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The Unfettered One possessed the Sword Domain, and his attains in the Sword Dao were extraordinary.

As for his strength, there was naturally no need to mention how great it was.

However, Blood Maiden wasnt weak! She similarly possessed a Domain, and her strength was beyond doubt as well.

Both of them had come in here from the outside world and swept through everyone here.

So, Yang Ye was very curious about who was stronger amongst them!

Lian Banzhuang gazed at Blood Maiden as well because she was similarly curious.

Shed seen the Unfettered One all those years ago.

Dualism Realm experts were powerless against him.

Similarly, shed witnessed Blood Maidens strength, and Dualism Realm experts werent a match for her as well.

So, the question was who was stronger

Blood Maiden remained silent for a long time, and then she said, “Ive heard about him.

Hes an extraordinary genius with sword techniques that have reached the acme of perfection.

Not to mention this place, even if its in the large world, theres no one who can defeat him.

As for me, even if I fought him in my prime, I wouldnt have any chance to defeat him! I wouldnt even have a 30% chance to defeat him!”

Yang Yes face became solemn, “Is he really that strong”

Blood Maiden gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Very strong.

Even if Eldest Sister fought him, she would only have a 50% chance to win!”

Their eldest sister! Yang Ye naturally knew that the Nether Pavilion had an eldest sister, and he was very curious about her identity.

However, he didnt ask.

There were things that he could ask, and there were some that he couldnt.

“However….” Meanwhile, Blood Maiden continued, “While he is strong, there is someone who can suppress him.”

Even the Unfettered One can be suppressed

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “Who is that”

Blood Maiden remained silent for a while before she spoke once more, “That person was given birth to by the world, grew together with all things in the world, and possesses the strength of the world.

However, that person is very mysterious, and only a few have heard rumors of that person.

No one has actually seen that person….” She paused for a moment and continued, “Perhaps youll be able to meet that person in the future.”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly when she didnt tell him everything in detail. Shes keeping things from me on purpose!

Meanwhile, Blood Maiden spoke abruptly, “Youre not weak, and your natural talent isnt bad at all.

Moreover, you possess great karmic luck and fortune.

Your future accomplishments wont be inferior to the Unfettered One.

Of course, the precondition is that you dont die.”

Yang Ye smiled and remained silent.

He had no intention to make unrealistic comparisons with himself and the Unfettered One.

Hed never had such intentions.

The Unfettered Ones strength was the Unfettered Ones business, and all he had to do was manage his own business well.

However, he did admire the Unfettered One! After all, the Unfettered One was a formidable expert, and he really wanted to meet the Unfettered One, if possible!

Because Blood Maidens injuries were very severe and were very old, it was rather difficult to heal.

So, Yang Ye provided her Primordial Violet Energy every single day, and she would use it to repair her injuries.

Lian Banzhuang hadnt left, and she stayed behind instead.

She naturally wouldnt.

After all, it was very likely for her to leave this damnable place if she followed Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt have the strength to leave, but Blood Maiden did! However, she was very well aware that it was a gamble.

After all, Rebirth Realm experts might be coming to kill Blood Maiden.

If she stayed here, her life may be in danger.

But she still wanted to make this gamble because it was something worthy of using her life to gamble with!

Yang Ye didnt just sit and do nothing once he finished providing Primordial Violet Energy to Blood Maiden, and he started to cultivate Elemental Breaker and the Undying Elemental Body.

He started on Elemental Breaker first.

It utilized a unique method to condense the energy of the five elements into a punch, and it could disregard all defenses.

Elemental Breaker wasnt stronger than the energy of Yin and Yang.

However, it had a special characteristic, and it was its ability to pierce through its target\'s defenses.

It was extremely useful to Yang Ye who didnt possess the energy of Yin and Yang.

For example, if he fought the Ancient Emperor Python with this technique, his punches could cause real damage to it.

Or to be precise, no matter how strong his opponents defenses were, those defenses would be useless before the Elemental Breaker technique!

Elemental Breaker was capable of posing a threat to Dualism Realm experts, but the precondition was that they allowed him to get close to them.

Moreover, there was another precondition, and it was that the physical strength of the person executing Elemental Breaker had to be extremely strong.

Elemental Breakers strength was reliant on the physical strength of the user!

Similarly, the Undying Elemental Body relied on its users physical strength to determine if it could resist the energy of Yin and Yang from Dualism Realm experts.

Based on Yang Yes physical strength and defense, if he were able to cultivate them successfully, then the Elemental Breaker and Undying Elemental Body techniques would be able to make up for the gap in cultivation between him and Dualism Realm experts.

At that time, he could fight Dualism Realm experts even without the casket lid!


At this moment, Deities werent his targets anymore!

Now, he had to think about how he would kill Dualism Realm experts!

With the Sword Domains help and Blood Maidens guidance, Yang Yes speed of cultivation could be described as terrifying.

It only took him less than two days to fully grasp the Elemental Breaker technique!

Such speed didnt just shock Lian Banzhuang, it even shocked Blood Maiden slightly.

So, as far as they were concerned, Yang Ye was a monster.

After all, the stronger a technique was, the more difficult it would be to cultivate.

Just like the Elemental Breaker technique.

If an ordinary person tried to cultivate it, it would take a month or more to grasp it.

But Yang Ye had merely used two days! That was truly a blow to the confidence of anyone who knew!

After he finished cultivating the Elemental Breaker technique, Yang Ye started to spar with Lian Banzhuang.

He would naturally not ask Blood Maiden to spar with him.

It was sparring if he asked Lian Banzhuang, but he would be asking for a beating if he asked Blood Maiden.

Yang Ye clenched his right fist, and it emanated a faint glow.

Lian Banzhuang was standing in front of him.

Even though he was just a Semi-Deity, she who knew Yang Ye well didnt underestimate him or act carelessly.

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “Come and try my Elemental Breaker!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stomped his right foot against the ground, and his figure shot forward like a cannonball.

He was extremely swift and instantly arrived before Lian Banzhuang, and then he slammed his fist at her!

Lian Banzhuang didnt dodge.

She clenched her fist and slammed it against Yang Yes fist.

Her fist was naturally covered in the energy of Yin and Yang!


As soon as their fists collided, they swiftly split up.

After that, both of them took numerous steps back.

Yang Ye stopped after moving 300m backwards, and Lian Banzhuang stopped after moving a little over 200m backwards.

Yang Ye glanced at his fist, and a wisp of excitement flashed through his eyes.

Even though he was at a disadvantage, Lian Banzhuang was a Dualism Realm expert! He hadnt used any treasures, and hed merely relied on his fist to fight a Dualism Realm expert! If he used the casket lid as well, he wouldnt have to fear Dualism Realm experts at all.

Of course, it was only limited to ordinary Dualism Realm experts.

Blood Maiden was in the Dualism Realm as well, but the gap between her strength and Lian Banzhuangs strength was absolutely huge!

Meanwhile, Lian Banzhuang said, “That technique combined with your physical strength is sufficient to go against the energy of Yin and Yang.


From now on, you can fight Dualism Realm experts without using any treasures.”

Yang Ye smiled.

He was about to speak when Blood Maiden, who sat cross-legged on the ground, suddenly opened her eyes, “How can you think like that His strength is sufficient to fight Dualism Realm experts, but it doesnt represent that he can kill Dualism Realm experts.

Not to mention anyone else, do you think he can kill you”

Lian Banzhuang glanced at Yang Ye and shook her head.

Even though Yang Ye had become much stronger and could resist her energy of Yin and Yang, it was clearly not very likely that he could kill her.

Blood Maiden gazed at Yang Ye, “Remember that you must not be careless in a battle with a Dualism Realm expert.

Banzhuang is just an ordinary Dualism Realm expert, but if you encounter those special Dualism Realm experts like those who have grasped some sort of law or formidable intent, youll realize that theres quite a large gap between you and them!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I understand, I wont get overconfident!”

Blood Maiden nodded lightly, “Remember that you must never be overconfident.

Many people think theyre extraordinary upon gaining some accomplishments.

Actually, people who have such thoughts are mostly weaklings.

The truly strong know how vast the world is, and they know themselves well.

Thats exactly why they never feel overconfident.

You have natural talent and the right mentality, but mentality can change.

Some grow stronger and strong, but some grow weaker and weaker.

So, you must constantly examine yourself and your heart.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she gazed at Lian Banzhuang, “You too!”

Lian Banzhuang quickly nodded, “Thank you for the reminder!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Thank you for the guidance!” Just as Blood Maiden had said, it really was easy to get overconfident.

Moreover, once one became overconfident, one would become blind and unable to discern ones strength properly.

That was extremely terrifying!

Blind Maiden nodded slightly, and then she closed her eyes.

After that, Yang Ye started cultivating the Undying Elemental Body technique.

Just like the Elemental Breaker technique, it required the energy of the five elements, and it used the energy of the five elements to strengthen the body.

Presently, Yang Yes body was at the Undying Realm, so his body would definitely grow a level higher if he cultivated the Undying Elemental Body technique!

The Undying Elemental Body technique had certain requirements towards its users body, but it wasnt a problem for him.

In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed.

Besides providing Primordial Violet Energy to Blood Maiden, Yang Ye just cultivated the Elemental Breaker, Undying Elemental Body, and Rebirth Sword techniques throughout these seven days.

Even though hed succeeded at grasping the Elemental Breaker and Rebirth Sword, he still had to train diligently.

Every single time he cultivated them again, he would comprehend new things about the techniques!

Just like that, two more days passed.

Blood Maiden sat cross-legged on the ground, and she frequently emanated a faint bloody glow.

Yang Ye knew that it was a sign that she was on the verge of being unable to suppress her cultivation any longer.

If it were at any other ordinary time, that would definitely be good news.

She would just naturally advance into the Rebirth Realm.

After all, she was once at the Rebirth Realm, so it wasnt really a breakthrough but recovering to the Rebirth Realm.

However, it still required a process, and that process was the period she was in most danger.


Blood Maiden suddenly opened her eyes and said, “Theyre here.”


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