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Chapter 2347 What is the Martial God

Loved ones!

As far as Tian Xiu was concerned, Yang Ye and Snowy were her loved ones.

Because theyd treated her as their loved ones in the past.

Nanli Meng gazed at Tian Xiu in silence.

Tian Xiu said, Ive been to Eternal Border in the past, but I didnt stay for long.

So, I dont know much about it.

Come, tell me what kind of hidden powers and experts reside here.

Ill go pay them a visit.

Nanli Meng pondered deeply for a moment and said, On the surface, the Immortal Estate is undoubtedly the stronger.

Of course, the two cities, three sects, and six clans arent weak either.

However, theyve fallen into a decline lately.

Because no especially extraordinary experts have appeared amongst them in recent years.

As for in the shadows, there are some powers too.

But strictly speaking, they cant be considered to belong to Eternal Border anymore.

Tian Xiu patted Snowy gently and said, Continue!

Nanli Meng continued, All of them are at the Eternal River, and they spend their lives preparing to traverse the river.

There is the Longevity Sect, Freedom Sect, Creation Sect, and Lifeless Sect among them.

They dont have many experts, but there are no weaklings among them.

They only recruit the best geniuses of each universe.

In the past, the patriarchs of the six clans have joined one of them, like the Initial Emperor joined the Lifeless Sect!

Tian Xiu suddenly asked, What about you

Nanli Meng grinned, Its a small secret.

But I can tell you that I didnt join any one of those four powers.

Tian Xiu glanced at her and remained silent.

Nanli Meng continued, The waters are very deep there, very deep indeed.

Some of the old geezers amongst them have even traveled the Eternal River.

While they havent been able to pass through, they survived.

Over there, the more times you travel the Eternal River and survive, the stronger you are.

The Eternal River Tian Xius eyes narrowed slightly, The wall between universes

Nanli Meng nodded and glanced at Tian Xiu, I think that if youve given some time, you have a very good chance of getting through.

Im not interested in that right now! Tian Xiu continued, Are there other powers

Theres one more! Nanli Meng spoke solemnly, It has been passed down for the longest time, and its the most mysterious.

Its extremely mysterious to the point it may not even exist.

Tian Xiu frowned when she heard this.

Nanli Meng said, The Sovereign Sect.

Tian Xiu asked, The Sovereign Sect

Nanli Meng nodded, Ive only heard of them, but even I cant say for sure if they exist.

However, an expert did notice some traces of them while traversing the Eternal River.

Moreover, its said that a very, very long time ago, their sect master was able to travel freely between the Eternal Universe and Eternal Border.

Of course, I dont really believe that.

Theres practically no one here who can break open the walls of the Eternal Universe with ease!

Tian Xiu asked, Ignore the Sovereign Sect.

Which of those four other sects is the strongest

Nanli Meng replied, Theyre on par!

Tian Xiu asked, What about their experts

Nanli Meng replied solemnly, Senior Dream, the current top-ranked expert on the Divine Martial Rankings.

He resides in a violet bamboo forest by the Eternal River.

He remains aloof from the outside world.

If he hadnt defeated Godless Heaven, a renowned expert from the Immortal Estate at that time, with just 10 moves, no one would even know that he existed.

Tian Xiu nodded, I see!

She turned around and left with Snowy.

Nanli Meng suddenly asked, Are you really going to stand up for him

Tian Xiu stopped, Why

Nanli Meng spoke solemnly, Your strength is rarely seen, but the Sprite Progenitor will make them go mad, and you cant protect him forever.

If Im not wrong, the guardians of this world have spoken with you.

So, you dont have much time left by his side.

They will give you face while youre protecting him, and they wont touch him for now.

But what about once you leave The more you suppress them now, the worse it will be when they finally explode once youre gone.

At that time, they will vent all their frustration and rage on Yang Ye!

Snowy suddenly waved her paw on Tian Xius shoulder while rage covered her face.

Nanli Meng glanced at Snowy while her eyelids couldnt help but twitch.

She truly wondered if Snowy really was a Sprite Progenitor!

Tian Xiu rubbed Snowys head and spoke softly, I cant protect him forever, but every day counts.

It isnt his fault that he possesses a Sprite Progenitor, and it isnt this little fellows fault either.

Its this cruel world.

Of course, he is at fault for being too weak.

If he is given ten years, just see if anyone in Eternal Border dares to target him!

Unfortunately, he doesnt have that time! Nanli Meng spoke solemnly, Allow me to be honest, if hes willing to hand the Sprite Progenitor over, then not only will he be able to resolve his problems, hell gain a huge amount of benefits because of your presence.

So long as hes willing to hand her over, he can raise any conditions.

Tian Xiu gazed at Nanli Meng, Did the power behind you tell you to say that

Nanli Meng nodded, Sort of.

However, allow me to be clear that we wont use force, and we can discuss the matter with him.

Of course, Im not interested in this little fellow, and Im just asking on behalf of the people who stand behind me!

Tian Xiu gazed at Snowy, Are you willing to leave Yang Ye

Snowy was stunned for a moment, and then she shook her head repeatedly.

Nanli Meng suddenly said, Theres a secret technique in this world that can extract memories!

Tian Xiu suddenly looked up.


A ray of powerful dark light rippled out.

Nanli Mengs expression changed slightly as she lightly twisted her hand.


A ray of white light rippled out of her palm, and an explosion resounded through the sky.

Nanli Meng was blasted over 300m back.

Tian Xiu glanced icy coldly at Nanli Meng, If it wasnt for the fact that you gave me information earlier, I would kill you right now!

Extract Snowys memories

It was a very, very cruel thing.

Regardless of whether it was a person or a Sprite, incomplete memories represented an incomplete life.

It could be said that once Snowys memories were extracted, she would become anothers puppet.

Even if she advanced into a Sprite Progenitor one day, they would still be able to control her.

And because she had incomplete memories, she would never be able to advance further!

To be a little blunt, extracting memories was equivalent to cutting off a mans nether regions.

While he would still be barely considered a man, he would never leave any descendants in this lifetime.

Extraction of the memories!

Snowy blinked and gazed at Tian Xiu.

Obviously, she was asking what it was, and if it was fun!

Tian Xiu rubbed Snowys little head, I wont let anyone extract your memories!

Void Spirit Maiden! Meanwhile, Nanli Meng suddenly said, As I said before, all of them are giving you face right now.

But what about once you leave If you leave, Yang Ye will die.

While shell be fine, based on her relationship with Yang Ye, no power wouldnt fear that.

So, any power that gets her will extract her memories, causing her to completely forget Yang Ye and everything that happened between them.


Suddenly, Snowy was furious.

She glared fiercely at Nanli Meng while the Primordial Axe of Creation appeared in her paw.

If Tian Xiu wasnt pulling onto her, she would have attacked Nanli Meng.

Tian Xiu glanced at Nanli Meng and said, As far as all of you are concerned, shes just a Sprite Progenitor and Yang Ye is a weakling, but none of you are able to see their future.

Hes a vengeful person, and hell repay the people of Eternal Border a hundredfold for how theyre treating him now.

She took Snowy and left once she finished speaking.

Nanli Meng closed her eyes slowly, He may not have a future.

While she didnt want to get mixed up in the fight for the Sprite Progenitor, it was linked to too many things.

It could be said that if Void Spirit Maiden hadnt arrived, Yang Ye would cease to exist in this world by now.

A long time passed before Nanli Meng glanced at the thick scroll in her grasp and said, Ive said what I should.

Im not going to get mixed up in this, and dont come looking for me.

Ill say bye to all of you if you do that.

She turned around and vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, the scroll shook, and something seemed to be transmitted from it.

Tian Xiu returned to Yang Yes side with Snowy.

Sword Scroll heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Tian Xiu.

While shed placed her bets on Yang Ye, if she were being honest, she would really be losing her entire bet if Void Spirit Maiden hadnt arrived.

Tian Xiu glanced at the surroundings, F*ck off!

As soon as she said that, the hidden auras throughout the surroundings left like a receding tide, and it didnt take long for them to vanish into the starry sky.

Tian Xiu gazed at Sword Scroll, I remember that he had the Bodhi Tree.

Why isnt it with him anymore

Sword Scroll replied solemnly, It was taken!eevl.

Tian Xiu frowned.

She didnt say a word, and just gazed at Yang Ye and walked slowly toward him.

At this moment, Yang Ye was like a monk in meditation, and his aura was restrained and without any fluctuations at all.

Tian Xiu gazed at Yang Ye and pondered deeply in silence.

Along with her silence, the atmosphere in the surroundings gradually became heavy.

Snowy and Wang Erya were fine because they were two little fellows who were totally carefree, and Tian Xiu wasnt worried about them.

Their identities were special, so they could survive well even if Yang Ye was gone.

Sword Scroll, the Primordial Pagoda, Oxxy, the Primordial Axe of Creation All of them could still live well without Yang Ye.

Only Yang Ye!

Snowys transformation had pushed Yang Ye into a hopeless situation.

A long time passed before Tian Xiu opened her eyes slowly and spoke softly, How should I save you

In an unknown world.

A ruin.

A woman in a white robe squatted before a stone tablet, and a spear was stabbed in the ground by her side.

A long time passed before the stone tablet shook violently, and then a voice came from within it, What is the Martial God A single thought can become many and transform into countless variations.

I came from the Eternal, and I traveled through countless universes to finally find someone who isnt bad.

Tell me, what do you seek

The woman looked up slowly, I seek to be invincible!

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