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Around an hour later, Yang Ye had led them to the teleportation formation that led to Stellar City.

Suddenly, a distant expanse of space rippled, causing their expressions to change slightly.

Obviously, that Semi-Deity was about to attack.

However, a pair of wings suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye, and then he vanished on the spot.

The others hadnt even recovered from their shock when a ray of light from a sword appeared over 10,000km away.


A sword howl suddenly resounded from deep within space, and then….

“AH!!” A shrill and miserable cry came from there.

At the same time, that area had suddenly turned pitch black to the point even the stars there couldnt be seen.

It was a black hole in space!

Around a breath of time later, the pitch black hole was suddenly repaired, and space returned to normal.

Meanwhile, Fen Cangyan and the others saw a ray of light, and it dispersed to reveal Yang Yes figure.

His countenance was slightly pale.

Fen Cangyan asked, “Hes dead”

Yang Ye nodded.

Yang Ye had wanted to kill the fellow from the beginning.

However, that fellow was too far away, so Yang Ye didnt dare take any chances.

Yet now, he was very close to that expert.

Even if someone attacked the Void Cloud Shuttle, he would still be able to return within a breath of time.

Meanwhile, Xiao Bieli suddenly asked, “Why hasnt the Alliance of Guardians sent any Deities”

A wisp of bewilderment flashed through Yang Yes eyes as well.

Because he wanted to know the answer too.

They clearly knew that Semi-Deities werent capable of resisting him, yet they still didnt send Deities.

That didnt make sense.

“Their Deities are mostly at Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region!” Meanwhile, Fen Cangyan spoke in a low voice, “If Im not wrong, theres only one Deity left in Skyriver Stellar Region to protect their headquarters.

So, he would definitely not dare to go anywhere.

Because if hes gone, Skyriver Stellar Region would definitely suffer severe losses if other stellar regions launched a surprise attack.”

So thats why! Yang Ye clenched his fists slowly.

Since their Deities were at Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, Yang Ye could imagine the pressure that Lady faced.

Fen Cangyan gazed at Yang Ye.

Earlier, hed felt that even if Yang Ye went to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, it wouldnt change a thing.

Yet now, he felt that Yang Ye might be quite useful.

Yang Ye remained silent. Should I go to Lady or stay here to help the Nether Pavilion

Both were quite urgent!

Meanwhile, Fen Cangyan spoke abruptly, “If you cant head to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region for now, then I have an idea!”

Yang Ye said, “Go on!”

Fen Cangyan said, “Actually, it isnt that urgent over there.

Based on our strength, it shouldnt be a problem for us to persist for around a year.

Because weve only lost 2 Deities.

However, the Young Miss will definitely have to endure a huge amount of pressure.

So, if youre able to send 2 Deities to help her, then the pressure she experienced would definitely reduce tremendously.”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “I dont have anyone at the Deity Realm!”

Fen Cangyan replied, “You can hire them!”

Yang Ye frowned, “Hire”

Fen Cangyan nodded, “Theres a stellar region called the Mercenary Stellar Region.

Theres only a single power there, and so long as you can afford the divine crystals, you can hire Deities to help you.

However, its very expensive.

It costs 10,000 divine crystals to hire a Deity for a day.

Moreover, they will leave if they encounter danger that they cant overcome.”

10,000 divine crystals per day! Yang Yes eyelids twitched. Thats absolutely expensive!

Yang Ye remained silent for a moment and replied, “Why hasnt Celestial Demon Stellar Region hired them to deal with Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region”

Fen Cangyan shook his head and said, “They naturally want to, but the Mercenary Stellar Region wont help them.

Because their stellar regions collided once in the past.

If they weren\'t absolutely weaker to the Celestial Demon Stellar Region, the Mercenary Stellar Region might have even allied itself with us to crush them.

But at this moment, were too weak when compared to the Celestial Demon Stellar Region, so no power is willing to help us, and the Mercenary Stellar Region naturally wouldnt as well.

Because if they come, the price they pay and the gains they receive wouldnt be proportional.”

So thats why! Yang Ye nodded.

At this moment, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was much weaker, so it was bound to lose.

Under such circumstances, other powers would naturally not lend it a hand.

How strong is the Celestial Demon Stellar Region Yang Ye naturally didnt waste time on this question.

As far as he was concerned, no matter how strong it was, he would still head to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and said, “Head to Stellar City and go to Liuyun.

Tell her to give you 50,000 divine crystals to hire 5 Deities.

Besides that, you dont have to stay in Stellar City.

Take everyone at the Emperor Realm and above to the Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.”

Fen Cangyan nodded.

After all, those experts would be extremely helpful to the Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Bieli and said, “Dean Xiao, once you arrive at Stellar City, try to work together with Ye Liuyun.

Shes someone you can trust.”

Xiao Bieli nodded, “Alright, I will! Be careful.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he gazed at Fen Cangyan, “Go now.”

Fen Cangyan didnt waste his breath and was about to lead them away.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly added, “Tell her not to worry and dont feel too pressured.

She has me now!”

Fen Cangyan glanced at Yang Ye.

Even though he still felt that Yang Ye was quite arrogant, he didnt say anything.

He just nodded and led the others into the teleportation formation.

It didnt take long for them to be enveloped by starlight and vanish within the passageway.

A short while later, Yang Ye was just about to leave when the teleportation formation trembled violently, and then a man walked out from within it.

The man wasnt very old and seemed to be younger than 30.

He wore a linen robe, had his hands behind his back, and a trace of bewilderment could be seen in his eyes.

There was a saber that was around 1m long hanging from his waist.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a trace of solemness and vigilance in his eyes.

Because he couldnt see through the mans cultivation.

The man glanced at the surroundings.

In the end, his gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “I havent been back for a very long time and have forgotten the way.

How do I get to the Radiant Dimension”

Yang Ye glanced at him, and then pointed to the right.

That was the way to the Radiant Dimension.

The man nodded slightly and twisted his wrist, causing the space around him to warp slightly.

But it didnt take long for the space there to return to normal, and then he said, “Yang Ye is at the Radiant Dimension, right”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, “Youre looking for Yang Ye”

The man nodded, “Someone asked me to take his head.

Right, Ive been asked to take the heads of those women from the Nether Pavilion as well.”

“So thats why youre here!” Yang Ye nodded, “Yang Ye just left.

Right, he went that way.” Yang Ye pointed towards a different direction.

“That way” The man frowned and looked in that direction.

Suddenly, Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it.


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