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Chapter 2311 – Embarrassing!

Butcher and Bai Zhixian naturally knew what was missing.

Butchers face was very unsightly, and Bai Zhixian was quite embarrassed.

Meanwhile, the Skywalker Wolf howled with pain for a while before fleeing into the forest.

As for Yang Ye, he returned to Bai Zhixians side.

Butcher glared fiercely at Yang Ye and left.

Hed wanted Yang Ye to fight the Skywalker Wolf in a battle of life and death in order to arouse his will to fight! But he hadnt expected this to happen.

Arouse Yang Yes will to fight

Yang Ye had sliced off its things, so what else could he possibly do

Actually, Butcher wasnt really angry.

Conversely, he felt quite a bit of admiration.

The Skywalker Wolfs cultivation wasnt exceptionally high, and it was just at the True World Realm.

However, it was too much higher than Yang Yes realm of cultivation.

So, even if Yang Ye possessed heaven defying combat strength, he had been completely suppressed in battle and was practically incapable of fighting back.

It could be said that Yang Ye was bound to lose miserably.

In the beginning, his objective had been to make Yang Ye lose, and lose miserably at that.

Because only then would Yang Ye sense danger, and only then could Yang Ye locate the flaws within himself.

As far as he was concerned, allowing Yang Ye to experience a few miserable defeats would be beneficial.

Yet now, all his plans had gone down the gutter!

As for why he felt admiration toward Yang Ye, it was because Yang Ye knew to look for the Skywalker Wolfs weak point.

While it was quite shameless, who cared about righteousness and fairness in a battle between enemies Not to mention that it was a battle of life and death.

The Skywalker Wolf, on the other hand, would definitely be absolutely aggrieved.

Because the slightest mistake had cost it its little brother!

Bai Zhixian led Yang Ye back to the village.

In the bamboo house, she placed Yang Ye on the bed.

Meanwhile, Wang Eryas grandfather walked in, and Bai Zhixian stood up, “Senior.”

The old man nodded slightly and sized up Yang Ye, “Not bad.

Both his body and combat strength are much greater than before.”

Bai Zhixian spoke softly, “Allow me to thank you on his behalf.” She paused for a moment and continued, “We havent known each other for long, but I do know a bit about his character.

Once he regains consciousness, he will definitely repay your kindness!”

The old man glanced at her and smiled, “Ill be honest.

I do need his help.

However, its a matter for the future.

Just stay here for now.

As for your cultivation, my techniques are of no use to him, and he has Butcher to teach him now, so he doesnt need my inheritance anyway.

However, I can still help him a little when it comes to his body.”

He withdrew a fist-sized jade bottle, “Its a bottle of Marrow Cleansing Liquid that I made myself.

It can nurture his body.

While it wont be able to improve his body by another level, it can stabilize his cultivation in the body.

Apply it all over his body later, and once he absorbs it completely, do it again.

Twice a day is enough.

While his body is in the True Dao Realm now, his cultivation isnt stable, so this will be very helpful for him!”

Bai Zhixian hesitated for a moment and asked, “Everywhere”

The old man nodded, “Yes.

Ill make some other concoctions for him later, so that his body can fully stabilize.”

He turned around and left the room once he finished speaking.

Bai Zhixians expression was quite unsightly.

Yang Yes entire body!

A girl like her had to apply it all over Yang Yes body… Bai Zhixian was slightly against it.

However, who else could do it She couldnt ask Butcher or her own master to do it, right

She was facing a dilemma!

A huge dilemma!

A short while later, Bai Zhixian left the bamboo house.

However, it didnt take long for her to enter it again, but she left again just a short while later.

This time, an entire hour passed before she returned.

She walked over to the bed and gazed calmly at Yang Ye.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye stretched out his hand, but Bai Zhixian didnt do the same.


A strand of madness intent gradually seemed out from within Yang Ye.

Bai Zhixian glared at him, and then took his hand.

Meanwhile, the madness intent gradually calmed down.

A short while later, she took a deep breath and swiftly removed all his clothes.

She withdrew the jade bottle that the old man had given her and poured slowly on his chest.

In an instant, a droplet of dark green liquid dropped on Yang Yes chest.

Bai Zhixian hesitated for a moment, and then she placed her palm on his chest before rubbing lightly.

It didnt take long for threads of green liquid energy to seep out from the droplet of dark green liquid.

Bai Zhixian started to spread the green liquid energy all over Yang Yes upper body.

In just a short while, Yang Yes entire upper body was covered in a thin layer of green liquid, but his lower body wasnt.

Bai Zhixian hesitated for a long time before her hand started to slide down.

At the same time, her breathing quickened while she slowly started to blush.

Actually, at her realm of cultivation, nothing really mattered anymore, including relationships with the other sex.

However, that was one thing, and doing this for a man was a completely different thing.

If it was before this, she would rather die than do this for someone else.

Because she felt it was very dirty, and it was to the extent that she felt the body of a man was a very dirty thing.

But at this moment, she didnt feel that Yang Yes body was dirty.

The room was very quiet.

Only their breathing could be heard, and it was quickening.

They seemed like they were jogging, or training… Just like that, it went on for a long time…


Finally, a low sound of something tearing through the air resounded.

Bai Zhixian instantly withdrew her hand, and her beautiful face instantly blushed rosy red as she gazed at her right hand.

After that, she glared fiercely at Yang Ye.

A long time passed before Yang Yes entire body was covered in the green liquid.

The green liquid didnt enter Yang Yes body, and they just remained on his skin.

Just like that, his skin started to shiver slightly, and a long time passed before they seeped into his body.

Or to be more precise, it seeped deep into his marrow.

Yang Yes body was in the True Dao Realm, but it was still quite far away from a body that was truly at the True Dao Realm.

Because the old man had forcefully improved his realm of cultivation.

So, while his foundation was very good, he still hadnt improved it gradually, step by step.

So, his bodys realm of cultivation wasnt stable, and that was why the old man had gone in search of medicinal herbs to make concoctions that would nurture Yang Yes body.

Just like that, time trickled by.

Two days later, Yang Yes injuries had almost fully healed.

After that, Butcher took Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian into the rear mountains again.

They arrived before the same forest again.

Butcher tapped a finger in its direction, and a ray of cold light instantly shot into the forest.


A moment of silence ensued before a wave of terrifying aura surged out from within the forest, and then an afterimage charged at Yang Ye.

But it didnt take long for it to stop.

It was the Skywalker Wolf.

A vicious and ferocious glow surged into its eyes when it saw Yang Ye.

Obviously, it still remembered Yang Ye.

At this moment, another one had grown beneath it.

At its level of cultivation, regrowing a few lost limbs wasnt a big deal.

However, Yang Yes deeds were undoubtedly a terrible humiliation for it! A truly terrible humiliation!

The wolf roared with fury, and then it pounced at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye suddenly looked up, and then he swung his chopper at it.


A deep mark instantly appeared in space!


An explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye was blasted away, and countless fine cracks appeared throughout his body.

As soon as he stopped himself, the wolf pounced at him again.

It was swift!

It was too swift! Yang Ye couldnt even dodge it at all! He could only go head-on against such speed!


Madness intent swept out from within Yang Ye, and then Yang Ye stomped his right foot down.

His figure soared up into the air, and then he grabbed the chopper with both hands and swung it down.


This time, it wasnt just a mark that appeared in space, it had cracked open instead.

100 swings in an instant!

Yang Ye executed his Madness Saber Technique again!


A hundred swings descended, but Yang Ye was blasted away again.

However, the Skywalker Wolf was blasted away as well.

As soon as he stopped himself, Yang Ye licked off the blood on the corner of his mouth, and then he stomped his right foot down.

His figure instantly transformed into a ray of light that charged at the wolf, and the wolf pounced at him too.


As soon as they collided, they were blasted away once more.

Yang Ye spat out mouthfuls of blood while the wolf only suffered light injuries!

Bai Zhixian spoke solemnly, “The gap in their cultivations is too high, and so is the gap in their strength and speed.

They arent on the same level at all.”

Butcher spoke indifferently, “He probably doesnt have many opponents in his own realm of cultivation.

I want him to surmount his realm of cultivation in battle, I want him to fight stronger existences, I want…”

Suddenly, a sorrowful howl resounded.

Bai Zhixian and Butcher were stunned once more.

Yang Ye was blasted away, and there was an extremely deep injury in his chest.

Even the internal organs within had cracked open!

However, there was a black eggplant-shaped object in his grasp!

The Skywalker Wolf howls incessantly with pain.

Butchers face instantly turned unsightly from the sight of this, and he flashed over to Yang Ye and spoke angrily, “Dammit! Can you stop chopping off its thing!”

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