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At the moment the young woman vanished on the spot, a strange scene appeared here.

Yang Yes afterimages and the rays of light seemed to have been frozen on the spot, and then a moment of silence ensued before an explosion resounded.

All the rays of light and afterimages were obliterated.


A muffled groan resounded, and then Yang Yes figure was blasted away.

However, it didnt take long for him to stop himself.

He looked up at the young woman while a wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes.

He didnt waste his breath at all and immediately pressed his sword against his forehead.

A moment later, he immediately transformed into a fine thread of light that vanished on the spot.

The ultimate version of Death by a Thought!

He hadnt utilized the wings.

Because if he utilized Blink, then while the ultimate version of Death by a Thought would grow countless times stronger, it would truly be too fast.

His body wouldnt be able to endure it.

Once his speed surpassed the limits of his body, it would cause his body to crack apart or even shatter!

The young womans face remained calm as she watched Yang Ye shoot towards her, and there was coldness and indifference in her eyes.

She raised her right hand slightly.

In an instant, a strange scene appeared.

Yang Ye, who was extremely swift, had suddenly slowed down.

His speed grew slower and slower.

It gradually seemed like a myriad of mountains were pressing down upon him, and every step he took consumed almost 2 breaths of time!

What technique is this Yang Ye was astounded! At this moment, no matter how he urged on his sword energy, sword intent, or the wings on his back, he couldnt change the situation he was in.

“Do you know what this is” Meanwhile, the young woman suddenly started walking slowly in Yang Yes direction.

Her speed was normal, but Yang Yes speed was growing slower and slower.

She spoke as she walked, “This is the Laws of Time that only Voiders can comprehend.

The Laws of Time can be ranked in the top 5 of all Laws in the world.

When time flows in the opposite direction, Rebirth Rank sword intent, Void Rank treasures, or Void Rank techniques would all be useless!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the young woman walked over to Yang Ye and gazed at him, “Even though youre not bad, youre actually so weak!”

The violet mink had immediately charged towards Yang Ye when she saw him getting trapped, but her speed had become extraordinarily slow.

“Thats the Laws of Time” Yang Ye gazed at the young woman, but his voice was extremely slow.

She replied, “I told you!”

“So its a Law!” Yang Ye nodded.

A moment later, a mysterious force appeared in the surroundings, and then everything here returned to normal.

The Sword Domain!

The Sword Domain could suppress all Laws, and it naturally included the Laws of Time.

After the young womans Laws of Time were suppressed, Yang Ye didnt waste his breath at all and immediately swung his sword.

This attack swept all the way down, but the young woman had vanished.

Yang Ye looked up and saw her over 300m away.

“The Sword Domain!” She gazed at him and said, “I forgot you had the Sword Domain.

How inconceivable.

A piece of trash at the Quasi Emperor Realm has actually comprehended the Sword Domain.

Are the heavens blind Oh, the heavens dont exist here.”

Yang Ye gazed coldly at her while the profound energy within him surged.

Her strength was extremely terrifying, and he would have been finished if it wasnt for the Sword Domain.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and asked, “You said only Voiders can comprehend the Laws of Time, but none of the Voiders Ive seen have comprehended it!”

The young woman laughed coldly, “Why should I answer you”

“Alright! Alright!” Yang Ye shrugged, “Youre cold and great.

I wont ask anymore, alright”

“But Im going to answer you anyway!” She spoke coldly, “Those Voiders you met can only be considered as Pseudo Voiders.

Only experts whove comprehended the Laws of Time can be considered as true Voiders.

The reason you dont know is because your cultivation isnt sufficient.


Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, the young womans gaze descended onto the ancient sheath in Yang Yes grasp, “Human, wheres the sword for that sheath”

“What do you want!” Yang Ye immediately became vigilant.

From the very beginning, hed noticed that she was frequently looking at the ancient sheath in his grasp and the Sword Gods Seal on his forehead.

She replied, “That sword sheath of yours isnt bad.

That thing on your forehead isnt bad as well, but its slightly inferior when compared to your sword sheath.

However, its still really not bad.

If that sword sheath of yours has a sword, then it would be extraordinary.

Right, what Im trying to say is that Ive taken a liking to everything you possess, including the Spatial Mink and the Sprite Lord.

Ive taken a liking to all of them, so do as you see fit!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Meanwhile, she added, “Right, Ive taken a liking to everything you possess, besides you.”

Yang Ye gulped and said, “So, based on what youve just said, youve taken a liking to everything I possess, and I should give it to you.


She replied with a question, “Isnt that how it should be”

“Youre invincible!” Yang Ye gave her a thumbs up because he really felt that she was invincible.

She wasnt acting, and she really felt that since shed taken a liking to it, Yang Ye should give them all to her.

Everything she spoke and did was like such a matter of course! So, how great was that mentality of hers

The young womans eyes narrowed slightly, “You seem to have no intention to do that, right”

Yang Ye smiled, “You might not even spare me after I give you everything….

What would you do if you were in my position”

The young woman said, “Thats impossible because no one can take whats mine.”

Yang Ye flipped his palm and a blood red sword appeared in his grasp, “I think that no one can take whats mine too!”

The young woman didnt speak.

She just flipped her right palm, and a golden flame appeared there.

As soon as it appeared on her palm, the temperature in the surroundings instantly rose rapidly.

At the same time, the space around her actually started to warm as if it couldnt endure the flames.


Extreme danger!

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face.

The sword in his hand seemed to feel threatened by the flame, and it was trembling incessantly.

A natural treasure! Yang Ye knew that the flame in her palm was like the Nether Ghostflame, and it was a natural treasure as well.

However, it was countless times stronger than the Nether Ghostflame.

The young woman gazed at Yang Ye while the flame in her palm started to spin.

Meanwhile, a vigilant expression appeared on Yang Yes face while the Sword Gods Shield lit up on his forehead.

Suddenly, Snowys figure moved on Ziers shoulder.

She rubbed her head lightly against Ziers face, and then she opened her drowsy eyes.

Once she opened her eyes, she glanced left and right before her gaze locked onto the golden flame on the young womans palm.

As soon as that happened, her eyes lit up before she licked her lips.

The young womans expression instantly changed when she saw Snowy stare at the golden flame, and then Yang Ye watched with astonishment as she put the golden flame away.

Snowy blinked, and then she started to wave her claws at the young woman.

Yang Ye understood Snowy.

She was telling the young woman to release the flame.

Yang Ye felt quite stunned by this. Snowy doesnt seem to fear that flame! Perhaps, it should be said that the young woman seemed to really fear Snowy.

Is Snowy capable of posing a threat to that flame

The young woman had clearly understood what Snowy was saying, and a strange expression appeared on her face.

Snow was clearly quite anxious when the young woman ignored her.

She immediately leaped onto Yang Yes shoulder, and then pointed at the young woman before waving her claws again.

Yang Yes face twitched because Snowy was actually asking him to seize it….

Snowy grew even more anxious when Yang Ye remained still.

She wrapped her claw around Yang Yes neck and ceaselessly rubbed her head against his chin.

However, her other claw was still pointing at the young woman while she waved it incessantly.

It seemed like she was telling Yang Ye to quickly take the flame from her.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly as he watched Snowy act like a spoiled child.

After all, that young woman wasnt someone easy to deal with! Take the flame from her As far as he was concerned, it would be great if he could prevent his own treasures from being taken!

Even though he couldnt take it from her, Yang Ye had realized something, and it was that Snowy seemed to be able to pose a threat to the flame.

After all, Snowy was extremely timid, and she would absolutely not go near anything dangerous.

Yet now, she was asking Yang Ye to go seize that flame, so it proved that the flame was no threat to her.

Moreover, it was even helpful to her.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be so excited and delighted.

The young woman clearly understood that as well, so shed decisively hidden the flame once she saw Snowy wake up.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowys head and said, “You cant take that!”

Snowy looked up at Yang Ye, blinked, and seemed to be asking why.

Yang Ye raised his chin in the young womans direction and said, “Very strong.” He wasnt lying.

Even though shed merely launched a single attack until now, just that attack was sufficient.

Moreover, the young woman was strange and mysterious.

In short, she was extremely dangerous! Besides that, there was another Voider Realm demon beast by her side!

It was an existence that wasnt weaker to the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede!

Snowy turned to look at the young woman, blinked, and then suddenly opened her mouth and inhaled lightly.

Yang Ye and the others watched with astonishment as a flame suddenly emerged from her.

The flame was that golden flame from before.

As soon as it emerged from within her, Snowys eyes instantly lit up, and then she inhaled even harder….

Moreover, the golden flame was trembling madly, and it seemed like it had encountered something terrifying.

At the same time, Yang Ye noticed that the golden flame seemed to have become slightly dimmer.

Snowys eyes were filled with excitement while she inhaled even harder.

Yang Ye was rendered speechless by the scene before his eyes.


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