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Chapter 1773 – The Ying Clan’s Successor, Ying Qingdie!

Needless to say, Yang Ye felt a chill run down his spine while the Yang Clan’s founding ancestor stared at him like that.

It was because the gaze the old man shot at him before vanishing was truly too strange.

Yang Ye’s intuition told him that the old man seemed to recognize him.

However, how could the old man recognize him

“Yang Ye!” Suddenly, Ying Qing spoke ferociously, “Do you have other tricks left”

Even though the Yang Clan had been forced to summon its ancestor and had killed 30 of them, it wasn’t that painful if it was spread amongst the five clans.

Yet now, the Yang Clan should be out of trump cards.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Ying Qing.

He gazed at Yang Lianshuang, and the latter nodded slightly, “They’ve all evacuated! Let’s go!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he turned to look at Ying Qing, “Let’s play again next time! Bye!”

His figure vanished on the spot while Yang Lianshuang transformed into a ray of black light that vanished as well.

They didn’t flee together and had split up.

It was because the target on their backs would be too huge if they fled together.

But if they fled separately, they could split up the forces of the enemy.

Each of them would have to face around 20 True Realm experts, and that wasn’t very difficult for Yang Ye or Yang Lianshuang.

But if they had to face 40 True Realm experts together, it would be very difficult!

Everyone here was stunned when they saw Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang flee. Are they abandoning Heaven Void Continent

It only took a moment for them to scan the continent with their divine sense, and then their expressions instantly turned extremely unsightly.

The entire continent was empty.

They’d fled!

All of the experts here had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces.

Their goal wasn’t just to obtain the worlds which belonged to the Yang Clan, they wanted to annihilate the Yang Clan.

Because that was the only way to put an end to all future troubles!

Yet now, the Yang Clan had actually abandoned Heaven Void Continent and fled!

They’d fled!

Ying Qing took a deep breath and looked towards the distance, “Chase them! Chase after Yang Ye!”

Lu Yuntian asked, “Then what about Yang Lianshuang”

Ying Qing shook his head, “Ignore her and just chase after Yang Ye!”

He vanished into space once he finished speaking.

He naturally understood what Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang were planning.

If they split their forces, it was very likely for Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang to be able to kill some of their forces instead.

So, they couldn’t split up.

Only by gathering their strength did they have the chance to kill Yang Ye or Yang Lianshuang.

So, he’d chosen Yang Ye as their target!

As for the reason, it was naturally because of what Yang Ye had done at Heaven Desolation Continent!

Just like that, around 40 True Realm experts chased after Yang Ye.

Once everyone left, Ying Yu and Yang Xiu appeared in the sky above the continent.

Ying Yu said, “I didn’t expect your patriarch to be that decisive and abandon both Heaven Void Continent and all the other worlds that belong to the Yang Clan!”

Yang Xiu nodded slightly, “Even I didn’t expect that.

But it’s needless to say that she’s much more capable than that fellow, Yang Xiao.”

Ying Yu nodded, “Indeed.

After she became the patriarch, she hasn’t just been able to make the Yang Clan more united, she even drew over someone like Yang Ye.

The heavens are really good to your Yang Clan!”

It wasn’t that he hadn’t wanted to stop Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang just now, he couldn’t.

Because Yang Xiu wouldn’t allow him to do that.

Once Yang Xiu acted against him, he would have no choice but to become locked in battle.

After all, battles between experts of their levels couldn’t be decided in just a day or two.

So, he didn’t do anything as it was meaningless!

Yang Xiu smiled, “It doesn’t matter no matter how good the heavens are to my Yang Clan! It’s because all of you won’t allow those two little fellows to grow.”

“Try putting yourself in our shoes!” Ying Yu continued, “If two geniuses like them appeared in my Ying Clan, the other clans will join forces against my clan as well.


“True!” Yang Xiu chuckled, “Alright, Brother Ying Yu, since it has already come to this, let’s just stop wasting our breath.

Let’s meet again if we have the chance!”

His figure shook and vanished on the spot.

Ying Yu looked towards the direction Yang Ye had gone in.

He wanted to chase after Yang Ye, but he was very well aware that so long as he tried to do that, Yang Xiu would definitely stop him.

Similarly, if Yang Xiu went to save Yang Ye, he would stop Yang Xiu as well.

They were restraining each other!

It didn’t take long for the news to spread through the medium universe.

One of the eight clans, the Yang Clan, had vanished from the world.

Now, there were only seven great clans in the medium universe!

However, everyone knew that Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang were alive!

So, many felt that the Yang Clan still had hope.

Of course, the precondition was that the Ying Clan and the other clans didn’t hunt down and kill them.

Would the Ying Clan and those other clans give up on hunting Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang

It was obviously impossible!

It could be said that if they couldn’t kill Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang now, then once a few years pass, they would have to tremble before Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang!

So, even though they seemed to have won the battle, so long as Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang remained alive, then they wouldn’t even be able to sleep in peace!

At an unnamed expanse of space, a ray of light flashed swiftly.

Space was instantly torn open in its wake, clearly showing how swift it was.

It was naturally Yang Ye.

Presently, he’d raised his speed to its limits!

At this moment, Yang Ye was absolutely unhappy.

He’d suggested that they split apart to disperse the forces of the Ying Clan and those other clans.

In that way, they could fight while running, and they would be entirely capable of killing a few True Realm experts.

But he hadn’t expected them to actually disregard Yang Lianshuang and pursue him!

When he found out that 40 True Realm experts were chasing after him, he felt like cursing the entire world!


Run with all his might!

That was what he had to do right now.

After all, once they caught up to him, he would definitely suffer miserably! While he was very confident, he wasn’t confident enough to fight 40 True Realm experts on his own.

However, Ying Qing and the others clearly refused to let him go, and they followed closely behind like cancer.

Ying Qing and the others were 5th stage True Realm experts, so while they were slightly slower than Yang Ye, they weren’t much slower.

So, Yang Ye couldn’t get rid of them at all.

He could instantly leave them behind if he used Split Second to flee.

But what would he do after that

It wasn’t a problem to use Split Second once or twice, but if he used it more, he would be exhausted before they could even catch up.

So, he had a problem!

What to do

Yang Ye was really annoyed.

Because he didn’t have any way out of this situation.

Ying Qing and the others clearly intended to pursue him to the ends of the world! Moreover, he couldn’t hold on for long because he’d used the Wargod’s arm in battle earlier.

While he’d sealed it again, its energy had caused him to feel exhausted.

So, if this continued, it was only a matter of time before they caught up!


Around 15 minutes later, a wave of terrifying aura appeared in space, and then Qiong Qi appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Qiong Qi said, “Get on!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he sat on Qiong Qi’s back.

The latter flapped his wings and transformed into a ray of black light that vanished into the boundless depths of space.

Ying Qing and the others didn’t stop chasing Yang Ye!

Lu Yuntian spoke in a low voice as he traveled by Ying Qing’s side, ‘That demon beast is fast!”

“We have to chase them no matter what!” Ying Qing spoke fiercely, “Everyone, order all your clans to dispatch all your experts.

Besides that, issue a bounty in the medium universe.

Anyone who kills Yang Ye or helps us kill Yang Ye, we’ll give them twenty small worlds and five medium worlds! Besides that, we’ll reward them with ten True Rank treasures, and ten True Rank cultivation techniques.

Furthermore, our clans will fulfil one request for that person!”

All of them were shocked, and Lu Yuntian asked, “Isn’t that too much”

Twenty small worlds wasn’t a big deal, but the True Rank treasures and five medium worlds hurt quite a bit.

Ying Qing glanced at them and said, “If he remains alive, then we’ll have to pay an even larger price!”

Lu Yuntian and the others hesitated when they heard this.

Because Ying Qing was right.

If Yang Ye didn’t die, they would definitely have to pay an even more painful price!

Just like that, they dispatched even more experts to pursue Yang Ye.

Besides that, some others participated as well.

The rewards promised by the five clans was extremely enticing, so while they knew it was extremely difficult to kill Yang Ye, many of them still participated.

After all, they could join forces with the experts of the five clans if they participated now.

If they were made to kill Yang Ye on their own, they wouldn’t do it even if the rewards were multiplied by ten!

But it wasn’t the same now.

Now, there were many experts who’d joined forces to hunt and kill Yang Ye!

There was strength in numbers, and there was courage in numbers too!

At this moment, Yang Ye wasn’t the only one who was annoyed, Qiong Qi was annoyed too.

Because more and more were hunting them down.

Most importantly, the information networks of all five clans were being used to pursue them while Ying Qing’s group chased after them without letting up at all.

So, they had no time to rest.

They couldn’t fight.

At the very least, they couldn’t fight now.

Because one they tried to fight, the others would gang up on them!

Qiong Qi suddenly said, “Kid, hurry up and think of a way out of this.

Even I’ll be tired to death if this continues!”

A way out of this! Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, “I’ve got it!”

He withdrew a scroll while he spoke.

It was the teleportation scroll which the mysterious woman from the Secret Sect had given to him.

Presently, he had nowhere else to go in the medium universe, so he could only go to the Secret Sect!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to crush the scroll, and then a ray of blue light instantly enveloped both Yang Ye and Qiong Qi.

An instant later, they vanished on the spot.

Two breaths of time later, Ying Qing’s group appeared where they vanished.

Ying Qing closed his eyes slightly.

In an instant, the space in the surroundings started rippling slightly.

A short while passed before he opened his eyes again, “He fled with a teleportation scroll.

There’s a trace of its aura left in space.

Come with me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he entered into the space before him.

At an unknown mountainside, Yang Ye had just opened his eyes when a young man appeared before him.

The young man said, “Announce yourself!”

Yang Ye blinked and spoke angrily, “I’m the Ying Clan’s successor, Ying Qingdie! I’m here today to crush the Secret Sect! Come and receive death! If you dare to object, I’ll obliterate all of you in an instant!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he stomped his right foot down.

In an instant, the surroundings started to collapse and crack open!

However, he’d vanished instead.

Two breaths of time later, Ying Qing and the others appeared where Yang Ye had been standing.


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