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Yang Shun and the others’ faces turned gloomy when they heard Yang Ye.

Make the Yang Clan’s patriarch kneel before Yang Ye while bringing along the heads of those experts

Was it even possible

Of course it wasn’t possible.

Even if the Yang Clan’s patriarch was willing to do so, they wouldn’t allow it.

Because if the Yang Clan’s patriarch did that, the Yang Clan would become the laughingstock of the entire medium universe.

Moreover, the Yang Clan’s patriarch would never do that.

Not to mention that Yang Ye was just an extraordinary genius who was slightly monstrous.

Even if he was an extraordinary genius like Wu Mu, the Yang Clan still wouldn’t do anything that brought shame to the Yang Clan!

Yang Shun gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “You really intend to fight the clan until death”

Yang Ye withdrew one of the Energy Pearls that Snowy made and consumed it, “Allow me to correct you.

It’s the Yang Clan who has been constantly forcing my hand, and it’s the Yang Clan that has always wanted to kill me.

The Yang Clan just wasn’t able to succeed.

Yet now, you make it sound like I’ve been the one who has always been looking for trouble with the Yang Clan!”

Yang Shun was about to speak when Yang Ling suddenly said, “Don’t waste your breath on him! He’s recovering his profound energy! Hurry….”

Yang Ling’s expression changed again when he spoke up to this point.

Just as before, his countenance suddenly turned ghastly pale.

An instant later, his figure vanished on the spot, and he’d moved 300m to the right when he appeared again.

As soon as he stopped on the spot, his other arm fell off his shoulder!

But Yang Ye was still on the spot!

Everyone here was shocked.

Actually, all of them knew that Yang Ye had attacked.

But Yang Ye had been so fast that even they hadn’t been able to react to it!

It was truly swift to the limit!

The most astounded here was Yang Ling.

If he hadn’t been frequently leading expeditions for the Yang Clan and possessed a very sensitive sense for danger, he would be dead.

Because both of Yang Ye’s attacks hadn’t been aimed at his arms, they were aimed at his head!

The most shocking part was he noticed that he was actually unable to quickly regrow his arm!

Not only was he unable to quickly regrow it, there was a strand of mysterious energy corroding his body from where his arms had been sliced off.

If he hadn’t quickly utilized his profound energy to resist the corrosion, it would have instantly corroded his entire body into powder!

The Laws!

The Laws of Decay!

Even though the Laws of Decay couldn’t instantly decay a True Realm expert, it could stop them from quickly repairing their bodies.

This effect was extremely useful.

Just like this very moment.

Yang Ling had lost both his arms, so his combat strength had definitely been halved!

Yang Ye glanced at Yang Ling.

Even though his attacks hadn’t been able to instantly kill a True Realm expert, he was very satisfied with the technique he’d created.

True Realm experts and especially True Realm experts like Yang Ling possessed terrifying strength.

If he could kill them in an instant with that new technique of his, then it would really be quite heaven defying.

Of course, Split Second had many flaws.

But it was fine because he could perfect it slowly!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and swallowed another Energy Pearl.

As soon as it entered his body, a wave of surging profound energy instantly swept through his body.

In next to no time, the Primordial Pagoda absorbed all of it, and then threads of violet energy flowed out from within the Primordial Pagoda!

Split Second consumed too much profound energy.

Even though he still could execute it once more, he didn’t dare to fully exhaust his profound energy.

Fortunately, he had Snowy, so he didn’t really have to worry about profound energy!

Yang Ye looked up at Yang Ling.

The latter’s expression changed when he saw Yang Ye look at him, and then his figure flashed over 1km away.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he said, “Calm down! I haven’t even attacked!”

Yang Ling’s face was extremely unsightly.

He’d really lost face today!

“Attack together!” Suddenly, Yang Shun’s voice resounded.

As soon as he gave the order, five powerful auras swept out from them and surged towards Yang Ye like a tide.

The auras of five True Realm experts!

Once their auras swept out, the space throughout the area warped, and Yang Ye who was at the center of their auras was almost suffocated.

Meanwhile, Yang Shun and the others attacked.

Five enormous palms suddenly appeared above Yang Ye, and they lined up, one after the other, as they descended towards Yang Ye.

Space was instantly obliterated before them.

Yang Ye was still being suppressed by their auras.

Yang Ye’s hand suddenly moved when those palms had arrived around 30m above him.

Ten rays of light suddenly appeared around Yang Ye, and then the auras around him were instantly minced into bits.

At the same time, those huge palms had arrived a little over a meter above him.

Suddenly, a sword stabbed at the center of one of the huge palms.


A clear and loud crack resounded, and then the huge palm cracked open.

But the force contained within the five palms blasted Yang Ye downwards.

How terrifying were the joint forces of five True Realm experts

If it was just a single True Realm expert, then Yang Ye would definitely not fear such a collision.

Yet now, he was facing five! Their strengths were combined together, so he wouldn’t be able to resist it even if he was at the True Realm right now.

As his figure fell, a cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he stomped his right foot down.


His stomp instantly shattered the space below his feet, and he relied on the counterforce to charge up into the air.


Yang Ye’s figure pierced through all five palms.

But at the moment he accomplished that, a huge energy fist slammed down at him like a mountain.

Yang Ye’s face remained calm as he stabbed his sword upwards, and it stabbed right at the center of the fist.


As soon as they collided, the fist shattered into pieces while Yang Ye was pushed over 300m away.

But it only took a moment for another huge fist to appear before Yang Ye, and there were three more similar fists behind it!

These five fists were attacking in succession! They were overlapping their strength!

Yang Ye tightened his grip on his sword.

At this point in the battle, he’d realized that while they weren’t as strong as Yang Xiao, they were much stronger than a True Realm expert like Yang Ling.

Moreover, their joint forces were quite terrifying!

They were absolutely not ordinary True Realm experts!

If his strength hadn’t improved at all, he would be absolutely incapable of resisting even a single attack from them!

Yang Ye remained silent for a moment, and then he suddenly stabbed his sword forward.

It was just a simple stab, and it wasn’t enhanced by any sword intent!

But everywhere it passed, space seemed like paper as Yang Ye’s sword tore straight through it.

Yang Ye had no choice but to use force to overcome their joint forces!

Because they were too strong, so no tricks or techniques would work!

So, he chose to overcome them by force!

Yang Ye’s sword shook violently upon stabbing against the fist, and then it only took an instant for the fist to shatter into bits of energy that shot towards the surroundings.

As for Yang Ye himself, he was pushed over 300m away again, and he hadn’t even stopped himself when another fist had appeared before him.

They weren’t allowing him to catch his breath at all!

Yang Ye’s face remained silent.

He twisted his wrist slightly and stabbed his sword forward with its blade flat.


An explosion resounded.

The fist before Yang Ye shattered, and Yang Ye was pushed 300m back once more.

Just as before, another fist appeared before him when he’d just stopped himself.

Just like that, Yang Ye forcefully destroyed their joint attacks!

However, when he destroyed the fifth fist, a thread of blood seeped out from the corner of Yang Ye’s mouth.

Even though he’d overcome their joint forces, he’d been injured by the force of the collisions.

But Yang Shun and the others had extremely solemn expressions on their faces!

Because Yang Ye had crushed their joint attacks on his own.

All on his own!

Without relying on any external forces!

They wouldn’t reveal solemn expressions if Yang Ye had relied on external forces.

Because all of that wasn’t truly a part of Yang Ye’s strength.

But Yang Ye hadn’t! Up until this point in the battle, he’d been only relying on himself!

A monstrous genius!

A truly monstrous genius!

Yang Shun gazed at Yang Ye for a long time.

At this moment, there was regret in their hearts! True regret! Absolute regret!

They regretted allowing Yang Ye to become irreconcilable enemies with the Yang Clan!

Yang Shun wasn’t the only one, the other four old men felt the same way!

Previously, even though Yang Ye’s accomplishments had surprised them and made them feel pity, they hadn’t felt extreme regret.

Because Yang Ye had relied on external forces to accomplish all of that.

So, strictly speaking, he was only strong on the outside!

Yet now, Yang Ye hadn’t relied on any external forces.

He was fighting all five of them without falling into a disadvantaged state while relying only on himself!

A true monstrous genius!

If there was no conflict between Yang Ye and the Yang Clan…. Yang Shun suddenly shook his head and said, “I suddenly realized that it’s impossible for there to be no conflict between you and the Yang Clan.

Those fellows in the clan have grudges against your father, so they will never allow you to grow in the clan.

The clan will definitely split apart if we make you stay!”

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth and said, “What you just said doesn’t make a **ing difference.

In a few years from now, either the Yang Clan or I will vanish from this world.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye attacked.

Yang Shun’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly shouted, “Watch out!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ling’s expression changed drastically as well.

He vanished on the spot, and he was over 1km away when he appeared again.

As soon as his figure appeared there, his ear and a third of his face just fell off his body.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

As soon as he stopped there, his eyes had opened wide as well, “I’m finished!”

At the same time that he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly appeared before him, and Yang Ye’s sword was pressed against the center of Yang Ling’s forehead.

Yang Ye turned to look at Yang Shun’s group, “If one attack isn’t sufficient to instantly kill a True Realm expert, then two!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye slowly pushed his sword into Yang Ling’s head, and blood started spraying like a fountain!



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