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Zhuang Weiran asked, “When are you leaving”

Yang Ye thought for a while and said, “Ill rest for a day before leaving.” Even though time was of the essence right now, he could still spare a day.

Zhuang Weiran replied, “Alright, Ill keep you company!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course!”

Yang Ye didnt cultivate throughout the day, and he just accompanied Zhuang Weiran all over the city.

Both Yang Ye and Zhuang Weiran really enjoyed this moment of peace.

Cloud of Heavens Peak.

It was situated behind Clouds of Heaven City.

The city was built with the mountain to its back.

The mountain towered into the sky, and it was impossible to see its peak from below.

Clouds coiled around the mountainside, causing it to be impossible to lay eyes on the mountains true form.

This made it seem quite mysterious.

At the top of the mountain.

Yang Ye and Zhuang Weiran were seated at the side of a precipice.

Clouds filled the area below them, making it seem like a paradise for immortals.

Moreover, they could see the entire city through the clouds.

Zhuang Weiran spoke softly, “I met him here!”

Yang Ye asked, “Who”

She replied, “The old man in Daoist robes!”

That old man in Daoist robes! Yang Ye was visibly moved.

Actually, he was very curious about the old mans identity.

Who exactly was the old man Moreover, how strong was he

After all, just a single clone had been able to kill an expert like Jian Wuji, so how strong would the old mans main body be

Yang Ye found it difficult to imagine!

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran continued, “Actually, if it wasnt for him, I might have been unable to attain my current accomplishments.

Or perhaps I should say that I wouldnt have been able to attain such accomplishments so swiftly.

Unfortunately, the amount of time he provided me with guidance was too short, and it would have been better if it could have been longer.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Weiran, why have you suddenly mentioned him”

Zhuang Weiran fell silent for a long time, “Even though youre very strong, I have a bad feeling about this trip of yours to the Ominous Territory.

You know… once we cultivators attain a certain level of cultivation, were able to sense danger.”

Yang Ye took her hand and said, “I know that youre worried, but you should be aware that Im very tenacious.

Ive always been extremely tenacious.

Ive encountered countless dangers throughout my lifetime, but Ive gotten through all of them.

So, you dont have to be too worried.

Ill definitely be whole when I appear before you again!”

She fell silent for a long time before she looked him in the eyes, “Lets get married once you return!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“Youre not willing”

“Of course I am!” Yang Ye chuckled, and then he wrapped his arm around her waist.

His laughter was filled with happiness.

Hed always allowed nature to take its course when it came to his relationships.

If both of them had the intention to be together, then they would naturally be together.

Just like how he loved Zhuang Weiran and she loved him, so they naturally got together.

It was very straightforward.

If theres love, then be together.

It was just that simple.

Of course, both parties had to have such feelings.

If it was just one-sided emotions, then being together was something that would only happen in the persons dreams.

Yang Ye accompanied her all over the city throughout the day, and theyd practically toured the entire city in one day.

They didnt hide their relationship, and Yang Ye was constantly holding her hand no matter where they went.

Zhuang Weiran wasnt really able to relax and allow it, but Yang Ye didnt care.

He just held onto her hand.

In the end, she just let him do as he wished.

Her relationship with Yang Ye was no secret in Clouds of Heaven City.

Since it was like that, it didnt matter even if they displayed it openly.


Only Ye Liuyun and Zhuang Weiran were in Wargod Hall with Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at them, “Theres probably no power in the Eastern Territory that dares to offend Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region now.

However, you have to be careful.

Especially against Falling Sky Stellar Region.

Besides that, Dark Hell Continent only has a single Deity there, and thats definitely not enough.

So, you have to pay attention to Dark Hell Stellar Region too.”

Actually, he wanted to leave the Celestial Demon Wolves in Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, but both Zhuang Weiran and Ye Liuyun refused.

The Ominous Territory was an extremely dangerous place, and they could be slightly at ease if the demon wolves were there with Yang Ye.

After all, those two demon wolves possessed extremely terrifying strength.

Ye Liuyun nodded slightly, “Dont worry.

Well manage Dark Hell Stellar Region and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region properly.

You should be careful too.”

“Of course!” Yang Ye smiled, and then he walked over to Zhuang Weiran and spoke softly, “Dont be worried, just wait for me to get back and marry you.” As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun said, “Actually, Im very confident in him.”

Zhuang Weiran gazed at Ye Liuyun.

Ye Liuyun smiled, “The Ominous Territory is extremely dangerous, but he is easy to deal with as well.

Just think about it, have you met anyone more ruthless and ferocious than him”

Zhuang Weiran remained silent for a long time before she shook her head.

Yang Ye even dared to slaughter a city.

There definitely were other people whod slaughtered cities, but they mostly did it with a single attack.

But Yang Ye hadnt done that.

Hed slowly slaughtered everyone, one by one.

That was why hed been able to attain Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent.

The main criteria to comprehend slaughter intent wasnt the amount of people one killed; it was the way one killed those people.

Simply speaking, it was the process of killing.

That process could cause changes in a persons mental state.

However, if one annihilated a city with a single attack and transformed everyone within the city into ashes, then it would be very difficult for one to comprehend or improve ones attainments in slaughter intent.

Because there was no process of killing, and the person hadnt absorbed any blood.

Killing wasnt easy.

Because as one killed more and more, it was very likely for one to be corrupted by ones own intent to kill.

As for those who could kill without batting an eyelid and remain unaffected by their intent to kill after slaughtering an entire city of people, then how ruthless would such a person be

Yang Ye was such a person!

It was very normal for someone like Yang Ye to enter the Ominous Territory.

Zhuang Weirans expression eased up slowly when she thought up to this point.

Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun smiled, “So, just wait for him to get back and marry you.”

Zhuang Weiran suddenly asked, “Dont you want to marry him too”

Ye Liuyun was stunned.

Obviously, she hadnt expected this question.

Zhuang Weiran added, “We should act as he does in life.

If you want something, then pursue it.

I really like that about him.”

Ye Liuyun smiled, “Dont you mind that he has many women”

Zhuang Weiran fell silent for a long time before she replied, “He even disregarded his life for me, so what is a little bit of aggrievance for his sake”

Ye Liuyun nodded, “I understand!”

After he left Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, Yang Ye went to Stellar City.

This time, his destination was the Ominous Territory.

If he wanted to enter the Ominous Territory, then he had to head to Ominous City first.

It was the only way to enter the Ominous Territory.

Because there was a barrier at Ominous City, and it was the only way into the Ominous Territory.

Ominous didnt always exist, and it was built by the Shi Clan of the large world.

After that, the barrier there belonged to the Shi Clan.

Of course, they didnt stop others from entering the Ominous Territory.

Just like before, anyone could go in.

However, one had to pay divine crystals to enter.

In the beginning, some were definitely displeased, but once the Shi Clan slaughtered those people, no one dared to feel displeased again.

As for those experts or powers who had the strength to go against the Shi Clan, they wouldnt offend it for such trivial matters.

After all, they had to head to the large world in the future.

It was naturally not worth it to offend the Shi Clan for such trivial matters.

Thus, as time passed, the barrier became the Shi Clans property.

Once he paid the required divine crystals, Yang Ye entered the teleportation formation that led to Ominous City.

Starlight enveloped Yang Ye, and then it didnt take long for him to vanish.

A while later, Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly.

At this moment, he was out of the teleportation passageway.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he frowned.

Because the surroundings were filled with dark grey energy.

The energy was very dense and even blocked out the starlight from the surroundings.

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that the profound energy within him wasnt really flowing smoothly anymore.

It could affect his profound energy!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he vanished on the spot.

A long time passed before a city appeared in Yang Yes field of vision.

Just like Stellar City, it was built in the starry sky.

However, unlike Stellar City, it was enveloped by dark grey energy.

So, it seemed quite blurry and mysterious.

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that the dark grey energy could actually obstruct his divine sense.

His divine sense couldnt move more than 300m away from him!

This place isnt ordinary at all! Yang Ye couldnt help but become slightly serious.

He hadnt even entered the Ominous Territory, but just the city felt unordinary to him.

I really cant be careless! Yang Ye remained silent on the spot for a moment, and then he vanished.

He didnt enter the city immediately because there was a powerful restriction around the city.

It was naturally possible for him to break through it with his strength, but he wasnt here to look for trouble.

So, he stopped when he was over 300m away from the city, and then he started walking towards the citys entrance.

Yang Ye suddenly stopped after walking for a while, and then he turned around and looked towards the distance.

Three people had suddenly appeared there.

Theyd turned to look at Yang Ye when he looked at them.

One of them exclaimed with surprise, “Its you!”

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw that persons appearance clearly.

Because he hadnt expected to encounter that person here.

A moment later, the ancient sheath appeared in Yang Yes grasp, and the Sword Precursor was sheathed in it.

After that, he grabbed the Sword Precursors hilt with his right hand.


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