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Five days later.

Cool Breeze Gorge.

In a dense expanse of forest, the Sword Chest that Baoer gave Yang Ye floated before him, and at a certain moment in time, 36 swords suddenly shot into the sky from within it.

The 36 swords shot into the swords while drawing 36 rays of light in the air.

In the sky, the swords didnt form the Earthbale Sword Formation as they had in the past, and they joined together to form a single line.

After that, they started dancing in midair like a Flood Dragon.

After another short moment of time, the 36 swords suddenly converged together to form an enormous sword, and it flashed through the sky as it shot straight towards the forest below it.


Countless trees were blasted apart where the enormous sword descended.

At the same time, the enormous sword was like a rock that had been blasted apart and countless swords shot violently towards the surroundings.


Dazzling rays of light arose in the surroundings before successive loud bangs resounded.

With the enormous sword as the center, the trees in this area fell simultaneously, causing the surroundings to fall into a mess.

However, this wasnt the end of it.

The 26 swords shot once more into the sky, and then they formed a circle that revolved at high speeds.

Because they were revolving too swiftly, the swords couldnt be seen any longer, and one could only see the extremely brilliant glow of swords revolving in midair.

At a certain moment in time, the 36 swords suddenly swept towards the surroundings, and then they shot swiftly and straight down towards the expanse of the forest below them that was in a mess.


A terrifying wave of air suddenly swept out from the forest.

Everywhere it passed, all the plants and trees were uprooted while extremely striking marks of the sword appeared on the ground.

With a command in his heart, the 36 swords shot directly towards him like bolts of lightning, and then they suddenly stopped and slowly revolved around him once theyd arrived 3m away from him.

A wisp of a smile appeared on his face as he gazed at the swords before him.

When he fought Feng Yu the other day, hed lost many swords in the battle.

Fortunately, the swords he lost were all swords that hadnt attained the Profound Rank.

Even though it was like that, he was still unable to replace the swords that hed lost.

However, just yesterday, hed gone to Lin Shans treasury, yet he whod gone there to search for talisman crafting materials had suddenly noticed that the treasury was filled with all sorts of treasures.

However, there werent any that were especially good because all of those had been plundered by Baoer.

After he received Lin Shans approval, all the swords within Yang Yes sword chest had been exchanged into Profound Rank swords, and this caused its might to be much more formidable than before!

Yang Ye felt that if he utilized his Sword Intent to boost these swords, then even a King Realm expert wouldnt be able to block their attacks.

Besides that, Yang Ye noticed that while the sword chest only had a single mode of attack, he could actually utilize countless types of attacks while controlling the swords with his Sword Control Technique.

If it was said that this sword chest was rigid and limited in the past because it could only attack according to the Earthbale Sword Formation, then it could be said to have come to life in his hands now.

Because with the Sword Control Technique, the sword chest had escaped the scope of the Earthbale Sword Formation and wasnt limited to just 36 swords any longer….

Suddenly, Yang Ye turned around because a woman was standing behind him for an unknown period in time.

The woman wore a tight red dress, had a drop dead gorgeous appearance, and a well-endowed and exquisite figure that was extremely hot.

She was none other than Murong Yao who Yang Ye had once met in the past.

Murong Yaos eyes carried undisguised shock and a trace of excitement as she gazed at the 36 swords that revolved around Yang Ye!

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as he gazed at the woman that stood before him.

Because he actually hadnt noticed when this woman had arrived behind him, and he felt that this was a little too terrifying.

Logically speaking, the little fellow would have notified him at the first possible moment if someone was approaching, yet why hadnt the little fellow notified him Could it be that even the little fellow cant notice this woman

Yang Ye looked into his body with the intention of asking the little fellow about this.

However, he was at a loss for whether to laugh or cry when he saw the little fellow.

Moreover, he now knew why the little guy hadnt notified him.

It was because the little fellow was snoring within the pool of profound energy!

Even though it was like that, Yang Ye was still slightly fearful of the woman who stood before him.

Not to mention anything else, just her ability to arrive behind him before he noticed her with his own ability was sufficient for him to take her seriously.

“What sword technique is that” Murong Yao was the first to speak.

“When did you get here” Yang Ye replied with a question.

“When you executed that sword technique!”

Yang Ye frowned slightly because shed witnessed the entire process of him executing the Sword Control Technique!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye was slightly displeased in his heart.

At the same time, he decided that he would ensure the little fellow was awake before he started cultivating in the future!

“Throughout the years Ive been in the Sword Sect, Ive never seen that sort of technique which you just executed.

You were actually able to control so many swords at the same time and make them form all sorts of attacks.

Moreover, the might of these attacks was so formidable.

Can you tell me what technique it is” Murong Yao asked in an extremely sincere manner.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he said, “The Sword Control Technique!”

Shed watched the entire process, so he felt that it wasnt necessary to conceal its name from her.

Murong Yaos eyes lit up as she said, “Is it a technique of my Sword Sect If it is, then why havent I heard of it”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Its a technique of my own.

It doesnt belong to the Sword Sect.”

“How could that be possible!” Murong Yao was slightly astounded.

As far as she was concerned, it was impossible for such a peerlessly refined sword technique to not belong to the Sword Sect! After all, if it was in terms of the sword, then even the Origin School couldnt compare to the Sword Sect!

“Do I have any reason to deceive you” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

After a short while of silence, Murong Yao said, “Im very interested in this technique of yours!”

“Oh,” said Yang Ye before he continued.

“Im very interested in many things, but it doesnt mean that they belong to me.”

“I can make an exchange for it with other sword techniques!” Murong Yao made an offer.

“For example, that secret technique I utilized to conceal my aura.

I noticed that you were very shocked by it!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I was really shocked indeed, but Im not interested in making any exchange!”

“No one refuses me!” Murong Yaos expression gradually turned icy cold.

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “If you attack me, then I guarantee the Sword Sect will lose one of its candidates that will be participating in the Ascension Rankings.

You can give it a try if you dont believe me.”

Murong Yao cracked a smile, and her smile was slightly charming as she said, “The inner court disciples said that you were very arrogant and extremely proud.

I can be considered to have experienced it today.

But are you really confident in your ability to kill me Even though that sword technique you executed earlier was very terrifying to the point it can kill a King Realm expert, but let me tell you honestly, if thats what youre relying on, then its far from being sufficient!”

With a command in his heart, the swords that were revolving around him returned into the sword chest, and then he placed the sword chest into his vortex Dantian.

After that, he said, “Practically no one comes here, so I presume you came looking for me.

Tell me, why did you come looking for me”

He had no intention to argue about meaningless things like that with her.

“Youre going to participate in the Ascension Rankings” asked Murong Yao.

Yang Ye nodded.

“I originally didnt understand why the Sword Sect agreed to allow someone at the second rank of the First Heaven Realm to participate in the Ascension Rankings, but I understand now.

With that sword technique of yours, all those fellows from the inner court are inferior to you,” said Murong Yao.

“You came looking for me just to see if I possessed the qualifications to participate in the Ascension Rankings” Yang Ye gazed at Murong Yao as he spoke.

She smiled and said, “Yes, but not anymore.

Theres a King Rank Darkbeast on Death Mountain Range, and a few of us disciples who are participating in the Ascension Rankings intend to hunt and kill that King Rank Darkbeast.

Firstly, we can gain contribution points from the sect, and secondly, we can temper ourselves.

Are you interested in joining us Its a very rare opportunity to be able to battle a King Rank Darkbeast!”

“You intend to kill that Earth Bear King” Yang Ye was shocked.

Murong Yao nodded and said, “What is it”

“Do the higher-ups of the Sword Sect know about this” Yang Ye frowned as he asked this question.

Murong Yao shook her head and said, “This was privately decided amongst a few of the disciples who are participating in the Ascension Rankings, and we didnt notify the elders!”

Yang Yes face sank as he said, “Who proposed this”

“Ouyang Yan!” Murong Yao said, “Whats wrong Is there a problem”


I have other matters to attend to, so I wont be participating.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and headed towards the entrance of the gorge.

However, his brows were constantly knit together tightly.

Murong Yaos beautiful brows were knit together slightly.

After a short while, she shook her head and left the gorge as well.


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