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Dark Sky Sect, Dark Sky Hall.

There were 23 people in the hall right now, and all were Emperors.

The Dark Sky Sects vice sect master, Yuan Tianyi, sat at the seat of the host while the sect master of the Darkwater Sect, Li Canghai, the sect master of Frostwind City, Xue Mei, and the city governor of Violet Thistle City, Dugu Tianwei, were seated below him.

“The Sword Alliance has openly challenged the order on our continent, and thats equivalent to looking down on us and the World Devastator Cult.” Yuan Tianyi looked down at the others as he spoke, “I know that its actually just conflict between my Dark Sky Sect and the Sword Alliance, but Im sure youve all seen how the Sword Alliance does things.

If we dont destroy the Sword Alliance, then….”

“Yuan Tianyi!” Meanwhile, Dugu Tianwei interrupted Yuan Tianyi and said, “Dont give us all that nonsense.

We arent here because of your Dark Sky Sect, were here because of the World Devastator Cult.

Ask them to show themselves!”

Yuan Tianyi glanced at Dugu Tianwei with a slightly gloomy expression on his face, but Dugu Tianwei paid no attention to him.

A short while passed before Yuan Tianyi cracked a smile, “I heard that City Governor Dugus son, Dugu Jian, is close to the Sword Alliances Yang Ye.

Were all on the same boat, and Im worried that someone might cause trouble on this boat!”

The others gazed at Dugu Tianwei when they heard this.

Dugu Tianwei stood up and looked straight at Yuan Tianyi, “Yuan Tianyi, what does my sons business have to do with you Besides that, youre just a vice sect master.

Not to mention you, even the sect master of your Dark Sky Sect, Qin Tian, isnt qualified to make noise in front of me.

We can head outside and have a spar if you dont agree!”

Yuan Tianyis face was extremely unsightly.

He was about to speak when the sect master of the Darkwater Sect, Li Canghai stepped forward, “Alright, thats enough.

Since City Governor Dugu led the forces of Violet Thistle City here, its sufficient to prove his attitude and choice in the matter.”

Dugu Tianwei grunted coldly and sat back on his seat.

Yuan Tianyi glanced coldly at Dugu Tianwei but didnt say anything.

Meanwhile, Li Canghai continued, “Brother Yuan, Brother Dugu is right.

The World Devastator Cult made us come here, but they are nowhere to be seen.

That is hardly justifiable, right Besides that, Brother Qin still hasnt come out to meet all of us old friends of his.

Isnt that improper as well”

Dugu Tianwei suddenly said, “Right now, I feel like their Dark Sky Sect is the only one thats allied with the World Devastator Cult.

As for my Violet Thistle City, Frostwind City, and the Darkwater Sect, were just outsiders.”

Yuan Tianyi glanced coldly at Dugu Tianwei, “City Governor Dugu, mind your words!”

Dugu Tianwei laughed with ridicule, “Im sure your Dark Sky Sect is clearly aware of whether its the truth.”

Li Canghai and Xue Mei gazed at Yuan Tianyi.

Yuan Tianyi pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “The sect master is in closed door cultivation.

He didnt just enter closed door cultivation, and he has been like that for years.

As for the World Devastator Cult, to be honest, even I dont know where they are.

Im sure youre all aware that they have always been mysterious.

But theyve given us orders, and its to attack Doomsday City once weve all converged here.”

Meanwhile, Xue Mei suddenly frowned, “They arent sending their forces and just want us to attack”

Li Canghai frowned as well because he felt like he was being used.

Yuan Tianyi spoke solemnly, “Everyone, the Sword Alliance was able to rise to prominence in such a short time.

Do you really believe they dont have any backing Moreover, that fellow, Yang Ye, came out of nowhere.

No matter how great his natural talent is, its impossible for him to be so monstrous without the fostering of a large power.

The World Devastator Cult thinks that theres definitely a mysterious power supporting the Sword Alliance from behind the scenes.

So, thats why they havent attacked the Sword Alliance after losing so many Emperors.”

They fell silent upon hearing this.

They definitely didnt believe that the Sword Alliance didnt possess any backing.

After all, it had risen to prominence too quickly, and Yang Ye was too monstrous.

Especially Yang Ye, no matter how monstrous his natural talent was, it was absolutely impossible for him to be so strong without the fostering of a great power.

Moreover, there was no such person on the continent before this!

It was like Yang Ye had appeared out of thin air!

It felt like a scheme!

It wasnt just the World Devastator Cult which felt that it was a scheme, even they were of the same mind.

They felt that it was a scheme against them or the World Devastator Cult.

Before this, all of them were quite puzzled.

Because while the Sword Alliances strength wasnt bad, it was absolutely impossible for it to go against the World Devastator Cult.

However, the World Devastator Cult hadnt attacked and even joined forces with them! Now, they understood the reason.

The World Devastator Cults target wasnt the Sword Alliance but the power standing behind the Sword Alliance.

As for the 2 sects and 2 cities here, theyd become the claws of the World Devastator Cult, whereas the World Devastator Cult hid in the shadows and awaited the right moment to strike.

All of them were quite displeased because no one was willing to be used.

But they didnt dare say anything about it.

After all, none dared to offend the World Devastator Cult, nor could they afford to offend it!

Yuan Tianyi stood up and glanced at the experts here, “Our strength is entirely sufficient to crush the Sword Alliance, and the World Devastator Cult will naturally deal with the Sword Alliances backing.

So, well definitely win! Right, the World Devastator Cult wants Doomsday City to be completely obliterated without any survivors!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a slight smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, “Everyone, lets set out….”

Suddenly, something unexpected occurred.

Specks of light suddenly appeared here.

At this moment, all of their expressions had instantly changed drastically.

Especially Yuan Tianyi.

At this moment, his hairs were standing on end, and he dodged instinctively.

However, a strand of terrifying force suddenly pressed down upon him, causing his knees to bend slightly and almost hit the floor.


A soft sound arose, and the others raised their heads to look up at the source of it.

Yuan Tianyis eyes were opened wide while a speck of blood could be seen at the center of his forehead.

Besides that, a green clothed man holding a black sword sheath had suddenly appeared behind Yuan Tianyi.

Yuan Tianyis pupils were growing smaller and smaller as he muttered, “How… how swift….”


As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of blood shot out from the center of his forehead.

A moment later, his corpse vanished on the spot.

At the same time, the green clothed man turned around to gaze at the others, and he cracked a smile as he said, “I hope I didnt scare all of you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stomped his right foot against the ground and transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

All the others here were stunned.

A moment passed before the only other Emperor from the Dark Sky Sect suddenly shouted, “Chase him down! Dont let him escape!”

As soon as his voice resounded, the others hesitated momentarily before chasing after the assailant.

If they allowed the assailant to leave, then all of them would definitely be ashamed to show their faces in public.

The green clothed man was Yang Ye, of course.

Once he arrived at the Dark Sky Sect, hed never intended to kill them and had just wanted to investigate the situation.

However, hed decided to attack in the end.

Firstly, he couldnt stand the sight of Yuan Tianyi.

Secondly, he wanted to deter them, and it was best if he could affect their morale.

Yang Ye had executed the Void Flash technique, but right when he was about to leave the Dark Sky Sect, a barrier of light had suddenly appeared in the expanse of space that he was traveling through.

Space instantly overlapped, layer by layer, once it appeared, so Yang Ye had no choice but to show himself.

At this moment, he was still within the Dark Sky Sect.

A cold glow flashed through his eyes as he gazed at the barrier of light, and then he sheathed an intent sword and drew it!

200 overlapped Heavenrends!

He naturally didnt hold back, and he refused the underestimate the barrier of light as well.

If he didnt use his full strength right now, then he would face the joint attacks of over 20 Emperors once those fellows got here.

Even he couldnt help but feel a chill run down his spine at the thought of that.

Carrying out an assassination and running once he was done wasnt a problem, but if he had to face over 20 Emperors on his own….

He was absolutely not someone who would do something so foolish!


A ray of sword energy shot forward and instantly slammed against the barrier of light.


A huge gap was instantly slashed open on the barrier of light.

Yang Ye turned around and glanced behind himself while a slight smile curled up on the corners of his mouth.

A moment later, his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

An instant later, Li Canghai and the others arrived where Yang Ye had been standing.

At this moment, they couldnt sense his aura at all.

All of them had quite unsightly expressions on their faces.

After all, a Saint had instantly killed an Emperor before over 20 Emperors, and hed even swaggered off….

It was an insult to all of them! However, they felt even more terror in their hearts.

Because Yuan Tianyi had been killed in an instant! Even though theyd heard that Yang Ye possessed the strength to kill Emperors in an instant, theyd only heard of it.

Yet now, theyd witnessed it for themselves!

That attacked had been too swift and too powerful!

They asked themselves, could they resist that attack

When they thought up to this point, their expressions grew even more unsightly.

Because none of them was confident in being able to accomplish that.

Suddenly, specks of light appeared here, and it caused their expressions to change drastically.

After that, the eyes of the remaining Emperor from the Dark Sky Sect instantly opened wide.


A string of blood shot out from the center of his forehead, and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief!

Yang Ye was standing behind that Emperor.

He glanced at the others while a smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, “Are you surprised Isnt it a pleasant surprise”


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