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Chapter 2289 – Ignore the Outcome! Just Fight!

He was afraid!

The old man was quite afraid right now!

That little fellow before him wasn’t very strong, but that little fellow had numerous divine treasures!

Regardless of whether it was the Sword Gourd or the axe she held, they were absolutely not ordinary.

Especially the axe.

If he hadn’t reacted quickly, he would have been sliced into two.

He'd almost been sliced into two!

The old man didn’t dare to attack again.

Actually, Snowy was even more afraid than the old man.

Fight She rarely fought.

It was usually others who fought for her.

But she had no choice just now.

She had no choice but to fight herself because Sword Scroll refused to help.

But she was actually panicking!

Suddenly, Snowy looked to the right.

Yang Ye was fighting two True Dao Realm experts on his own.

Because the old man and Hanyuan Shu had left the battle, Yang Ye was in a much better situation now.

While he was still being suppressed, it was like heaven when compared to the hell from before.

Snowy blinked, glanced at the axe in her grasp, and hesitated for a moment before putting it aside.

She raised the Sword Gourd and pointed into the distance.

A ray of sword energy flashed.

The beautiful woman and middle aged man were suppressing Yang Ye in battle when their expressions changed, and then they stopped and launched an attack behind them.


Their joint forces immediately blasted the sword energy back to Snowy.

Meanwhile, Snowy pointed again, and the sword energy shot forward again.

Suddenly, the black robed old man charged at Snowy, causing the latter’s expression to change.

She hurriedly put the gourd aside and lifted up the axe.

The old man’s expression changed drastically at the sight of this, and he rapidly turned around and returned to where he’d been standing earlier.

His eyes were filled with fear as he gazed at Snowy.

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman and middle aged man had stopped too.

They didn’t dare to attack anymore because Snowy was still launching surprise attacks from the side, and the threat these attacks posed was no lesser than the threat Yang Ye posed.

It could be said that if Yang Ye didn’t use the Sword Domain, his attacks weren’t as terrifying as the gourd’s sword energy!

Yang Ye returned to Snowy’s side.

Snowy immediately started crying when she saw Yang Ye.

She threw the gourd and axe aside before hugging Yang Ye tight and crying incessantly!

Yang Ye rubbed her little head and spoke softly, “Don’t be afraid! No one can harm us!”

As he spoke, he looked up at the four True Dao Realm experts, “Snowy, fight with me.

You attack who I attack, alright”

Snowy rubbed her eyes, hesitated for a moment, and then passed the Sword Gourd to Yang Ye.

However, it refused to let Yang Ye use it.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll said, “It’s a divine treasure.

So, if it doesn’t acknowledge your strength, it won’t allow you to use it.

It’s not against you, it does the same for everyone.”

She suddenly glanced at Snowy and added, “Of course, she’s an exception!”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, “I don’t need the help of any treasures.

I can kill them on my own!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

Bang! Bang!

Two terrifying intents swept into the surroundings.

Slaughter intent and sword intent!

The four True Dao Realm experts vanished on the spot as well.

However, while they were fighting Yang Ye, they frequently shot glances at Snowy.

They were quite afraid of that white little fellow!

Because of Snowy, Yang Ye was able to turn the situation around and suppress them instead.

Sword Scroll had no intention of helping.


Along with a rumbling explosion, a figure was pushed backward repeatedly.

It was Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stomped his foot against the ground, causing it to quake while his figure stopped from the counterforce.

Meanwhile, an old man in black clothes had appeared before him while Hanyuan Shu and the beautiful woman were on his left and right respectively.

As for the middle aged man, he was keeping Snowy busy.

The middle aged man avoided going head-on against Snowy.

Because even a True Dao Realm expert had to avoid Snowy when she was using two supreme divine weapons!

The three True Dao Realm experts were getting closer and closer to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, allowed his sword to point toward the ground at an angle, and gradually turned ethereal.

The Sword Domain!

He’d activated the Sword Domain again.

Slaughter intent and sword intent suddenly swept out from him, but it didn’t take long for them to return like a receding tide and enter his sword.

At the same time, a black vortex suddenly appeared on Yang Ye’s palm.

An instant later, miserable howls suddenly resounded.

Sword Scroll frowned at the sight of this, “Vengeful spirits… Such powerful vengeful spirits!”

“Slash!” Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes.

At this moment, his eyes weren’t blood red, they were black and red.

He swung his sword horizontally in a sweeping motion.


A dark red wave of sword energy rippled forth.

The sword energy didn’t just carry slaughter intent and sword intent, there was monstrous resentment within it too.

Moreover, there were countless fine specks of black in the sword energy.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that they were vengeful spirits!

This was the strongest attack Yang Ye could execute while in a normal state!

As for an abnormal state, it naturally represented going to extremes like intent ignition!

At the instant Yang Ye executed this attack, the expressions of the three True Dao Realm experts here had changed.


With Yang Ye at the center, the space in a huge area around them suddenly had black circles appearing within them.

Space was an expanse of death in the black circles, and there was no matter there.

Meanwhile, they were outside the black circles.

All three of them were in various different conditions.

The beautiful woman’s right arm had been severed and blood was spraying like a fountain from her shoulder.

Han Yuanshu was in a worse state.

There was a dark red injury at his stomach, and it had almost sliced him into two.

But he wasn’t dead because there were rays of golden light around him, and those rays of golden light were keeping his body intact and preventing it from collapsing in an instant.

As for the old man in black clothes, he was in a much worse state.

He’d been injured by Snowy earlier, so when Yang Ye launched this attack, it had obliterated his body.

Now, only his soul remained!

As for Yang Ye, he was in a terrible state too!

While he’d been able to launch such a powerful attack, he’d forcefully resisted their joint attack at that critical moment.

Their full strength had cracked open his body, truly cracked it open.

At this moment, Yang Ye was like a porcelain pot that had been struck.

While he hadn’t shattered, his body was covered in cracks.

Not just outside, even his bones and meridians were severely injured.

If it wasn’t for the Primordial Pagoda using itself to protect his body, just their joint attack would have destroyed his body and maybe even his soul!

Both sides were severely injured!

The surroundings remained extremely quiet for some time.

It had gone completely quiet!

The three of them had eyes filled with disbelief.

They were True Dao Realm experts, yet their joint forces had resulted in such an outcome! They could be considered to have lost.

Even if Yang Ye had been killed by them in that collision, they would have still lost.

Not to mention that Yang Ye was still alive and well!

Suddenly, Sword Scroll vanished on the spot.

At the moment she vanished, their expressions changed drastically.

Hiss! Hiss!

An instant later, two rays of light flashed, and then the old man and Hanyuan Shu’s heads flew up into the air.

Sword Scroll had instantly killed them, and even their souls hadn’t been able to escape.

However, the beautiful woman and middle aged man had escaped.

Because their injuries were much lighter, even Sword Scroll couldn’t do anything to stop them if they were determined to flee!

Sword Scroll walked over to Yang Ye.

He glanced at her, and he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything.

Sword Scroll spoke indifferently, “You fight, I reap.

Any problems”

Yang Ye’s face twitched.

If his gaze could kill, she would be dead by now.

Meanwhile, Snowy arrived before Yang Ye, and she started crying again when she saw Yang Ye, causing him to be enveloped in spirit energy.

Sword Scroll glanced at Snowy with a weird expression on her face.

She’d naturally seen a Sprite Lord in the past.

However, she’d never seen one that trusted a human this much.

Yang Ye felt quite helpless.

He wanted to hug Snowy, but he couldn’t move at all.

He was afraid, afraid that moving would make his body fall apart into pieces!

His body was in a truly terrible state right now.

The worst were the vengeful spirits in his palm.

At this moment, he couldn’t suppress them anymore because the Primordial Pagoda had suffered severe damage from protecting his body and soul.

In other words, the vengeful spirits were free again.


Countless voices resounded in Yang Ye’s head!

If it wasn’t for the strength of his will, he would have been devoured by the voices of those vengeful spirits.

Sword Scroll sized up Yang Ye.

At this moment, his injuries were gradually healing, and she couldn’t help but shake her head slightly from the sight of this, “As expected of Primordial Violet Energy.

Such healing effects… If it’s ranked purely in terms of healing effects among the top 10 energies, then it’s merely inferior to the energy ranked at the 2nd position.

However, it’s a good thing and a bad thing to possess it.

In Eternal Border, it’s one of the top forms of energy, and it’s something which countless experts dream of obtaining!”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, “And that’s my problem”

Sword Scroll replied, “It is!”

Yang Ye gazed at her, and she spoke indifferently, “When you possess a treasure that doesn’t conform to your strength, the consequence is usually terrible.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “You didn’t help earlier because you wanted to help when I couldn’t hold on any longer, and then persuade me to give up these treasures, right”

She replied, “Yes!”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, “If it’s not mine, I won’t try to obtain it.

But if it’s mine, then no one can take it from me! I started from a tiny labor disciple, and it’s not cowardice that I relied on to get here, nor was it compromise.

I relied on my fists, my sword! I killed my way here!”

Everyone said that he had many enemies and endless trouble, and there was a reason for that.

It was because he never made compromises.

His attitude toward life had always been the same—Ignore the outcome! Just fight when aggrieved!



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