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Chapter 1686 – The Yang Clans Guardian!


Deathly silent.

Yang Ye looked up at the sky.

He hadnt expected that the Yang Clan would act so ruthlessly.

It had killed Yang Xian just because hed withdrawn from the Yang Clan.

There is no familial love in the Yang Clan.

It was vividly displayed at this moment.

At the same time, Yang Ye had a deeper understanding of how the Yang Clan would definitely not let him live.

If he wanted to live, he couldnt entrust his hopes on the Yang Clans higher-ups, he could only rely on himself!

I must rely on myself! As soon as he thought up to this point, Yang Ye slowly tightened his grip on his sword, and his eyes were icy cold!

Yang Xian looked down at the arrow in his chest, and then he suddenly chuckled, “My body was weak since I was young, and it wasnt suited for cultivation.

When the clan noticed that, it felt I had no future, so it didnt treat me well.

Fortunately, I lived up to the expectations placed upon me, and I cultivated to such an extent with my weak and sickly body.”

He gazed at Yang Ye at this point and continued, “I didnt care about being the successor, and the only reason I participated is because I wanted to change the clans structure and change its lack of any emotions.

I wanted to stop it from only pursuing its interests and strength.

Unfortunately, I never expected that I would cause the death of my best friend.

I regret it! If I knew this would happen, I should have listened to him and stayed away from the Yang Clan!”

Yang Ye remained silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Xian gazed at the halberd in his grasp, “I know that you werent happy with staying by my side, and you were only willing to follow me because I saved you.

Now, the fate between us has come to an end….”

He moved his hand slightly, and the halberd instantly flew over to Yang Ye, “It chooses its master.

If it chooses you, please take good care of it; if theres no fate between you two, then please take it away from the Yang Clan.

I dont want it to fall into the Yang Clans hands.”

Yang Ye glanced at the halberd, fell silent for a moment, and then grabbed it.

He was about to lift it up, but his expression changed because he was actually unable to lift it up!

His physical strength was at the Zenith Realm, but he wasnt able to lift it up at all!

Yang Ye was absolutely shocked.

Meanwhile, Yang Xian spoke abruptly, “Its made of a special material, and it was refined through a special method by that cultivator from the ancient times.

So, you can only use it freely after learning Unrivaled Strength.

The technique to cultivate Unrivaled Strength is within it.

If it acknowledges you, then itll naturally give it to you!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he gazed at the halberd for a long time and said, “Come with me.

I wont bring shame to you.”

The halberd didnt react.

Yang Ye fell silent for an instant and said, “Come with me, and Ill help you regain your former glory.”

The halberd still didnt react at all.

Yang Ye felt quite embarrassed.

Meanwhile, a ray of white light flashed, and then Snowy appeared before him.

Snowy gazed at Yang Ye, and then she pointed at herself.

It was like she was telling him to watch.

After that, Snowy turned to look at the halberd.

She flew a few circles around it, and then grabbed the tip of the halberd.

After that, Yang Ye watched with astonishment as she took the halberd into the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

Meanwhile, Yang Xian supported himself on one knee before Long Xins corpse.

He placed his right hand on Long Xins spear and held it with Long Xin.

It didnt take long for his head to lower down.

A moment of silence later, their bodies gradually became ethereal.

Five breaths of time late, theyd vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye fell silent.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Meanwhile, Lu Lige walked over to Yang Yes side, “Is it over”

Yang Ye looked up at the surroundings and replied, “It may only just be the beginning!”

“It really is just the beginning!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from afar, and then a man in a luxurious robe appeared not too far away from them.

The man was around the age of 20.

His hair hung loosely down to his shoulder, and he was handsome.

There was a dark violet bow on his back.

It was the Yang Clans eighth young master, Yang Tian.

Yang Tian walked over to Yang Ye and stopped just a little over 60m away.

He looked Yang Ye in the eyes and said, “Allow me to introduce myself.

Yang Tian, the next guardian of the Yang Clan.”

The next guardian! Yang Ye fell silent.

Hed heard from Yang Xuan that the fight for succession didnt just select a successor, it selected a guardian as well.

One dealt with the internal affairs of the clan, and the other dealt with the external affairs.

The difference was that the guardian was practically fostered from a young age.

In other words, the guardian was decided on by the clan.

The guardian was merely participating in the fight for succession as a sparring partner for the other young masters!

However, even the other young masters didnt know who the next guardian would be.

It wasnt that they didnt care, it was because if someone was chosen as the next guardian, that person would be prohibited from fighting for the position of successor.

Moreover, once a successor was chosen, the guardian would have to assist the successor!

Meanwhile, Yang Tian suddenly said, “I really never expected your strength to actually be so formidable.

Needless to say, youve shocked the entire clan.

However, the more outstanding you are, the more you deserve to die!”

Yang Ye glanced at the bow on Yang Tians back, “You killed Yang Xian”

Yang Tian nodded slightly, “Indeed! Of course, even if I didnt, he would still die.

The clan doesnt tolerate any traitors.”

Yang Ye asked, “Traitors When did he betray the Yang Clan”

Yang Tian spoke indifferently, “He wanted to withdraw from the Yang Clan and stop being a member of the clan.

Thats betrayal.

No matter who it is, even a successor of the clan must die for betrayal of the clan.

The interests of the clan are most important.


“The interests of the clan!” Yang Ye nodded slightly and chuckled, “Right, I have a question.

Are you the last person for today”

Yang Tian looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “You may be able to leave if you kill me.”

“Its only a possibility….” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Come! Let me witness the strength of the Yang Clans future guardian.”

Yang Tian didnt speak another word.

He just grabbed his bow, nocked an arrow, and then a ray of silver light flashed.


The silver light was like a bolt of lightning.

Everywhere it passed, space was instantly torn open.

Its might wasnt even the most terrifying part about it.

The most terrifying part was its speed.

It was so swift that Yang Ye wasnt able to detect its movements.

So, at the moment Yang Tian released the arrow, Yang Ye had relied on his instinct to swing his sword.


An ear piercing sound of metal colliding resounded, and then Yang Ye was blasted over 300m away,

Yang Ye glanced at his slightly numb arm and looked up at Yang Tian, “Youre not at the Zenith Realm!”

Yang Tian nodded slightly, “I just attained the Half-Step True Realm not long ago.

So, my attacks contain a trace of the unique energy possessed by True Realm experts.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Try a swing of my sword too!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, a flaming ray of sword energy flashed.

Yang Tian didnt try to dodge it at all.


The flaming ray of sword energy shot through Yang Tians chest.

However, Yang Yes expression changed because it hadnt struck Yang Tians body as Yang Tians body wasnt there anymore.


Suddenly, the sound of air being torn apart resounded, and then an arrow appeared behind Yang Yes head.

It was about to pierce through Yang Yes head, but Yang Ye swiftly turned around and swung his sword.


As soon as sword and arrow came into contact, the space in the surroundings exploded apart, but it only took a moment for the space here to be repaired.

Yang Yes Laws of Darkness were too mysterious and terrifying.

If space shattered, then the might of his Laws of Darkness would be something that even True Realm experts would have to temporarily avoid.

After all, Yang Ye wasnt the same as he had been during his last battle.

His overall strength had improved tremendously.

Moreover, he had the Unyielding Will and the Divine Yin Flame.

So, if they allowed Yang Ye to shatter space now, then his strength would instantly rise to another level!

Once the space here was repaired, an arrow flashed again.

It was so swift that Lu Lige didnt even see it.

He just heard the sound of air being torn open.

It wasnt just Lu Lige, even Yang Ye wasnt able to see it because of its speed.

He could only rely on his instinct to swing his sword!

An explosion resounded, and Yang Ye was pushed backwards repeatedly again.

When he was pushed around 30m back, he suddenly stomped his right foot down and transformed into a ray of flaming light that vanished on the spot.

Yang Tian didnt move at all, and his face was surprisingly calm.


A ray of flaming sword energy pierced through Yang Tians forehead, but it was just an afterimage.

At the same time, a silver arrow appeared behind Yang Ye.

However, Yang Ye had vanished on the spot, and he was behind Yang Tians figure that had been 3km away from him.

The Laws of Darkness!

But right when he appeared behind Yang Tian, a blue barrier of light suddenly appeared behind Yang Tian, and Yang Yes sword which was slashing down towards Yang Tians head had struck that barrier instead.


The barrier and Yang Yes sword trembled violently.

Meanwhile, Yang Tian appeared 3km away.

At the same time, a silver arrow appeared before Yang Ye again.

It was swift to the absolute limit.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He sheathed his sword and drew it swiftly.


The arrow was instantly blasted into bits while Yang Ye was pushed 300m back again.

As soon as he stopped himself, his soul flashed out from his body, and then a ray of light flashed.

The soul version of the Sword of Rebirth!

A ray of light flashed, and it instantly pierced through Yang Tians figure.

However, it was still an afterimage!

After he executed the Sword of Rebirth, Yang Yes soul had returned into his body, and he stared at Yang Tians figure that had appeared 3km away from where Yang Tian had been standing.


It wasnt strength that Yang Tian was suppressing him with, it was speed!

If Yang Tian fought him in close quarters or even went head-on against him, he wouldnt fear Yang Tian at all.

But Yang Tian refused to do that.

Yang Tian was too swift!

Yang Ye gazed at Yang Tian for a long time and said, “I cant kill you if you flee.

However, you cant kill me as well.”

“That may not necessarily be the case!” A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Tians mouth, “As the next guardian of the Yang Clan, I can use the formation around Phecda City.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward, and then the entire city instantly started trembling.

Yang Yes face turned gloomy.

He can use the formation that protects Phecda City!

This is a fair fight

The Yang Clan even plans to disregard its honor just to kill me!


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