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Yang Ye’s sword was moving very slowly.

Obviously, he was doing it intentionally.

Yang Ling wanted to resist, but he didn’t have the ability to! Because Yang Ye’s sword could speed up at any moment!

Just like that, Yang Ling watched as Yang Ye’s sword pierced through his head.

Once it pierced fully through Yang Ling’s head, Yang Ye suddenly made a horizontal swing.


Yang Ling’s head flew up into the air while accompanied by a pillar of blood.

After that, Yang Ye consumed another Energy Pearl and gazed at Yang Shun’s group.

He didn’t attack again because his profound energy hadn’t fully recovered.

So, at this moment, the longer he could delay, the better.

Yang Shun and the others stared at Yang Ye.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to save Yang Ling just now, they weren’t able to.

At the moment Yang Ye’s sword was pressed against Yang Ling’s forehead, it could be said that Yang Ling was dead.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Where’s Yang Xiao Why isn’t he here”

Yang Shun replied, “Looks like you’re very confident.”

Yang Ye grinned, “Not really.

I just want to fight him.”

Fight Yang Xiao!

Yang Xiao was one of the top experts in their clan!

Yet now, Yang Ye spoke about fighting Yang Xiao!

Was it conceit or confidence

Even though Yang Ye had said that to buy time, it was something he truly meant.

He really did want to fight Yang Xiao! Even though Yang Shun and the others weren’t weak, they wouldn’t fight him in single combat.

Yang Shun was about to speak when one of the old men spoke abruptly, “He’s buying time!”

Yang Shun’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He sized up Yang Ye and said, “Those two attacks exhausted all your profound energy, right”

Yang Ye grinned, “Why don’t you find out for yourself”

Yang Shun nodded, “Of course I will!”

He suddenly took a step forward, and then he stretched out his right hand and flipped it upwards.


In an instant, the space beneath Yang Ye’s face rose up.

Space rose up like a torrent from below his feet and seemed to intend to envelop him.

Yang Shun had overturned space with a flip of his palm!

Yang Ye’s expression remained calm.

He fell silent for a moment, and then he stomped his right foot down.


The force of it instantly shattered the space beneath his foot, and then the black hole beneath him started to spin.

A wave of powerful mincing force enveloped Yang Ye and intended to mince him into bits!

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw it, and then he shook his head.

Using dark energy to kill me

Even True Realm experts can’t do that!

Yang Ye took a step forward, and then the black hole instantly fell silent before a ray of light flashed out from it.

Yang Shun’s expression changed slightly when he saw the ray of light.

He unfurled his fist and stretched it forward.

At the same time, a sword struck the center of his palm.


The sword stabbed in slightly and blood seeped out.

However, it was merely able to go in slightly, and then it couldn’t move even a little further!

At this moment, Yang Ye felt like his sword had stabbed against metal!

“Back!” Yang Shun’s voice resounded as he shook his palm.


Yang Ye was pushed over 300m backwards.

Yang Shun didn’t launch another attack.

He gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “That little girl, Yang Lianshuang, was similarly pushed 300m back when I used that attack on her.”

Yang Lianshuang! Yang Ye glanced at Yang Shun, “Your strength is much stronger than I expected.

You’re no ordinary True Realm expert!”

Yang Shun spoke indifferently, “The True Realm is divided into six stages.

Yang Ling and the others are at the 2nd stage, and I’m at the 3rd stage!”

Six stages! Yang Ye frowned slightly.

He hadn’t expected the True Realm to be divided into six stages! However, it made sense because there were many things in this world which one may not be aware of without sufficient strength.

“Yang Ye!” Meanwhile, Yang Shun suddenly spoke, “I’ll give you another chance.

So long as you hand over two strands of your soul, I guarantee that the Yang Clan won’t act against you.

It’s your only chance to live! Don’t even think about resisting the Yang Clan.

Even if your father is alive, it’s impossible for him to fight the Yang Clan on his own!”

Two strands of his soul!

Yang Ye chuckled.

Would he hand it over

Of course he wouldn’t!

Handing over two strands of his soul was equivalent to placing his fate in another’s hands.

At that time, the Yang Clan would be able to decide his fate! So, he had to be an idiot to hand it over to the Yang Clan! Moreover, as a man, he would rather die standing than choose to kneel!

This time, Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath, and his figure just vanished on the spot.

He was in front of Yang Shun when he appeared again, and his sword shot straight towards Yang Shun’s forehead!

Even though Yang Ye was very swift, an expert at Yang Shun’s level could see his movements clearly.

So, his sword hadn’t even arrived before Yang Shun’s forehead when Yang Shun raised his palm to block Yang Ye’s attack!

Yang Shun hadn’t executed any techniques, and he’d just simply raised his palm.

But it was exactly such an ordinary move that had stopped Yang Ye’s sword!

Suddenly, Yang Ye released his sword and slapped its hilt!


The sword stabbed into Yang Shun’s palm.

The latter reacted quickly and instantly grabbed the sword’s blade with his other hand.

However, Yang Ye suddenly grabbed the sword’s hilt and twisted it.

Yang Shun immediately released the sword when he saw Yang Ye twisting it, but he was still a little too late.


A part of Yang Shun’s hand flew up into the air.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye intended to follow up with another attack, but Yang Shun’s figure had appeared 300m away.

Yang Shun glanced at his severed palm, fell silent for a moment, and then looked up at Yang Ye, “I never expected your comprehension of the True Realm to be at such a level.

It’s truly….”

His voice stopped abruptly at this point because a sword glimmered coldly as it arrived just half an inch away from his forehead!

It was swift!

Absolutely swift!

Yang Shun’s pupils constricted slightly.

This attack felt extremely dangerous to him!

He wasn’t able to launch a counterattack in time.

He relied on his instinct and reflexes to move his head slightly to the side, causing Yang Ye’s sword to stab right past his nose!

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s sword stopped, and then it swept horizontally.

Even space was sliced open before it!

Yang Shun had been able to react fully this time, and he raised his palm to stop Yang Ye’s sword.


A muffled explosion resounded, and Yang Shun was pushed over 300m back.

As for Yang Ye himself, he was pushed backwards repeatedly.

But he suddenly stomped his right foot down when he’d just been pushed over 60m back, and then a ray of cold light appeared three inches away from Yang Shun’s forehead!

Yang Shun’s expression changed once more.

Yang Ye’s rhythm in battle was too quick, and it was so quick that he couldn’t deal with it!

Right when Yang Ye’s sword was just half an inch away from Yang Shun’s forehead, the latter suddenly used his hands to clamp down on Yang Ye’s swords.

However, his face immediately changed again because the sword between his palms started to spin.

He knew how strong Yang Ye was, so he hurriedly released Yang Ye’s sword.

But at the instant he did that, Yang Ye’s sword stabbed forward like a bolt of lightning towards his throat.

It caused Yang Shun’s scalp to go numb!

It was so swift that it was even a little too much for him!

However, he wasn’t an ordinary True Realm expert, so it didn’t take long for him to regain his composure.

This time, he didn’t use his palms again, and a pitch black cane appeared before him.

When Yang Ye’s sword stabbed against the cane, both sword and cane trembled violently, and the powerful force from the collision pushed both Yang Ye and Yang Shun backwards repeatedly.

Yang Shun was pushed over 300m back while Yang Ye was merely pushed around 50m back!

The reason he’d been pushed back a shorter distance was mainly because he’d used the Spatial Laws.

He’d used the Spatial Laws to slow himself as he moved backwards, and it dispersed most of the force that was acting upon him.

After all, he could merge into one with space!

He couldn’t be considered to have invented this move as it was Zi’er who told him about it.

In the beginning, he didn’t think it was very useful, but it was actually absolutely useful.

As soon as he stopped himself, Yang Ye attacked again.

Meanwhile, Yang Shun still hadn’t stopped himself from moving further backwards when a ray of cold light appeared before his forehead!

Again! Yang Shun was shocked and hurriedly acted.

After that, Yang Shun, a 3rd stage True Realm expert was actually completely suppressed in battle by Yang Ye, a Zenith Realm expert!

He was truly suppressed!

Because Yang Ye was too swift, and he was too physically strong as well.

So, Yang Shun was instantly suppressed.

Yang Shun didn’t execute any formidable techniques.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it was that he didn’t dare to!

Because Yang Ye was too swift!

It took time for him to execute a technique, and Yang Ye was entirely capable of stabbing through his head before he could finish executing a technique!

So, he didn’t dare to execute any techniques!

He felt quite regretful in his heart.

He regretted fighting Yang Ye in close quarters.

However, it couldn’t be helped.

Because Yang Ye could just suddenly appear in front of behind him before he could even react!

He had no choice but to engage Yang Ye in close quarters!

Around 15 minutes later, Yang Shun suddenly said, “Join the fight!”

The other four old men who were watching the battle were stunned when they heard Yang Shun, and then they simultaneously vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Ganging up on me”

A moment later, the sword in Yang Ye’s grasp suddenly changed into the wooden sword!

The wooden sword!

Yang Ye swung his sword!

Yang Shun was at the front of the group, and his expression changed drastically.

Just as before, he pressed his palms together to clamp down on Yang Ye’s sword.

As expected, he successfully clamped Yang Ye’s sword between his palms.


However, just an instant later, a pair of palms flew up into the air!

The other old men immediately stopped when they witnessed this scene, and they gazed at Yang Ye’s wooden sword with astonishment.

It was especially so for Yang Shun.

His eyes were filled with astonishment.

A moment of silence ensued, and then Yang Shun’s expression became extremely unsightly, “Yang Ye! You’re shameless! You’re actually relying on external sources of strength!”

Yang Ye felt absolutely speechless.


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