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Yang Ye turned around and fled once he executed the attack.

Yang Ye was very well aware of the situation he was in.

There were 5 in front of him, and he was utterly incapable of defeating them.

Of course, it would be possible if he utilized the true form of Heavenrend or executed the true form of the Stellar Ward technique.

In that way, he might be able to fight them.

However, the true form of Heavenrend exhausted an extremely large amount of profound energy.

Moreover, not only did it exhaust his profound energy, it exhausted his physical strength as well.

As for the Stellar Ward technique, it was a trump card that he didnt want to expose here.

So, hed decisively chosen to flee.

Was it embarrassing

Yang Ye would naturally not consider it embarrassing.

He could clearly differentiate between when he should risk his life and when he should flee.

If he were to risk his life now, it would cripple him, and it was completely meaningless as well.

He would have help once he retreated to the Radiant Dimension.

These fellows were here to look for trouble with him or the Nether Pavilion.

So, he was tied together with the Nether Pavilion.

So long as he returned to the Radiant Dimension, the Nether Pavilions forces would naturally not stand by idly.

Yang Ye didnt dare act careless.

Once he launched that attack, hed immediately raised his speed to its limits.

After all, he didnt want to get stopped and surrounded by them.

However, Yang Ye hadnt even been able to flee for 3km when he stopped because a beast had appeared before him.

The beast was shaped like a wolf.

It wasnt very large.

It was just around 5m long and 3m tall.

However, it seemed very strong and filled with explosive strength.

Its claws were quite long and over 100cm long.

Moreover, every single one of them was sharp like a blade.

One could feel how sharp they were by just looking at them.

There was a woman seated on its back.

She didnt seem old and had a petite body that was completely not proportional to the beast beneath her.

She was holding a dark red whip.

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face because the pair before him was too swift.

Hed raised his speed to its limits earlier, and coupled with the wings on his back, he was so swift that even Semi-Deities couldnt catch up to him quickly.

However, the woman and her beast had obstructed his path in just an instant.

In other words, their speed far surpassed his own.

“Such tricks!” Meanwhile, a voice came from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye turned towards the source of the voice, and he noticed that it was the man in a luxurious robe.

The man didnt seem very old.

He was handsome, possessed an extraordinary bearing, and emanated a faint glow.

The woman in a green dress was on his left.

She seemed to be just over the age of 20 and was extremely beautiful.

There was a dark blue jade ring on her arm.

On the mans right was the other short man.

The short man was only half the height of an adult and seemed quite boorish.

He held a very long iron hammer against his shoulder, and it was at least 3 times his height.

Besides that, Su Daoming who had just one arm left was standing by the short mans side.

“Youre that fellow, Yang Ye, right!” The man in a luxurious robe spoke indifferently, “Since you were able to suppress Su Daoming completely, it shows your strength is really not bad.

I never expected such a genius like you to appear in the Radiant Dimension.

This trip back is really becoming quite interesting.”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Youre from the Radiant Dimension!”

The man replied, “I am from the Radiant Dimension.

However, I dont belong to it anymore.

If it wasnt for you and those women from the Nether Pavilion, I may never have returned to the Radiant Dimension.”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Theres something I dont really understand.”

He really was quite puzzled.

He could understand why they came for the Nether Pavilion.

Because Nether Maiden had told him that someone was targeting them.

However, it was quite unusual for them to target him too.

After all, he didnt belong to the Nether Pavilion, and the only enemy he had for now was the Alliance of Guardians.

It was clearly impossible for the Alliance of Guardians to bring them here.

If the Alliance of Guardians had the ability to do that, White Deer Academy and Pine Prefecture would have been annihilated a long time ago.

Even though they were merely Voiders, their strengths had surpassed some Semi-Deities.

True geniuses couldnt be judged by convention.

“You dont understand” The man chuckled and said, “Based on your current strength, I presume youve heard of the large world.

Not long ago, someone there published an assignment — 2 permits into the large world for the head of someone from the Nether Pavilion.

The permit to enter the large world.

Tsk, tsk.

Can anyone refuse that”

“Permits!” Yang Ye frowned, “Whats that”

“You actually dont know!” A wisp of surprise flashed through the mans eyes, and then he said, “Theres only one large world in our universe, and its the paradise of cultivation for everyone.

Because it doesnt just contain abundant spirit energy, it even possesses violet energy of a higher level.

So long as we go there, our strength will rise by leaps and bounds.

However, not just anyone is allowed to enter the large world, unless one controls numerous worlds.”

The man chuckled at this point and continued, “Besides taking control of numerous worlds, theres another shortcut, and its to gain a permit.

Some of the huge powers in the large world gain a certain amount of quota every year, and they give it to the people of the lower dimensions to enter the large world.

However, ordinary people are utterly unable to obtain those permits.

Yet now, theyve published an assignment that provides permits for the heads of the experts from the Nether Pavilion.”

So thats why! Yang Ye glanced at the man and said, “Did someone publish an assignment that allows my killer to enter the large world”

“Smart!” The man smiled, “Moreover, your head is extremely valuable.

Its worth 5 permits.

Its even higher than the price for killing experts of the Nether Pavilion.”

He sized up Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, Im quite curious.

Theres someone in the large world that wants you dead.

Have you offended someone or some power from there”

Yang Ye naturally knew who wanted him killed.

Mo Xiaoleng!

Yang Yes face gradually turned icy cold.

Besides Mo Xiaoleng, he had no other enemies there.

He hadnt expected that Mo Xiaoleng would actually send people to kill him after taking Zier and Snowy by force.

Snowy! Zier! Dense killing intent flickered within Yang Yes eyes when he thought about them.

Even though Blind Maiden said that the Divine Phoenix Clan would dare not hurt them, could anyone guarantee that

The thing he regretted the most was not killing Mo Xiaoleng at all costs!

“Alright, I dont want to waste time anymore.” Meanwhile, the man said, “Once weve dealt with you, we have to look for those fellows from the Nether Pavilion.

We have to get there before the madmen of the other worlds rush over.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his right hand and said, “Kill him.”


As soon as he gave the order, the woman who rode the beast swiftly waved her whip at Yang Ye, and it was like a bolt of lightning that instantly arrived behind Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

Heavens Gravestone appeared in his grasp, and he swiftly turned around and swung it forward.


The womans whip was instantly blasted away.

However, Yang Ye didnt seize the opportunity to follow up with another attack, and he just shot towards the distance.

However, hed merely flown for 300m when a jade ring suddenly appeared in front of him, and then a huge beam of light shot towards him!

A cold glow flashed through his eyes as he stomped his right foot down, and then he transformed into a ray of light that stabbed at the beam of light.


The beam of light was instantly slashed into 2.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes figure didnt slow down at all and continued forward.

However, he hadnt even gone 300m when a dark red hand emerged from the expanse of space before him, and then it was clenched into a fist before being slammed at him!

It had appeared too abruptly.

So, Yang Ye was taken by surprise and could only go head-on against it.

He swiftly swung Heavens Gravestone forward.


The hand shook violently and cracked apart.

However, Yang Ye was pushed around 100m back.

Meanwhile, the 5 of them surrounded him.

“Hmph!” The man in a luxurious robe slowly clenched his right fist and said, “I dare not speak about the other worlds, but youre definitely the best in the Sword Dao within our Radiant Dimension.

Moreover, your speed is shocking as well.

If it wasnt for Xiao Qi and her Shadow Demon Wolf, we might really be unable to kill you.

After all, we cant catch up to you!”

As he finished speaking, there was a trace of ridicule in his voice.

Obviously, he looked down upon Yang Yes actions of fleeing.

Yang Ye chuckled, “Whats your name”

“Hua Tianyuan.” The man spoke indifferently, “You may not have heard of me.

However, youve definitely heard of the number one expert on the Martial Rankings.

Thats me.”

The first! The corners of Yang Yes eyes twitched.

He hadnt expected the man before him to actually be the first on the Martial Rankings.

Meanwhile, Hua Tianyuan said, “Of course, even the first position on the Radiant Dimensions Martial Rankings is meaningless.

You should have heard of the Dragon Rankings.

Im ranked at the 15th position and these 3 by my side are in the top 20 as well!”|

Yang Ye nodded and said, “The 15th on the Dragon Rankings.

Yes, it does seem really amazing.

But the 5 of you are ganging up on me.

That isnt really good, right Or perhaps your rankings on the Dragon Rankings were gained by ganging up on others”

Hua Tianyuan chuckled, “I know that you want us to fight you in single combat, but I wont give you that chance.

Were not afraid of you, were just in a hurry.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward and instantly appeared before Yang Ye, and then he pointed his finger in Yang Yes direction.

A terrifying wave of force sprayed out from the tip of his finger.

In an instant, the space around Yang Ye cracked apart.

Yang Ye would naturally not just stand there and wait for death to arrive.

He immediately sheathed his sword and drew it.


An explosion resounded as Yang Ye was blasted over 1km away.

This time, Hua Tianyuan and the others didnt waste their breath, and they just charged at him.

However, it didnt take long for them to stop again.

Because a new sword had appeared in Yang Yes grasp, and he sheathed it within the ancient sheath.


Extreme danger!

That was what Hua Tianyuan and the others sensed right now!

Yang Ye held the hilt of the Sword Precursor and looked up at them, and then he laughed fiercely, “Come on! Werent all of you very strong Come on! Whos coming first”

“I will!” Suddenly, a voice resounded.


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