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Are these all newly awakened skills Theyve changed completely.

The combat powers from before are incomparable to the ones now.”

Even Zhou Mingrui could not help but exclaim in admiration.

From the skills she had used from the start of the match until now, Yan Wuyues combat abilities had clearly risen to a very high level.

“I just wonder if that dancing skill is still there.

I hope it hasnt been replaced.”

Zhou Mingrui prayed silently.

In the arena, Cao Rong who was enveloped by the domain looked terrible.

She was now like a butterfly that had fallen into water.

She kept struggling but was sinking.

Despite that, Cao Rong did not give up but continued to use her dodging movement technique.

“Somethings not right.

This woman!”

Just then, Yan Wuyues eyes narrowed.

Right from the beginning, Cao Rong had only dodged and did not fight back.

Even now, she was still trying her best to dodge.

She must have a special plan.

After she stopped attacking, Yan Wuyue suddenly felt a bit dizzy.

At the same time, the energy that filled the Stars and Moon Domain detected something strange.

“Is that…powder”

On closer look, floating within the energy was a kind of crystal almost invisible to the naked eye.

If it werent for the Stars and Moon Energy restriction, Yan Wuyue might not have noticed it.

“Have I been discovered” Cao Rong stopped and asked with a smile.

“I knew it.

Given your character, you definitely had something wicked up your sleeve,” Yan Wuyue frowned, as she tried to resist the drowsiness.

“Thats enough.

With the amount I used, even you wont be able to stop it.

Dont you feel exceptionally sleepy now”

“Actually, according to my calculations, you should already have collapsed a few minutes ago.

But your body resistance is pretty high,” Cao Rong landed on the ground with a victorious expression.

Yan Wuyues legs went soft.

She put her spear on the ground and tried to hold herself up.

“Youre afraid to fight me face-to-face, arent you Youve always been so insidious and cunning!”

Cao Rong gave a faint smile.

“Thank you for your compliment.

I dont think theres anything wrong with what Im doing.

I can win without even having to fight.

Besides, this is the nature of my ability.

Did you expect me to roll up my sleeves and spar 300 rounds with you”

“All right, you dont have to struggle any longer.

According to the rules, as long as I knock you out, you lose even if your summoned spirit comes out now.”

With that, Cao Rong approached Yan Wuyue.

She raised her hand, ready to knock her out and end the match.

But the next moment, Yan Wuyues suffering face suddenly changed, and her eyes began to shine.

“Not a chance!”

Cao Rong was startled, and hurriedly tried to retreat to dodge the attack.

But she found her speed restricted even further.

“Didnt you notice that my domain skill hasnt been deactivated yet”

Yan Wuyue smiled.

One hand was already on Cao Rongs neck, gripping it tightly like a vice.

“Thats impossible.

My ability couldnt have failed to take effect.

I definitely hit you with my skill.”

Cao Rong was perplexed.

She could not believe what she was seeing.

“Its indeed useful.

But you miscalculated one thing.

My resistance is much higher than you thought!” After saying that, Yan Wuyue punched Cao Rong in the stomach.

She did not attack too many times.

After a single punch, she simply flung her opponent out of the ring.

“Train your ability more.

Otherwise, should you meet someone else next time with that vicious mouth of yours, they wont be as nice.”

“Also, people…do change,” after saying that, Yan Wuyue turned around and went back to her side of the ring.

Clap, clap, clap.

Zhou Mingrui could not help but applaud, “Not bad, not bad.

That was a brilliant win.

And you seem to have awakened quite a number of skills this time.”

As she walked off the ring with Zhou Mingrui, Yan Wuyue said, “Yeah, after that incident, all my former skills disappeared.

When I woke up, they were replaced with this Stars and Moon series of abilities.”

“That Coherence Enhancement skill is gone too” Zhou Mingrui pressed.

“Yes, that skill is simply useless.

Its better that its gone,” Yan Wuyue nodded.

“Nonsense, its such a good skill! How can you say its useless” Zhou Mingrui said despondently.

“You just want to see me dance during a battle and be thought of as a fool, right” Yan Wuyue said with a black face.

“No, no, no, youve misunderstood.

How could I possibly think that way I just think that its a pity,” Zhou Mingrui quickly denied it.

“Hmph,” Yan Wuyue snorted and did not say anything further.

After waiting for about 10 minutes, the other battles ended too.

There were now only two groups left.

The first group was Yan Wuyues.

The other group belonged to a man with long hair tied behind his back.

As such, there was no need for the big screen to draw lots again.

“May we continue with the match If you agree, the finals will commence in half an hour,” a teacher walked over and asked Yan Wuyue.

“No problem.

You may,” Yan Wuyue nodded.

“All right.

We will begin in half an hour.”

After obtaining Yan Wuyues answer, the teacher quickly returned to the referees area to make arrangements for the next match.

“While you were fighting earlier, I took some time to observe that guy.

His fighting style is very simple.

He simply rushed to the front and engaged in close combat with his opponent.

He won with his rough skin and thick flesh,” Zhou Mingrui recounted.

“From what you described, he was fighting entirely on his own.

What about his summoned spirit” Yan Wuyue asked curiously.

Surprisingly, Zhou Mingrui shook his head and frowned, “I dont know either.

I havent seen one since he entered the ring.”

When she heard that, Yan Wuyue turned to look at the man.

Coincidentally, he also turned to look at her then.

Their eyes met, before they quickly looked away.

“Its not possible that he doesnt have a summoned spirit.

The physique of a normal person cannot be this strong.

It must be hidden somewhere,” Yan Wuyue analyzed.

“Thats what I thought too.

Thats why Ive been thinking about where his summoned spirit could be,” Zhou Mingrui agreed.

“What do you plan to do when the battle starts later” Yan Wuyue looked curiously at Zhou Mingrui, who was deep in thought.

It was the first time she had seen Zhou Mingrui analyzing things like that before a battle.

“Ill do it.

What else can I do” Zhou Mingrui spread his hands and said.

Yan Wuyue frowned.

She felt like she had asked a meaningless question.

“Ill sound him out later.

Ill try my best to find his weakness, and then watch out for his trump card.”

“With my experience, as long as he has the slightest flaw, Ill be able to devise a battle plan immediately.” Yan Wuyue could only apply the most basic fighting strategy.

“All right, Ill do as you say,” Zhou Mingrui did not object.

He, too, felt that the opponent was simply too mysterious.

However, with Yan Wuyues combat experience, she should be able to find the opponents weakness very quickly while engaged in battle.

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