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“In order to open the Barrier Ward, it requires four people standing at its four corners and utilizing the secret technique of my Origin School at the same time.

However, there are only three of us here now, so we can only break through it by force.

Of course, its very difficult to break open by force even if all four of us had joined forces earlier.

But now that the Barrier Ward has experienced Dong Wushangs self-detonation, its already on the verge of collapse.

So long as the three of us join forces and strike a single point, then it shouldnt be difficult to blast it into pieces!” Xu Yan spoke slowly.

Zhao Hanyue glanced at the extremely thin barrier of light, and she noticed that it was densely covered in cracks that had spread like a spiderweb on it.

She immediately stopped doubting Xu Yan, and she nodded and said, “As you wish!”

The three of them walked over to a spot at the left which was most severely affected by the explosion created by Dong Wushang, and then the profound energy within their bodies circulated.

Zhao Hanyue slowly raised her right hand into the air.

In her hand was a lifelike lotus flower that was crystalline like jade.

The lotus flower grew larger and larger.

At a certain moment in time, Zhao Hanyue controlled the lotus flower to blast towards the extremely thin barrier of light.

Right at the instant she blasted the lotus flower towards the barrier of light, two strands of terrifying auras suddenly assaulted her from both sides.

Zhao Hanyues pupils constricted as she cried out in her heart.


She forcefully withdrew the lotus flower that was on the verge of blasting onto the barrier, and then she smashed it down towards herself.

“Since both of you dont want to let me live, then lets all die together.


Xu Yan and Ghostarms expressions changed violently when they saw Zhao Hanyues actions.

Theyd never imagined that this woman would be so decisive.

It was already too late to retreat, so they could only go head-on against it!


An enormous bang resounded on the battlefield, and then a terrifying wave of air suddenly erupted from Zhao Hanyue.

She instantly transformed into a pile of mush while Xu Yan and Ghostarm were blasted flying by the wave of air instead.

At the same time, the Barrier ward that was already on the verge of shattering rumbled as it finally shattered into pieces.

Right at the instant that Xu Yan and Ghostarm were blasted flying, two streaks of light shot explosively towards them like arrows that had left the bow.

Yang Yes opponent was Ghostarm.

Even though Ghostarm was heavily injured, Yang Ye didnt dare hold back this time.

The boost from the Gale Shoes and Gale Steps allowed his speed to be swift like a bolt of lightning, and he crossed the distance of over 60m between them in less than a few breaths of time to arrive in front of Ghostarm.

After that, he drew his sword and slashed it at Ghostarm.

Ghostarm heaved a sigh of relief in his heart at the instant Zhao Hanyue perished.

Even though hed been blasted flying, the last problem had been dealt with at any rate.

However, right at the moment that he came into contact with the ground, a strong feeling of danger suddenly surged into his mind.

After that, he saw a figure move swiftly like a bolt of lightning and appear before him, and then that figure stabbed his sword straight towards him.

Ghostarm was horrified because this sword strike was too swift.

If it was at any other time, he would still be able to deal with it.

But now, he could only go head-on against it, and the method he did this was by instinctively raising his right hand that was pale as bones to resist this attack.

When he saw Ghostarm raise his hand, Yang Ye knew that it was not an ordinary hand at all.

So, Yang Ye didnt hesitate to attach a strand of Sword Intent to his sword before slightly increasing the strength he exerted in this sword strike.


The sword practically didnt encounter any obstruction and directly sliced off Ghostarms right hand, but no blood sprayed out from within it….

“Sword….” Ghostarm opened his eyes wide while they were filled with shock and disbelief.

However, he hadnt finished speaking when a sword had pierced through his chest.

“How could this be possible Sword….” Ghostarm opened his mouth and muttered in a low voice.

However, he hadnt finished speaking when his head flew into the air….

Yang Ye sheathed his sword as he shook his head.

He truly couldnt figure out why many people liked to talk nonsense while in battle.

Isnt talking nonsense during battle equivalent to giving ones opponent an opportunity to counterattack

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about this, and then he looked towards the side.

He frowned when he saw the scene of the battle between Qin Xiyue and Xu Yan.

At this moment, even though Qin Xiyue fought Xu Yan to the point he was retreating successively, but Xu Yan was still alive.

Moreover, Xu Yan clearly seemed to have strength to spare.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate at all to flash over, and he left numerous faint afterimages behind as he assaulted Xu Yan.

Xu Yan who was in an intense battle with Qin Xiyue seemed to have noticed something, and his pale countenance became extremely unsightly.

He struck his sword against Qin Xiyues whip and relied on the counterforce from this collision to retreat.

Hed just taken a few steps back when his body suddenly made a strange turn, and his sword whistled sharply through the air as it stabbed towards Yang Ye that had already arrived behind him.

This sword strike was truly swift to the limit.

A wisp of surprise flashed in Yang Yes eyes.

This fellow before him hadnt panicked or retreated, and hed attacked Yang Ye instead.

Moreover, the speed of Xu Yans sword was truly very swift, and it was swift to the point Yang Ye was utterly unable to catch sight of Xu Yans sword.

Yang Ye didnt retreat, nor did he have the time to do so.

Because this was clearly a full forced strike from Xu Yan!

At the exact same moment that Xu Yans sword stabbed towards him, Yang Ye drew his sword and stabbed it directly at Xu Yan.

Hiss! Hiss!

The two swords pierced into their respective chests at almost the exact same moment, and then both of their figures retreated explosively.

Right at the instant Xu Yan retreated, Qin Xiyue had arrived here, and her whip left a string of afterimages behind as it coiled towards Xu Yan.

As he gazed at the injury on his chest, Yang Ye took a deep breath before he withdrew a high-grade Healing Talisman and slapped it on himself.

After that, he didnt stop at all before his figure flashed as he attacked Xu Yan once more.

“Are both of you unafraid of a warrant from the Origin School” Amidst the battle, Xu Yan resisted them while he spoke coldly to Yang Ye and Qin Xiyue.

If it was at any ordinary time, even if he was unable to defeat them in battle, he would still be able to flee.

But now, he was like an arrow at the end of its flight.

So, he would definitely perish if the battle continued.

Even though the Origin School had some secret techniques, but he truly didnt want to use them unless he had no other choice because the side effects that they came with were truly too severe!

Qin Xiyue frowned when she noticed that Xu Yan still had the strength to speak, and she immediately decided.

“Get help!”

Yang Ye didnt hesitate at all.

With a wave of his right hand, Silver appeared within the chamber.

Xu Yan was horrified when he saw a King Rank Darkbeast appear abruptly, and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

He muttered while seeming as if hed lost his soul.

“A King Rank Darkbeast.

How… how could this be possible”


Silver howled, and then it leaped forward and pounced at Xu Yan.

At the same time, a strand of golden sword qi shot out explosively from the tip of Yang Yes sword, and its target was naturally Xu Yan.

Qin Xiyue was unwilling to be outdone, and her whip was like a cunning venomous snake as it struck towards Xu Yan.

When he saw that Yang Ye, Qin Xiyue, and the King Rank Darkbeast intended to take his life, a wisp of a resolute expression flashed through Xu Yans eyes.

After that, his expression turned savage while he said in a frenzied manner.

“All of you forced me to do this.

Lets all die together! Hahaha!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the profound energy within his body surged violently, and his stomach grew larger and larger just as Dong Wushangs had earlier.

Yang Ye and Qin Xiyues eyelids twitched when they saw this.

Yang Ye didnt dare hold back at all.

Sword Intent surged out like tidewater and enveloped down towards Xu Yan who was about to detonate himself.

Xu Yan suddenly felt an invisible pressure envelop him, and the profound energy within his body slowed down beneath this invisible pressure.

He seemed to have thought of something, and he raised his head to look at Yang Ye while he cried out involuntarily.

“Sword, Sword….”

He hadnt finished speaking when a whip and sword pierced through his chest, and then Silvers enormous claw smashed down forcefully onto his head.


An enormous bang resounded.

The ground shook while Xu Yan had been transformed into a pile of mush.

Yang Ye heaved a long sigh of relief after he placed Silver back within the tiny vortex.

Fortunately, he was able to stop Xu Yan from detonating himself.

Otherwise, even if Qin Xiyue and Yang Ye survived, they would probably be heavily injured.

Because not to mention his body, even the body of a King Rank Darkbeast like Silver would probably be heavily injured by the self-detonation of a King Realm expert.

“Are you alright” Meanwhile, Qin Xiyue walked over to Yang Ye, and she glanced at Yang Yes chest before she asked softly.

Yang Yes heart felt warm when he sensed the concern in her tone, and he said, “Im fine.

I used a high-grade Healing Talisman, so my wound has already healed now.”

As he spoke, he withdrew another high-grade Healing Talisman and passed it to Qin Xiyue before he said, “Use one as well.

I noticed that you seemed to have been injured by his sword as well!”

Qin Xiyue glanced at the Healing Talisman in her hand, and then she gazed at Yang Ye with a strange gaze.

She said, “I noticed that youre truly wealthy and possess an inexhaustible supply of various talismans.

Moreover, all of them are at the high-grade.

I truly suspect that youre the illegitimate son of the President of the Talisman Masters Association.

Wait, its impossible for even the illegitimate son of the Talisman Masters Associations President to be so wealthy.

Tell me, who exactly are you”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and said with a smile, “Im a Talisman Master.

Its very normal for me to have a slightly larger number of talismans, right”

“Youre a Talisman Master” Qin Xiyue opened her eyes wide and gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment.

“Otherwise, where do you think I got so many talismans from” Yang Ye shrugged.


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