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Chapter 2364 Sword Intent!

Haha! Li Xianyan suddenly chuckled, and then a wave of powerful sword energy rippled out of him.

True Void Realm sword intent!reeevl.

The solemness in Yang Yes eyes grew.

However, his desire to fight grew stronger too.

A sword cultivator!

This man was a true sword cultivator, and he was a powerful sword cultivator!

Sword cultivators comprehended sword intent and cultivated the sword heart.

It was a much more difficult path than ordinary cultivating, but similarly, once one gained success on it, that persons strength would be much, much stronger than an ordinary cultivator.

As the sword intent appeared, an invisible wave of pressure appeared in the surroundings, and Li Xianyans aura changed as well.

His aura was sharp now!

Li Xianyan took a step forward.

Sword intent surged forward like a torrent.

Suppression with intent!

Meanwhile, Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.


An invisible wave of sword intent rippled out of him!

True Dao Realm sword intent!

It was a realm lower than Li Xianyan, but the energy and power it contained wasnt any weaker.

It was an unruly sword intent that would fight until the end!


Their sword intents immediately entered into confrontation, and they remained still amid the sword intent.

Sword intent couldnt be seen or felt, so they seemed like ordinary people standing there.

However, only few were aware how dangerous it was around them right now.

That space was covered in two types of sword intent.

This continued for a long time before Li Xianyan took a step forward.

Along with that step, ripples gradually appeared in the surrounding space, and it was like ripples on the surface of a lake.

The sword intent had grown stronger!

Li Xianyans sword intent had grown stronger again!

Yang Ye didnt move.

The sword intent pressed down upon him like a mountain, and he felt pressure, powerful pressure.

He knew that Li Xianyan hadnt used his full strength earlier, and Li Xianyans sword intent was much stronger than he expected.

Now that Li Xianyan was revealing his full strength, his sword intent was growing stronger and stronger.

If he withdrew the Primordial Axe of Creation or the Sword Gourd now, he could obliterate it with ease!

But Yang Ye didnt!

They just continued their confrontation.

Just like that, Li Xianyan took a step from time to time, and every step he took would make his sword intent slightly stronger.

The sword intent was growing in strength, and space was rippling like a rock had been tossed into a pond.

But from the beginning until the end, Yang Ye stood on the spot without taking a single step back! Moreover, his sword intent hadnt retreated either!

Avoid the pressure

That wasnt his sword or his Dao.

Li Xianyan sped up.

At this moment, he seemed like a peerless sword which was ready to attack, and his aura was so strong that it could obliterate the world! Conversely, Yang Ye seemed like a boat in a storm, and he seemed like he would be washed away at any moment.

Suppression with sword intent!

Meanwhile, Li Xianyan had arrived before Yang Ye.

As soon as his foot descended, his sword intent seemed to erupt like countless volcanoes and instantly envelop Yang Ye.

Suddenly, Yang Ye looked up, and then his sword intent which had been suppressed to the limit erupted abruptly.

It was like the self-detonation of an extraordinary expert, and it erupted with all its strength at this moment.


Li Xianyan was pushed backward repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the man who was formed from the sword gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment.

The True Void Realm!

Yang Yes sword intent had actually attained the True Void Realm!

The man seemed to have thought of something and gazed at Li Xianyan.

Meanwhile, the latter gazed at Yang Ye and smiled, Congratulations!

Yang Ye let out a long breath of air and bowed to Li Xianyan, Thank you!

The Li Clans patriarch had no intention to kill him, and hed just wanted to help Yang Ye attain an advancement in sword intent.

As for the reason, Yang Ye was certain that he would find out soon.

Li Xianyan walked over to Yang Ye and sat down, and so did Yang Ye.

He suddenly felt that the Li Clans patriarch seemed a little different now.

Li Xianyan withdrew a jug of wine and passed it to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt refuse and took a mouthful of it.

Li Xianyan chuckled and said, My ancestor told me that theres a Sprite Progenitor here, and I didnt believe it, so I came to see.

Unexpectedly, it was true.

Do you know what I thought at that moment

Yang Ye shook his head.

Li Xianyan smiled, I thought of leaving as soon as possible, and getting as far away from you as I can.

My Li Clan isnt bad in this lousy place.

After all, Im at the Limitbreaker Realm, and Im a sword cultivator too.

So, ordinary organizations would fear me.

However, Im very well aware that if my clan obtains a Sprite Progenitor, we would definitely suffer calamity.

If it was a Divine Treasure, I may have some desire to obtain it, but if its this little fellow, I dare not think of it.

Yang Ye replied softly, But many do!

Thats normal! Li Xianyan said, It is a Sprite Progenitor.

Yang Ye grinned and gazed at him, You helped me advance in my sword intent, and this kindness...

Li Xianyan waved his hand, I didnt do it for any reason.

Of course, its your problem if you wish to remember it.

He stood up as he said that, and then he gazed at the man who was the sword from before, You never showed yourself after my ancestor passed away.

So, now that you have, what do you plan to do If you want to leave, my Li Clan wont stop you.

Of course, its better if youre willing to stay.

After all, my Li Clan really doesnt have a good sword besides you.

The sword fell silent.

Li Xianyan smiled and said, You can make your own choice.

The man glanced at Yang Ye.

In the end, he transformed into a sword that descended before the woman.

The woman was stunned.

Li Xianyan grinned, Take it.

She took it with slightly trembling hands, and then she gazed at Li Xianyan, Patriarch, this...

Li Xianyan smiled, Its just a sword, so dont think too much about it.

Of course, dont treat it shabbily either.

Just do as you did in the past, alright

She hurriedly nodded.

Meanwhile, Li Xianyan gazed at Yang Ye, Young Brother Yang, my intuition tells me that you may know why the Northern Sword Sect was annihilated overnight.


Yang Ye nodded, I do know a little.

Li Xianyan sighed softly, I know that some things are better left unknown, but my ancestor died that night too.

I want to know which organization was actually able to annihilate the Northern Sword Sects master who was strong like a god and even kill numerous Limitbreaker Realm experts.

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while and said, It wasnt the people on this side.

Li Xianyan was stunned, and then he laughed bitterly, I see.

I understand now.

I hope we meet again!

He transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

Meanwhile, the woman and the two men bowed slightly to Yang Ye and vanished into the sky as well.

Only Yang Ye remained here.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and a smile curled up on his face.

Hed gained quite a bit this time.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and was about to leave, but a woman suddenly appeared not too far away.

She waved at Yang Ye and smiled, Long time no see!

Yang Ye frowned when he saw her.

She was the Nanli Clans Nanli Meng.

Nanli Meng sized up Yang Ye and said, Tsk, tsk.

Your speed of improvement is amazing.

Yang Ye replied indifferently, Do you need something

Nanli Meng withdres a thick scroll and unfurled it, I have good news and bad news.

Lets start with the bad news.

Some old geezers at the Eternal River have found out about the Sprite Progenitor, and the entire Eternal River was shocked by the news.

Countless old geezers whove stayed hidden until now have left for here.

If youre willing to give me a Divine Treasure, I can tell you about their origins and true strength!

A Divine Treasure!

Yang Ye glanced at her and replied, I dont have one.

Anyway, knowing that doesnt make a difference, doesnt it

She gave him a thumbs up, Smart.

Come, lets continue.

The bad news doesnt end there.

The Freedom Sect, Longevity Sect, Creation Sect, and Immortality Sect, the four great powers of the Eternal River, have joined forces.

Moreover, theyve started summoning back all their experts in the Eternal River.

Right, do you know how strong those experts are Im sure you dont, because you dont know what kind of people would dare to enter the Eternal River!

She pointed at where Li Xianyan had just stood and continued, That fellow was quite strong, right Unfortunately, he has no right to enter the Eternal River.

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time before he asked, What about the good news

Calm down! She blinked, The bad news isnt over yet!

Yang Ye wanted to attack her!

Nanli Meng continued, Besides Eternal Border, I heard that the experts of other worlds are traveling here too.

There are weaklings and strong experts among them.

Of course, they are all strong to you.

Besides that, do you remember the six clans Their ancestors are still alive, including my Nanli Clans ancestor.

They are all at the Eternal River.

Now, they have started to return.

At that time, all your enmity will converge in one huge battle.

Hehe, itll definitely be fun.

Oh, right.

All of this isnt the worst news.

Do you know whats the worst news

Yang Ye asked indifferently, Theres something worse

She chuckled, The worst news is...

She pointed at him, You.

Youre actually just at the True Void Realm.

Yang Ye, oh, Yang Ye! Youre only at the True Void Realm.

Tell me, how will you survive No, I should ask, how do you want to die

Yang Yes eyelids twitched.

He forcefully restrained his impulse to attack her and asked, What about the good news

She chuckled, One Divine Treasure.

Give me that and Ill tell you!

Yang Ye glanced at her, Just die!

Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, she said, Youre been to the Eternal Secret Realm, so you should have been to that village.

Im sure you know about some things from the Primal Era, right

Yang Ye stopped and gazed at her, And

She looked him in the eyes, That is just a small portion of the huge battlefield from all those years ago.

That huge battlefield has appeared.

The Primal Battlefield!

Yang Ye frowned, What are you trying to tell me

She walked over to him, That battlefield has always been kept under the control of the few greatest powers of Eternal Border, like the Longevity Sect, Creation Sect, Freedom Sect, Immortality Sect, and the power that stands behind me.

But two days ago, a sword cultivator slashed open the restrictions there and went inside.

Now, in theory, anyone can go inside.

So, are you interested in going Of course, well be sneaking in.

Yang Ye asked, A sword cultivator

She nodded, An unknown sword cultivator.

The leaders of all those powers have started pursuing that sword cultivator.

So, hes probably going to die soon.

After all, hes up against around 6 Limitbreaker Realm experts, and they arent ordinary Limitbreaker Realm experts!

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

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