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Chapter 2350 Fragments!

In the boundless expanse of space, a petite young girl held a spike that emanated a dark glow as she waved it through the air.

She was fighting six Limitbreaker Realm experts on her own!

Countless experts were watching from the shadows.

Nightbreak! Meanwhile, a low voice resounded.

After that, a speck of white light flashed through the endless starry sky.

Everywhere it passed, the darkness was dispersed, and the powerful energy it contained destroyed star after stary.

Moreover, space was transformed into a void in its wake.

It destroyed all matter!

The strength to destroy a world!

The white light was shooting straight at the young girl!

The young girl was Tian Xiu!

Tian Xius face remained indifferent as she gazed at it, and Netherworld Destiny was extremely calm.

The white light was growing closer and closer!

Suddenly, Netherworld Destiny vanished from her grasp, and then it emanated a long dark ray of light as it struck the top of the white light.


The white light exploded apart, but the energy within it didnt disperse.

A strand of invisible energy passed through Netherworld Destiny and arrived before Tian Xiu.

Tian Xiu remained indifferent as she slapped her palm down.


The energy was instantly obliterated.

Suddenly, a silver spear shot out from deep within space.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Everywhere it passed, tearing resounded throughout space.

The powerful energy it carried caused the world to turn ethereal.

The energy within it was too, too strong, so this expanse of space couldnt endure it at all.

Thus, space turned ethereal and was gradually obliterated.

The starry sky was pitch black!

But the spear was still there!

Moreover, a pitch black chain was creeping toward Tian Xiu from behind.

Besides that, the chains were multiplying.

In the end, it was like snakes were all around her in the form of chains.

At the same time, many powerful auras slammed down upon her like a tsunami.

Tian Xius eyes narrowed slightly.

She ignored the chains and waved her hand lightly.

Netherworld Destiny transformed into a ray of dark light that shot forward and stabbed against the spear.


An explosion resounded and the spear was blasted away.

As for Netherworld Destiny, it returned to Tian Xiu and floated quietly before her.

However, the chains around Tian Xiu suddenly formed a huge cage of chains, and they caged the space around her.

Moreover, countless powerful auras surged incessantly toward the cage, and with the help of them, the cage grew stronger and stronger.

In the cage.

A ray of dark light surged up into the sky and slammed against the cage, causing it to shake violently.

However, the cage wasnt broken open, and it was even shrinking more!

Six Limitbreaker Realm experts were outside the cage!

Six of them represented six times the strength to destroy a world, and the chains were a Divine Treasure called the Chains of Times.

It was so strong that it could chain an entire universe.

So, how could Tian Xiu fight back against such a Divine Treasure and six Limitbreaker Realm experts

The cage of chains continued to shrink, and countless rays of dark light kept rippling out within it.

Explosions resounded incessantly throughout the starry sky.

Just like that, it went on for a very, very long time.

Finally, a rumbling explosion resounded, and then countless chain fragments descended from the sky.

However, it was replaced by numerous explosions, and every one of them shook the world.

Suddenly, three more powerful auras shot over from far away, and they were so strong that the black hole of space here instantly started burning!

It was burning!

Black holes were made of dark matter, and dark matter was a sign of destruction that was at a certain type of border.

Now, along with the three terrifying auras, the dark matter was being destroyed once more!

Nine Limitbreaker Realm experts!

Tian Xius icy cold voice resounded, You decided to attack in the end.

Alright, bring it!

As soon as she finished speaking, rays of dark light suddenly appeared in this expanse of space, and there were strands of water amidst them.

What! Destroying your own essence Have you gone mad Meanwhile, an astounded voice resounded, and then shocking explosions resounded incessantly.

Just like that, it went on for around an hour, and then the world there gradually calmed down.

Once it calmed down, there were three corpses and a ball of dark light.

A few breaths of time later, the ball of light gradually dispersed, and then a pile of fragments dispersed from it!

Netherworld Destiny!

These fragments were Netherworld Destiny!

Meanwhile, a woman closed her eyes slowly.

It was Nanli Meng.

A long time passed before she opened her eyes, and then she opened the thick scroll and wrote, Void Spirit Maiden.

She came from the large universe, and she fought nine Limitbreaker Realm experts as a True World Realm expert.

Three were killed, six crippled, and a Divine Treasure destroyed.

Such accomplishments are unmatched amongst women throughout history.

A pity, a pity indeed

Nanli Meng shook her head and sigh twice before leaving.

In the starry sky, the fragments of Netherworld Destiny descended slowly and gradually arrived at the Sword Ruins.

At the Sword Ruins, Yang Ye seemed to have sensed something, and he immediately left the Primordial Pagoda.

He looked up at the sky, and then the fragments descended before him.

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot when he saw them.

A long time later, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that shot up into the sky, and he followed the fragments into the boundless reaches of space.

At this expanse of space, space had been completely obliterated.

Starlight couldnt enter it, and it was just an expanse of deathly silence.

Truly deathly silence!

There were many chain fragments here too.

Yang Ye just stared blankly at the scene before him.

At this moment, it was obvious to him what had happened.

A long time passed before Yang Ye gazed at the fragments in his grasp and muttered while seemed to have lost his soul, Tian Xiu

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings with a blank expression in his eyes, and then two streams of clear liquid gradually seeped out from the corners of his eyes.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll appeared by his side.

Yang Ye gazed at Sword Scroll, You know In the beginning, I was a nobody in Profounder Continent, but I was very happy.

I had a younger sister and mother.

Our family was very happy.

At that time, my goal was very simple, and it was for my family to live a normal and peaceful life.

Unfortunately, later on, I noticed how extravagant that was.

He looked up at the sky and continued, My mother died, in my arms.

Elder Mu who treated me as his son died too.

I watched him die, and I could do nothing about it.

When I arrived at the large universe, I was stronger, and I got to know some good friends.

But these friends, brothers of mine, died for me.

Blind Maiden and my Third Sister died for me too.

My father as well The man who gave up his whole life for me died too.

Now, Tian Xiu is gone as well.

Sword Scroll walked over to Yang Ye and looked him in the eyes, You must remember that since the ancient times, the strong have become the strong by stepping over countless corpses.

Those corpses dont belong to others, they belong to their own.

What is cultivation It is the cultivation of eternal life, invincibility, and freedom.

Only with invincibility can you truly take control of your destiny and the destiny of others!

She looked up at this point and continued, in this world, you either control the destiny of others or have your destiny controlled by others!

At this moment, she recalled the battle of the past.

During that battle, she lost her main body, and countless years of cultivation was lost in an instant!

Yang Ye sat down there, and he just sat there with the fragments of Netherworld Destiny in his grasp.

A hundred different people, a hundred different destinies.

So what was his destiny

What was his mothers destiny Elder Mus destiny His brothers destiny His father Blind Maiden Tian Xiu Was all of this meant to be

Yang Ye grew more and more bewildered as he thought about it.

Suddenly, a few obscure auras appeared in the surroundings, and they approached Yang Ye slowly.

Void Spirit Maiden was gone, so those experts would naturally not just leave Yang Ye alone.

There were three divine treasures and a Sprite Progenitor in Yang Yes possession, so how could they not covet them

Sword Scroll glanced at the surroundings and didnt say anything about them.

She just gazed at Yang Ye who was still seated there.

She sighed softly and said, Lets go!

Yang Ye gazed at her, You go!

She frowned slightly, What do you mean

Yang Ye replied softly, Leave.

Its a good thing for you.

I dont want to drag down anyone else.

So, take Erya and Oxxy, and go.

Sword Scroll walked over to Yang Ye, Do you think we can leave

Yang Ye was about to speak when Sword Scroll continued, Do you know what it means to pull weeds out by the root If we leave, theyll annihilate us all.

Besides Snowy, everyone linked to the Sprite Progenitor must die! Everyone!

Shes right! Meanwhile, an aged voice came from the side, However, if youre sensible, you can die an easier death.

Yang Ye suddenly stood up, and then an axe appeared in his grasp.

An instant later, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and the space in the distance exploded apart.

Moreover, huge cracks started spreading madly in all directions.

Sword Scroll stared in that direction.

Yang Ye had an axe in his grasp as he walked slowly in her direction, and there was a bloody head in his right grasp!

Yang Ye arrived before Sword Scroll.

There was a very, very deep palm print on Yang Yes chest!

Yang Ye looked Sword Scroll in the eyes, I want all of them to pay the greatest and most painful price.

I want blood to dye Eternal Borders skies red!


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