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“Qin Youran, a genius from the Grand Qin Empires Imperial Academy.

Hes an all-rounder in both the martial arts and liberal arts, and hes ranked at the first position in both within the Imperial Academy.

Hes at the peak of the First Heaven Realm, and his true strength is unknown.

According to rumor, he possesses a Heaven Rank Dark Treasure, but no one has seen him use it.

The rumors say he disdains to use it because Profounders beneath the Spirit Realm lack the qualifications to make him utilize it….

“Fang Leng, another peak First Heaven Realm genius of the Imperial Academy, and he possesses a high-grade Earth Rank Dark Treasure, the Defiant Spear.

Moreover, he has comprehended Spear Insight and has annihilated a third rank King Realm expert.

This isnt a rumor but a fact….

“Yuan Ye, a genius at the peak of the First Heaven Realm and ranked at the 2nd position on the Origin Schools Outer Court Rankings.

His true strength is unknown.

But all of youve witnessed it firsthand before the citys entrance.

His strength is absolutely superior to Wenren Yue and Leng Xinran!

Yu Heng spoke slowly and explained the weaknesses of all these geniuses to them.

All of them would naturally not let such an opportunity slip by, and they listened solemnly.

An hour later, a middle aged man suddenly walked into the hall.

He walked over to Yu Heng and Su Qingshis side before he said something to them.

Suddenly, Yu Heng stood up while his expression changed violently, and he said, “Is the information accurate”

The middle aged man nodded.

Yu Heng and Su Qingshi exchanged glances when they heard this, and a wisp of a bitter expression arose in their eyes.

After a short while, Yu Heng took a deep breath, glanced at them all, and said, “Theres another monstrous genius, the Origin Schools Yuan Tong.

He is a true monstrous genius.

Hes said to be the number one expert in the First Heaven Realm and the most monstrous genius in the entire southern territory for the last 500 years.

He started cultivating at the age of six, attained the First Heaven Realm at the age of 10, advanced to the peak of it at the age of 13, and then became the number one expert in the Origin Schools Outer Court.

After that, he became the number one expert in the Origin Schools Inner Court at the age of 15.

Yes, the Inner Court Rankings.

All of you must realize that all the existences on the Origin Schools Inner Court Rankings are King Realm experts.

“Hes the second person since the Origin School was established to attain the first in both the outer court and inner court rankings.

The first to accomplish it was the Origin Schools Founding Ancestor.

His speed of cultivation is merely inferior to the Origin Schools Founding Ancestor, but his natural talent exceeds the Origin Schools Founding Ancestor.

Because he had comprehended Fist Intent and Martial Intent.

Hes the first person in the history of the Origin School to comprehend two Intents!

“He has the best chance of becoming the Martial God in the entire southern territory.

The title of Martial God is equivalent to the title of Sword Emperor amongst sword cultivators.

Just like the title of Sword Emperor, the title of Martial God hasnt been attained for a few thousands of years.

One year ago, he entered into closed door cultivation and was supposedly trying to fuse his Fist Intent and Martial Intent.

I thought that he wouldnt be participating in the Ascension Rankings, but I never imagined that he would actually come as well!”

The expressions of everyone within the hall changed upon hearing Yu Heng.

Even Yang Yes expression was extremely solemn.

Because if Yu Hengs words were true, then that fellow called Yuan Tong was too terrifying.

Hed attained the First Heaven Realm at the age of 10 and had even comprehended Fist Intent and Martial Intent.

Such natural talent was monstrous to an indescribable level!

“He has killed a sixth rank King Realm expert and defeated a peak King Rank Darkbeast in the Grand Myriad Mountains.

Moreover, he has even fought a Spirit Realm expert.

Even though he lost in the end, hed injured that Spirit Realm expert….

Hes the most monstrous genius in the southern territory.

I never expected that he would actually come to participate in the Ascension Rankings….

Looks like the first in the Ascension Rankings will belong to the Origin School again!” Yu Heng laughed bitterly.

If only such a genius appeared in the Sword Sect.

Murong Yao suddenly asked.

“Hes already so strong, so why has he come to participate in the Ascension Rankings”

“Its for none other than reputation!” Yu Heng said, “Hes the number one expert in the southern territorys younger generation, yet very few people know of his genius while most are unaware.

If he participates in the Ascension Rankings, then his name would spread throughout the entire southern territory.

At that time, he would become the model in the hearts of all the Profounders of the younger generation within the southern territory!”

Murong Yao laughed bitterly and didnt speak further.

Even though she was confident, she wouldnt think that she was capable of going against such a monstrous genius.

Not to mention her, even those other geniuses from the Imperial Academy would probably be unable to go against such a monstrous genius!


Yang Ye left the hall and walked slowly towards a street.

Even though another monstrous genius that they were absolutely unable to resist had appeared, all of them didnt reveal any signs of being dispirited or feeling despair.

Because their objectives were merely to be ranked on the rankings and not seize the first position!

On the other hand, Yang Yes objective was the first position!

Yang Ye didnt fall into despair nor did he think of giving up.

He admitted that this piece of information had really shocked him, and he admitted that Yuan Tong really was an extremely monstrous genius.

However, it was absolutely impossible to make him give up and admit defeat just because of that.

Yang Ye wasnt the type of person that retreated without a fight.

Moreover, attaining the first position was related to his mother.

So, his objective was still to obtain the first position on the Ascension Rankings!

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped moving and turned around because Su Qingshi had suddenly appeared behind him.

“Have you come to console me” Yang Ye smiled as he spoke.

Su Qingshi shook her head as she walked over in a swift and graceful manner to stand by Yang Yes side.

The two of them walked slowly just like that.

After a short while, Su Qingshi said, “You dont need the consolation of others, right”

“If its from you, then I need it!” said Yang Ye.

Su Qingshis footsteps paused for a moment, but it quickly returned to normal before she said, “Yuan Tong is a monstrous genius indeed, and hes one of the top geniuses even in the history of the southern territory.

However, you dont have to be fearful because your natural talent isnt any inferior to him!”

“My natural talent isnt inferior to him” Yang Ye said with surprise, “What do you mean”

Su Qingshi said, “You possess gold element profound energy and have comprehended Sword Intent in a very short period of time.

Moreover, youve even attained the 2nd level of Sword Intent.

Besides that, you can control Darkbeasts….

Youre also a Talisman Master….”

Yang Ye smiled as he said, “Can this be considered as a form of consolation”

“Kind of!”

The two of them walked silently for a long time, and then Yang Ye stopped and looked at the woman by his side before he said, “Qingshi, how many members of the Sword Sect do you think will be able to come back alive this time”

“I dont know!” Su Qingshi sighed.

People die during the Ascension Rankings.

Perhaps the members of the other great sects might not, but the members of the Sword Sect would definitely die because of the Ghost Sect.

The two sects had been enemies for generations.

So, the members of both sects could kill each other without restraint during the Ascension Rankings because it was within the rules!

“At the entrance to the city just now, you should have noticed that man by Xiu Luos side.

Do you have information related to him” asked Yang Ye.

Su Qingshi shook her head and said, “I feel hes not simple as well.

But the intelligence section of my Sword Sect doesnt possess any information related to him.

Why You feel his strength is even superior to Xiu Luo”

“Im not sure!” Yang Ye said, “But I sensed a dangerous aura from him.

If its possible, then utilize the strength of the Sword Sect to investigate him.

Otherwise, if hes the Ghost Sects true trump card, then the participating disciples of the Sword Sect would really be unable to return this time!”

Su Qingshi nodded, and then she turned to look at Yang Ye and said, “From the beginning until the end, you were very calm and composed even when listening about the geniuses of the southern territory.

Do you have some other trump card besides Sword Intent”

Yang Ye nodded.

Indeed, if he relied solely on his Sword Intent, then it would be possible to ascend the rankings.

But it would be utterly impossible for him to seize the first position on the rankings.

His trump card was the Sword Control Technique and Enlightened Sword Heart.

With these two trump cards in his possession, he was confident that he could even battle that number one genius of the southern territory, Yuan Tong!

Su Qingshi nodded, and then she fell silent.

Yang Ye asked slightly curiously.

“Why didnt you ask me what my trump card is”

“Would you tell me if I asked” Su Qingshi stared Yang Ye straight in the eyes.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to nod.

A wisp of an imperceptible arc arose on the corners of Su Qingshis mouth.

This grin was like a hundred flowers blooming at once, and it was gorgeous beyond imagination.

Especially when it had appeared on an icy cold face like Su Qingshis.

Even though Su Qingshis grin was very faint, Yang Ye had still noticed it.

“Qingshi, youre really beautiful when you smile!” said Yang Ye in a light voice.

Su Qingshi turned her head away and then continued walking slowly and silently.

When he recalled that faint yet attractive smile that shed revealed earlier, Yang Ye couldnt help but hold Su Qingshis hand, and then pulled her delicate figure that had suddenly stiffened slightly into his embrace.

After that, he said in a low voice by her ears, “Qingshi, I….”

It was unknown what Su Qingshi had heard but a wisp of rosiness had swiftly appeared on her ears and neck….


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