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“Thats enough.

If you keep going, others will start judging you,” Yan Wuyue informed Zhou Mingrui one step ahead.

Zhou Mingrui stopped and looked at Zheng Haolong, who could still stand but no longer had any ability to fight.

Then he said, “You can only blame that cunning, despicable, shameless and untrustworthy sister of yours.”

After he said that, he turned to look at the woman and smiled.

Then he punched Zheng Haolong straight in the face.

That punch caused Zheng Haolong to spit out a mouthful of blood.

He was then sent flying out of the ring.

“Yan Wuyues team wins!”

The referee heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that.

He had actually been prepared to step in and end the battle early.

After all, he had presided over freshmen tournament battles for years, and had come across competitors with personal grudges.

However, he had never seen one side get beaten up like that.

On the ground, Zheng Haolong spat out another mouthful of blood.

However, that caused him, who had almost lost consciousness earlier, to completely regain his senses.

“Brother, are you okay”

Just then, Zheng Haolongs sister, Zheng Xiaoyu, ran over and held him up.

It was clear even to her that what Zhou Mingrui had done earlier had been an act of revenge against her.

“What on earth…did you do to him”

Zheng Haolong opened his red, swollen eyes and looked at his sister.

That low growl instantly attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

They were all ears.

“I…I…” Zheng Xiaoyu stammered.

“If youre not going to say it, dont acknowledge me as your brother anymore!” Zheng Haolong said angrily.

That piqued the interest of the people around them.

Something interesting seemed to have happened.

Could the one called Zheng Xiaoyu perhaps be a female Casanova

“I just…” Zheng Xiaoyu was so afraid, that she leaned close to Zheng Haolongs ear and whispered what had happened.

The people around them sighed silently.

They did not expect her to be so careful.

“You…” Zheng Haolong was so furious that he almost vomited blood again.

He was not angry that Zheng Xiaoyu had asked Zhou Mingrui to give up a few moves.

That was not a serious matter.

The issue was that she had failed to fulfill her end of the bargain!

Zheng Haolong evaluated the situation quickly.

The next instant, he broke free from Zheng Xiaoyus support and said to Zhou Mingrui, who had just stepped down from the fighting ring, “As my younger sister has offended you, I will personally bring her to your residence to apologize.

At the same time, thank you for your guidance earlier.”

The spectators looked at each other in surprise.

Despite getting badly beaten up, Zheng Haolong had taken the initiative to thank his opponent.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Zhou Mingrui had been looking for a chance to exact revenge.

How did it turn into guidance

However, when they thought back carefully, it seemed to make sense.

Zhou Mingrui had controlled his own strength and targeted his opponents fatal weakness.

However, he did not kill his opponent instantly.

He could also be said to have guided his opponent to face his own weakness.

“Youre sensible,” Zhou Mingrui laughed.

He did not expect Zheng Haolong to be sensible about such things.

That really saved him some trouble.

After Zheng Haolong left, only eight people remained in the arena.

One pair was still fighting.

“I forfeit!”

The winner of that battle was finally decided.

But as he came off the fighting ring, he fell on one knee, and had no choice but to also declare his forfeiture.

When the rest of the people saw his injuries, they understood his decision.

The academy wanted the battles to be as close to reality, after all.

So a participant could not receive treatment in the middle of a battle, unless his summoned spirit had healing abilities.

It was now the semi-finals.

After the six people fought, they would be left with three, which would nicely fill the podium positions.

In other words, they were now essentially fighting for first place.

After half an hour of rest, the lots were drawn on the big screen again.

This time, Yan Wuyues opponent was a female student.

She was the only female student besides Yan Wuyue among the final eight.

Zhou Mingrui entered the fighting ring, intending to continue attacking, when he was stopped by a delicate hand.

“Leave this battle to me.

You can rest and watch from the side.”

Zhou Mingrui was taken aback.

Then, he saw Yan Wuyue walk past him with a look of suppressed anger.

He turned to look at the female student.

There was a strange smile on her face.

“All right, Ill leave it to you.”

Previously, he had asked Yan Wuyue not to interfere and she had agreed.

So he should not interfere in her battle this time either.

Besides, those two obviously had a personal grudge as well.

So it was not good for him to interfere.

He also wanted to see how much Yan Wuyue had improved after the last incident.

Zhou Mingrui knew that Yan Wuyue had now reached Level 35 too, and was very close to silver grade.

The contract between them was an equality contract, which meant that they shared their attributes.

However, with Zhou Mingruis immense talent, it was his attributes that mostly gave them a crushing advantage.

As such, Yan Wuyue was the one who benefited more from the contract.

“Yan Wuyue, long time no see.

How are you”

The female student greeted Yan Wuyue with a smile as soon as she went up.

However, Yan Wuyue did not respond.

She took the newly purchased electromagnetic spear from her waist, assembled it and immediately charged at her opponent.

“As expected, you do what needs to be done, just like before.

You really havent changed at all.”

The female student smiled.

Then, she swung her body and flew backwards.

“Enough of your nonsense, Cao Rong.

I dont want to hear anything else from that foul mouth of yours!”

Yan Wuyue wielded her spear.

As it turned into a bolt of silver lightning, she swiftly thrust it at her opponent.

The phenomenal speed caused exclamations to erupt in the arena.

“Yan Wuyues attributes alone can crush more than 90% of the freshmen.

Shes worth paying attention to!”

“Her summoned spirit was also outstanding earlier.

Its just that his character has issues.

But that can be ignored.”

“Ive rarely seen her in action before.

But now it feels like Im looking at an experienced veteran.

As expected of the leader of the incident that time, shes really got some skills.”

“With this girls talent and potential, shes definitely capable of advancing to a higher level very quickly after she receives better training.”

“Thats not all.

Her performance in the goblin incident showed her strong cohesion and leadership abilities.

Most importantly, she has a rare sense of responsibility.”

“Looks like our trip here wasnt wasted!”

After just one move, the research institute observers could see that Yan Wuyue possessed the qualities they were looking for.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the rest of the students were the green leaves that served to make Yan Wuyue, the true flower, stand out.

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