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Chapter 1839 – Even If I Fall Into The Path Of Devils!


Deafening explosions resounded through space.

The explosions continued for almost an hour before they finally stopped.

Around another hour later, the blood here gradually dispersed, and the surroundings slowly returned to normal.

Only a single person was left here.

It was the Night Emperor.

However, his face was quite unsightly right now.


Suddenly, the Night Emperor coughed, and then a wisp of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

A while later, he slowly stretched out his right hand.

There was a thumb-sized pearl of blood in his right hand, “A Quintessence Blood Pearl….”

After that, he looked up at the sky, “Yang Ye, you better hope youre always so lucky.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward, and then he vanished on the spot.

Sometime later, Yang Ye regained consciousness.

He was in a pitch black cave, and there was only a single person by his side—Blind Maiden.

She was sitting silently on a round rock by his side.

Blind Maiden suddenly said, “Youre awake.”

Yang Ye shook his head with force and gazed at her, “Wheres Second Sister”

Blind Maiden fell silent.

Yang Ye didnt say another word.

He stood up and started walking towards the outside.

Meanwhile, Blind Maiden suddenly said, “Are you going to give your life away”

Yang Ye stopped.

She walked over to him, “Youre no match for that fellow right now.

Its pointless even if you use all your trump cards.”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly.

Even though it hurt, her words were the truth.

A long time passed before Yang Ye said, “The strongest experts in the medium universe are at the 6th stage of the True Realm, and that fellow, the Night Emperor, was at the 6th stage of the True Realm as well.

So, why is his strength so much stronger than theirs”

Blind Maiden replied, “Because the 6th stage of the True Realm isnt the limit of a human.

Once some attain the 6th stage of the True Realm, theyll continue advancing past their limits.

However, they dont attain a breakthrough in their cultivation.

Because of the restrictions imposed on them, if they dont get any fortuitous encounters, its almost impossible for them to attain the Enlightened Realm here!”

Yang Ye gazed at her and waited for her to continue.

Blind Maiden continued, “They will ceaselessly improve themselves through every other means except an advancement in cultivation.

For example, their control of space, their control of energy, their control of the Laws, their control of their cultivations, their control of the five elements, and so on and so forth.”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “The reason the ancient cultivators are much stronger than ordinary 6th stage True Realm experts is because their control of various sources of strength far surpass ordinary 6th stage True Realm experts.

So, while their realms of cultivation are similar, their attainments are not.”

A similar realm of cultivation but varying attainments!

Yang Ye fell silent.

Simply speaking, they were all 6th stage True Realm experts, but the difference in their strength was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

Blind Maiden added, “Actually, that fellow shouldnt be called a 6th stage True Realm expert, he should be called a Quasi Enlightened Realm expert!”

Yang Ye frowned, “The Quasi Enlightened Realm”

Blind Maiden nodded slightly, “So, while he isnt at the Enlightened Realm, his strength is capable of rivaling Enlightened Realm experts.

As for you, youre only at the 2nd stage of the True Realm, so the gap between you two isnt small.

Even if you possess all sorts of divine treasures, you still wont be able to kill him.”

Blind Maiden sat back up on the rock and continued, “Remember what Second Sister told you”

Yang Ye nodded.

Live on!”

That was what Blood Maiden had said to him.

Blind Maiden added, “I know your character.

Asking you to give up on revenge is clearly impossible.

However, you must promise me that you must be confident in your chances before trying to take revenge.

You cant just give your life away.


Yang Ye walked over to her and said, “Im sorry.” Blood Maiden wouldnt have died if it wasnt for him.

Blind Maiden looked up at Yang Ye, “I told her that I would stay behind, but Im sure you saw how she reacted to that.

Regardless of whether it was her or I who stayed behind, we would never regret our choice.

You just have to live on.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she stood up and walked to the exit.

She stopped at the exit and said, “Rest for now, and then well converge with Lianshuang and the others.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she didnt stay a moment later and walked out of the cave.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged in the cave.

At this moment, he could sense the Primordial Pagoda, so he entered it.

As soon as he did, Qiong Qi and Hou Qing appeared before him.

Yang Ye asked, “Why did the Primordial Pagoda act like that earlier”

Qiong Qi replied, “Its still weak, so it can only prevent itself from being detected by people who arent that strong.

As for that fellow, the Night Emperor, his strength is at the limits of this world.

This strength Im speaking of is strength in every aspect.

So, we, and it, dare not show ourselves.

Because once they find out that you have such a precious treasure, youll be in big trouble.”

Yang Ye nodded.

He naturally understood what Qiong Qi meant.

Once the Primordial Pagodas existence was exposed, then he wouldnt be facing just a single Quasi Enlightened Realm expert.

Meanwhile, Hou Qing suddenly asked, “Kid, do you know how weak you are now”

Yang Ye gazed at Hou Qing, and the latter said, “Kid, this world is much larger than youve ever imagined.

Were much older than you, so weve seen more than you as well.

If Im to be blunt, your current strength is really weak.

If our main bodies were here, killing you wouldnt even take three moves!”

Yang Ye asked, “Senior Hou Qing, what are you trying to say”

Hou Qing replied, “Dont cause so much trouble and improve your strength.”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Hou Qing said, “Kid, Im not joking.

The people youve met have mostly been relying on their own strength, and very few have relied on external sources of strength.

Once you get to the large universe, youll realize how terrifying those formidable divine treasures are.

That wooden sword of yours is a divine treasure too.

Do you know how terrifying it is when its not sealed”

Yang Ye glanced at the wooden sword and replied, “Do tell!”

Hou Qing said, “It can converge the stellar energy throughout the universe, combine the souls of all things, and obliterate a universe with a single attack.

Of course, it has to be in the hands of someone powerful as well.

As for you, if its in its unsealed state, then destroying an entire continent with one swing will still be possible for you!”

Qiong Qi chimed in, “Kid, youve only been in contact with low-level civilizations.

A true civilization of cultivation is extremely terrifying.

Almighty figures capable of blotting out the sky, overturning the ocean, and obliterating stars are numerous like dogs in the large universe.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “The reason Im telling you this is that you may be going up there.

So, we have to let you know in advance.

Besides that, the old man in Daoists robes hasnt officially and publicly acknowledged your status as his disciple.

So, its best if you lay low.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I dont want to pay any attention to the large universe right now.

I just want to kill that fellow, the Night Emperor.

No, I want to annihilate the entire Night Assassins organization.”

Qiong Qi said, “That fellow isnt someone you can fight right now!”

Yang Ye looked Qiong Qi in the eyes, “Im worse than a dog if I cant avenge my second sister.”

Qiong Qi said, “Then what do you want”

Yang Ye glanced at the wooden sword and replied, “To grow stronger!”

He gazed at them and continued, “Youre both from the large universe, and your main bodies strengths definitely far surpass the Night Emperor.

So, you know more than me, and you definitely know ways to make me grow stronger, right”

Qiong Qi and Hou Qing exchanged glances.

In the end, Hou Qing said, “Kid, there are two ways for you to grow stronger.

The first method is to give you extreme shaman techniques.

They stimulate a persons potential, so you can temporarily ignore the barrier between realms and attain the 6th stage of the True Realm.

However, the price is that youll stop forever at the 6th stage of the True Realm! The exception is that an expert like your master rebuilds your foundation and meridians! However, itll still leave potential problems behind!”

Yang Ye replied, “Tell me about the second method!”

Hou Qing explained, “The second method is to learn the secret techniques of my shaman race.

Learning it will require the bloodline of my shaman race.


“No!” A voice resounded abruptly, and then a flame appeared not too far away from Yang Ye.

It was the Divine Yin Flame.

Yang Ye gazed at the Divine Yin Flame, and the latter said, “Kid, youve merely learned a single cultivation technique of the shaman race right now, so it isnt that serious.

However, if you possess the shaman races bloodline, then youll be in big trouble once you go to the large world.

Once the human race finds out that you possess the shaman races bloodline, youll be pursued by countless experts from the human race! Moreover, once you possess the bloodline of the shaman race, youll be an enemy of all the three sovereigns!”

Yang Ye frowned, “Why”

The Divine Yin Flame replied, “Outsiders always have ill intent!”

Yang Yes frown deepened.

Meanwhile, Hou Qing said, “Kid, isnt absolutely correct.

However, I only know the techniques of the shaman race.

So, you decide if youre going to learn from me!”

The Divine Yin Flame was about to speak when Hou Qing suddenly gazed at him, “I know what youre trying to say.

You dont want him to become enemies with the human race.

But the people who want to kill him and have killed his loved ones are humans, not the shaman race.

Moreover, if he doesnt gain formidable strength, he may not even be able to ascend to the large universe!”

The Divine Yin Flame fell silent.

Qiong Qi spoke abruptly, “Both of them are right.

Once you learn the shaman techniques and cultivation techniques of the shaman race, itll be very hard for you to gain a place for yourself in the human race.

So, make your own choice!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “So long as I can avenge my second sister, then not to mention the techniques of the shaman race, I wont hesitate to take the path of devils!”

“Sigh!” A sigh resounded, and the Divine Yin Flame vanished on the spot.

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