time to go back, so she came forward to call Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui, who was in his personal cultivation room, opened his eyes when he heard the commotion.

The aura emanating from his body was so intense that it caused his long robe to flutter.

However, he immediately restrained himself and calmed down.

Zhou Mingrui stood up and opened the door of the cultivation room.

He saw Yan Wuyue waiting by the door.

“Lets go back.”

Seeing him coming out, Yan Wuyue directly walked to the front.

“Did you go to a monster gathering area in the wild a while ago” Zhou Mingrui suddenly asked.

“How did you know” Yan Wuyue stopped and asked in confusion.

When she went there, she had deliberately kept it a secret from Zhou Mingrui.

However, she did not expect that Zhou Mingrui could roughly judge her cultivation method based on the experience he had obtained.

“Of course, I have my own ways.

I just didnt expect you to dare to run to the monster gathering area alone.

Arent you afraid of death” Zhou Mingrui asked.

“Afraid of death” Yan Wuyue was stunned, and then she suddenly laughed.

“Youre actually asking me this question Im a reincarnated person.

How can I be afraid of death after dying once”

“Alright, but dont push yourself too hard.

Otherwise, who knows if youll be able to be reborn again after you die” Zhou Mingrui persuaded.

“What, youre suddenly concerned about me” Yan Wuyue walked back to Zhou Mingruis side and asked with a smile.

Zhou Mingrui shook his head and said, “Dont misunderstand.

I just wanted to say that if you die, Ill have to return to the illusionary spirit world.

Its too boring there.”

“Tsk, you dont mean what you say.

You clearly care about me, but you have to use such a lame excuse to cover it up.” Yan Wuyue snorted and said.

“At that time, I was at an important stage of my cultivation.

Otherwise, I would have gone out to find you.” After all, they will be fighting together, so theres no need to create a gap.

“I know.

Didnt we agree on three conditions before I cant force you to do it, so I simply went by myself.”

Yan Wuyue patted Zhou Mingruis shoulder and said, “Dont worry, I wont blame you for this.

After all, it was my own choice.”

Zhou Mingrui frowned and immediately said, “Next time, if you want to go on an adventure, let me know first.

Who knows if Im willing to go or not.”

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