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Chapter 1774 – The Secret Sect!

The young man was quite stunned when Yang Ye made the surrounding mountains collapse, and his expression changed when he saw Ying Qing’s group.

40 True Realm experts!

Such a force was extremely terrifying!

Ying Qing was just about to speak when the young man suddenly crushed a transmission talisman.

In an instant, the sky shook violently.

Ying Qing and the others were quite stunned. What’s he doing

Suddenly, they frowned because the sky started to tremble once more, and then over a dozen figures appeared here.

All of them were True Realm experts!

The group was led by a black robed old man, and the old man was a 5th stage True Realm expert! Besides that, all the others behind him were 4th stage True Realm experts! Moreover, their auras were exceptionally powerful!

Ying Qing and the others’ faces fell when they saw this group of people.

As for the black robed old man’s group, their faces similarly fell upon catching sight of Ying Qing’s group.

Obviously, they hadn’t expected so many experts to appear here.

The atmosphere here instantly became tense!

The black robed old man gazed at the young man, “What’s going on”

The young man moved over to the black robed old man’s side and said, “Elder Su, someone suddenly appeared here just now.

He said he’s a member of the Ying Clan, and he’s here to crush our Secret Sect.

Besides that, he asked us to come and receive death from him, and he’ll instantly obliterate us if we dare to object!”

The black robed old man and the others’ faces turned gloomy when they heard this.

Meanwhile, Ying Qing and the others’ faces turned gloomy too.

Yang Ye had led them into a trap!

Ying Qing was about to speak when the black robed old man suddenly gazed at Ying Qing and said, “May I know which of the eight clans do all of you represent.

Or perhaps all eight clans are here”

Ying Qing replied, “I’m the Ying Clan’s patriarch, Ying Qing.

These are the patriarchs of the Li Clan, Qin Clan, Wang Clan, and Lu Clan.

We’re not here to attack the Secret Sect, and we’re merely here to hunt and kill that man who this young brother met just now!”

As the patriarch of the Ying Clan, Ying Qing naturally knew a little about the Secret Sect.

It was a comparatively mysterious sect.

Of course, the Ying Clan didn’t fear it, but he wasn’t foolish enough to intentionally become enemies with the Secret Sect.

Because that was exactly what Yang Ye wanted, and it didn’t benefit the Ying Clan at all!

The black robed old man and the others’ faces eased up slightly when they heard Ying Qing.

Even though the Secret Sect was strong, it didn’t want to become enemies with so many clans.

Similarly, it didn’t benefit them at all!

Meanwhile, Ying Qing said, “Everyone, we’re only here to find Yang Ye, and Yang Ye has snuck into your Secret Sect.

So, please allow us to enter and search for him.

We’ll leave once we find him!”

“No!” The black robed old man suddenly said, “The Secret Sect doesn’t welcome outsiders.

So, you can’t enter.”

Ying Qing and the others’ faces instantly became quite unsightly.

Ying Qing said, “What if we insist”

This time, he wanted to uncover the veil over the Secret Sect and see its true strength!

The black robed old man spoke coldly in response, “Why don’t you try”

Ying Qing was about to speak when the black robed old man suddenly waved his right hand.

In an instant, the ground shook violently, and then a huge circle of light appeared beneath everyone.

A formation!

It was clearly extremely powerful, and it covered a huge area.

At the same time, numerous powerful auras suddenly appeared within the boundless mountain range, and then three old men appeared by the black robed old man’s side.

All of them were at the True Realm, and they were even 5th stage True Realm experts!

Four 5th stage True Realm experts!

Needless to say, the experts from the five clans were shocked upon witnessing such a force.

Even though 5th stage True Realm experts weren’t as rare as 6th stage True Realm experts, they were extremely rare in the medium universe.

But the Secret Sect actually had four of them!

The Secret Sect’s strength shocked them!

However, the Ying Clan and the others clearly couldn’t back down right now.

If they did, the entire medium universe would say that they were afraid of the Secret Sect.

They couldn’t afford to lose face like that!

Ying Qing looked the black robed old man in the eyes and said, “Does the Secret Sect intend to fight our clans”

The black robed old man spoke indifferently, “My Secret Sect doesn’t interfere in the affairs of the outside world.

However, not anyone can just try to bully us.

Everyone, my Secret Sect doesn’t want to interfere in your business with that fellow you spoke of, Yang Ye.

Deal with your own business on your own!”

Ying Qing spoke solemnly, “But he’s in your Secret Sect!”

The black robed old man frowned.

He gazed at the young man, “How did he get here”

The young man thought for a moment and replied, “Teleportation.

It was our teleportation scroll!”

The old man’s frown deepened.

He gazed at an old man in a luxurious robe, “Have we recruited anyone lately”

The old man shook his head in response, “No.

I heard about him, and I intended to test him.

However, I haven’t gone yet.

So, how could he possibly possess a teleportation scroll from our Secret Sect”

The old man frowned, “Then how did he get here”

Ying Qing suddenly said, “Everyone, Yang Ye is our sole target.

So long as we find him, we’ll leave immediately.

Or perhaps the Secret Sect can drive him out, and then we’ll deal with it ourselves outside the Secret Sect!”

As far as he was concerned, the most important matter at hand was to deal with Yang Ye.

If conflict arose between them and the Secret Sect, then it would become even more troublesome for them.

So, he wasn’t being very aggressive.

The black robed old man fell silent.

He similarly didn’t want conflict to arise between them!

A short while passed before he flew up into the air, and he said, “Yang Ye, no matter how you entered my Secret Sect, you’re not welcome here.

So, please leave!”

Leave Yang Ye shook his head while he hid in the shadows.

He would never leave.

Even though that was quite shameless, he had no other choice.

Because going out there was no different than accepting death!

The old man’s face turned gloomy when he received no response.

Meanwhile, Ying Qing suddenly said, “That won’t work on him.

He’s shameless and extremely crafty.

We have to use force to flush him out!”

The old man glanced at Ying Qing, and then he glanced at the surroundings.

In an instant, everything in a huge area appeared within his divine sense.

However, he didn’t notice Yang Ye.

Ying Qing said, “Don’t waste your energy.

His skill in concealment is something even 6th stage True Realm experts would find difficult to see through.

The only way to force him to show himself is to search every corner of your Secret Sect!”

The black robed old man suddenly looked at Ying Qing, “I have a question.

What realm of cultivation is he in”

“The True Realm!” Ying Qing spoke in a low voice.

He knew Yang Ye was at the True Realm because Ying Yu told him.

The old man asked, “Which stage”

Ying Qing replied, “The 1st stage!”

The black robed old man was astounded, “40 True Realm experts were pursuing a 1st stage True Realm cultivator, and you actually let him get away”

The others behind the black robed old man gazed at Ying Qing’s group with strange gazes as well.

Ying Qing and the others’ faces instantly became unsightly when they heard this.

It was an extremely embarrassing fact!

Meanwhile, Lu Yuntian said, “We have to admit that using such a force to hunt him down is quite embarrassing.

However, you won’t think the same way if you know how terrifying he is!”

“Is that so” The black robed old man’s tone was very indifferent.

Obviously, he felt that Lu Yuntian was making up excuses.

He’d seen many geniuses, but he’d never seen a genius capable of fighting dozens at once.

How monstrous is that fellow, Yang Ye

Meanwhile, Ying Qing shook his head, “Let’s not waste more time.

Our objective is very clear.

Either allow us to go inside the Secret Sect and search for him or drive him out for us and we’ll deal with him ourselves.

I think that even your Secret Sect doesn’t want to become enemies with us for someone who isn’t even linked to your Secret Sect, right”

The Secret Sect would naturally not become enemies with the Ying Clan’s coalition for Yang Ye’s sake.

Moreover, Yang Ye had entered the Secret Sect without permission, and that was against the Secret Sect’s rules.

The black robed old man glanced at the surroundings and said, “Notify the Secret Guard to find him.”

It didn’t take long for all the experts behind him to leave, and then countless powerful auras appeared throughout the boundless mountain range.

They were searching every inch of the area!

Ying Qing and the others exchanged glances but didn’t say anything.

Since the Secret Sect had made its stand clear, they naturally wouldn’t be pushy.

Moreover, the Secret Sect clearly didn’t want Yang Ye in their territory.

So, all they had to do was wait until Yang Ye appeared!

The black robed old man glanced at Ying Qing’s group and said, “I’m quite curious.

What did Yang Ye do to make all of you send such a force to pursue and kill him”

What did Yang Ye do!

Ying Qing and the others didn’t answer the old man.

Could they say that Yang Ye had gone to the Ying Clan on his own, and then destroyed the Ying Clan’s main city

That was an embarrassment for the Ying Clan, and Ying Qing didn’t want to mention it again.

The black robed old man didn’t ask again when he received no reply.

He just gazed at the old man in a luxurious robe, “Go investigate.”

The old man nodded slightly and vanished on the spot!

In the boundless mountain range, Yang Ye hid himself in a natural cave.

During this period, many divine senses had swept by, but they didn’t notice him.

A cold smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “I lose if you can find me!”

“Stop hiding! I know you’re in there!” Suddenly, a voice resounded within the cave.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.


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