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“Do you not know shame” Yang Ye spoke furiously.

If it was possible, he would definitely chop this woman into two.

The woman smiled and said, “Its useless no matter what you said.

At any rate, Big Sister refuses to let you go.”


A golden glow flashed.

Yang Yes unsheathed sword slashed mercilessly at the woman by his side.

Yang Ye wasnt the sort of person who would think with hislittle brother while facing a beauty.

The woman before him was extremely beautiful and tempting, but did it have anything to do with him

This woman before him hadnt hesitated to draw enemies over to him for the sake of her own safety.

In Yang Yes opinion, this was an enemy.

Since she was an enemy, then Yang Ye didnt care if she was a woman or an elderly person.

Enemies should be killed!

The womans face changed.

Shed never expected that this man before her would really make a move against her, and the speed of his sword was actually so swift.

She didnt have the time to think before she flipped her wrist, and a black whip struck towards the sword in Yang Yes hand.


Sparks shot out from the point of collision between the whip and the sword.

Yang Ye didnt execute another attack after this one failed, and he sheathed his sword before glancing coldly at the woman.

This womans strength was extremely formidable, and he wasnt confident in his ability to kill her unless he utilized his Sword Intent and the two King Rank Darkbeasts.

If it was at any other time, he would definitely summon the two nether wolves and deal with this woman.

However, he couldnt do that right now.

Because the womans identity wasnt simple at all.

If he killed the woman, then those cavalries behind him would definitely not let him go, and even if he left the Grand Myriad Mountains, the Grand Qin Empire would definitely not let him go.

Moreover, if he fought the woman, then the Darkbeasts and men behind would definitely catch up.

At that time, it would absolutely be extremely troublesome because he didnt think that the Spirit Rank Darkbeast would let him go.

The woman wrapped her whip around her hand, and she was extremely shocked in her heart as she gazed at Yang Ye.

The speed of that sword strike was too swift, and if she hadnt been secretly vigilant since the beginning, then she would have definitely suffered a loss before that sword strike.

Who exactly is he Hes already so formidable at the Mortal Realm, so how extraordinary would he be when he attains the First Heaven Realm

She suppressed the shock in her heart and glanced resentfully at Yang Ye before she said, “Little Brother, how ruthless of you.

You actually wanted to kill Big Sister without any hesitation or showing any mercy.

You heartless fellow!”

Yang Ye said in a cold voice, “Is there any point in putting on such an act”

The woman smiled when she heard this.

“Little Brother, Big Sister admits that I approached you earlier so that you would bring me along with you.

However, Big Sister is really interested in your now! Youre so strong and so rich, so Big Sister has really been fascinated by you!”

Yang Ye disregarded her words and said, “Will you really not leave”

“I wont leave even if you kill me! Big Sister is definitely following by your side!” She spoke in a firm manner.

Yang Ye turned around to look at the cavalries and Darkbeasts that were getting closer and closer.

He knew that the woman and he possessed the boost from Strider Talismans now, so it would be impossible to catch up to them in a short period of time.

However, once this went on, then the cavalries and Darkbeasts would catch up sooner or later.

Moreover, how many Darkbeasts were there within Grand Myriad Mountains If that Spirit Rank Darkbeast commanded the other Darkbeasts to capture them, then the two of them would be unable to escape even if they grew wings.

Yang Ye took a deep breath before he waved his right hand, and then the Nether Wolf King appeared by their side.

The womans pupils constricted when she saw the Nether Wolf King, and her countenance instantly turned pale because this scene was truly too shocking.

Yang Ye disregarded the womans shock and leaped up onto the Nether Wolf Kings back, and then he said to the woman that was still shocked, “Are you still not going to get on”

He didnt want to bring the woman along, but he had no choice.

If the woman followed close behind him, then he would be unable to get rid of those Darkbeasts and men even if he rode the Nether Wolf King.

Now, he could only get rid of those Darkbeasts and men while bringing her along with him before asking her to leave by herself.

This was the only method he could think of.

The woman was stunned when she heard Yang Ye, and then she blinked and said, “On it Can I really do that”

“Are you getting on or not” Yang Ye frowned.

The woman stopped hesitating, and she leaped up and descended firmly behind Yang Ye.

After that, she didnt have any qualms to embrace Yang Yes waist with both hands and nestled up tightly against Yang Yes back.

She muttered.

“A King Rank Darkbeast, Im actually sitting on a King Rank Darkbeast.

Everyone would definitely think Ive gone mad if I tell others about this!”

“Can you move back a little” Yang Ye was extremely speechless when he felt two enormous balls squish up against his back.

Does this woman know no shame

“Even a woman like me hasnt made a fuss about it, so as a man, whatre you making a fuss about it for”

Yang Ye.


With the Nether Wolf King to ride instead of running on foot, their speed had instantly improved by more than two times, and they pulled apart the distance between them and the pursuers behind them.

The expressions of the curly bearded man and the middle aged man changed when they saw Yang Ye and the woman ride on a King Rank Darkbeast.

Besides shock, the curly bearded mans eyes carried deep bewilderment within it.

A King Rank Darkbeast is acting as a mount for a human What a joke The curly bearded man was slightly unable to accept that accept the scene hed just witnessed.

After his bewilderment lapsed, he felt furious.

Yes, the curly bearded man was furious after he recovered from his shock.

No matter what the reason was, a King Rank Darkbeast had acted as a mount for a human, and this was something he was unable to tolerate.

Moreover, it was something the Darkbeast Empire was unable to tolerate as well because it was an enormous embarrassment for the Darkbeast Empire.

“Human, you actually dared to make a King Rank Darkbeast be your mount Ill **ing tear you into pieces!” After he roared furiously, the curly bearded man sped up.

The eyes of the middle aged man revealed shock and bewilderment as well.

In the beginning, hed felt that the young man was unusual, but once he noticed that the young man was only at the Mortal Realm, hed given up on paying attention to the young man.

However, hed never expected that the young man would actually summon a King Rank Darkbeast at this moment.

My god! Thats a King Rank Darkbeast!Moreover, why has her highness gone with that young man, and why did that young man take her highness with him Could it be that they planned all of this

When he thought up to here, the middle aged mans face sank.

Hed heard that this princess didnt want to go to the Darkbeast Empire, and hed been constantly on guard against her fleeing since the beginning of this mission.

All along the way, the princess had remained quiet, and he thought that shed accepted her fate, yet never had he imagined that shed made plans in advance!

Young man, no matter which sect you belong to, prepare to suffer the rage of the Grand Qing Empire! The middle aged man spoke in a low voice within his heart.

Yang Ye didnt know what they were thinking, and he only hoped that he could escape those men and Darkbeasts as soon as possible before asking the woman to leave by herself.

Because Yang Ye wasnt interested in interfering in the nonsense between Darkbeasts and the Grand Qin Empire.

Suddenly, the violet mink scratched Yang Yes hair, and then it pointed at those black hawks that resided in the sky above them.

“Youre saying that theyre watching us, and if were unable to deal with them, then well be unable to escape the Darkbeasts behind us” asked Yang Ye.

The violet mink nodded.

Yang Ye frowned.

Those black hawks were over 200m away in the air, so his sword qi was utterly unable to harm them.

After a short moment, he looked at the little fellow and said, “Can you do anything about them”

The violet mink nodded.

“Then Ill leave them to you!” Yang Ye smiled as he spoke.

The violet mink smiled before it waved its little claw, and then its figure instantly vanished from Yang Yes shoulder.

In the next moment, it had appeared over 30m above him.

When she witnessed this scene, the womans watery eyes opened wide as she said, “It….

Little Brother, dont tell Big Sister that its a King Rank Darkbeast as well.

Otherwise, Big Sisters heart wouldnt be able to take it!”

Yang Ye didnt answer her, and he just gazed at the violet mink in the sky.

In next to no time, the black hawks that circled the sky above seemed to have encountered something terrifying, and they let out resounding shrill cries before they fled swiftly towards the distance.

A violet light flashed, and then the violet mink appeared on Yang Yes shoulder.

The little fellow opened up its claws, and then a few black feathers appeared within its little claws.

Yang Ye didnt know whether he should laugh or cry when he saw this.

Obviously, the little fellow had plucked their feathers just now.

No wonder those black hawks seemed to be so miserable!“Little Brother, who exactly are you” Meanwhile, the woman asked in an extremely serious manner.

She was extremely curious about Yang Yes identity because a human was actually able to command Darkbeasts, and it was even King Rank Darkbeasts.

This was truly unusual.

Yang Ye said indifferently, “Do you think I would tell you By the way, well be splitting up once we get rid of those cavalries and Darkbeasts behind us.

I dont have any obligation to protect you forever, understand”

Yang Ye had just finished speaking when he felt a huge lump snuggle up tightly onto his back, and it seemed as if it intended to fuse into his back.

After that, he heard the woman lament.

“Little Brother, are you really that heartless People frequently say that one should do good until the end.

Cant you send Big Sister out of the Grand Myriad Mountains”


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