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“Right, how could someone with the Enlightened Sword Heart appear in a savage place like the southern territory Not to mention our Heavenly Sword Sect, Ive never even heard of one from the Immortal Sword Sect thats a Fifth Rank Sects.

These profounders of the southern territory dont even use their brains when they boast!” One of the men by Yan Hans side chimed in, and he glanced intentionally at Yang Ye once he finished speaking!

How could Yang Ye not realize that their words were directed at him Yang Ye wasnt one to grin and bear with the insults of others.

So, he immediately glanced at Yan Han and the other young man before he said, “Both of you said that its impossible for one with the Enlightened Sword Heart to appear in the southern territory, then could it be that the Founding Ancestor of the southern territorys Sword Sect from 10,000 years ago wasnt one who had attained the Enlightened Sword Heart”

Yan Han and the other young mans expressions turned slightly unsightly when they heard this.

The Sword Sects Founding Ancestor had once crushed the geniuses of all the other territories to the point they were convinced of their inferiority, so Yan Han and the others were naturally aware of this.

There was a list outside the Hidden Dragon Pagoda, and it was called the Hidden Dragon List.

Only the names of profounders who had entered the 5th level which was the highest level of the pagoda would appear on the Hidden Dragon List!

After countless years of time, only the names of seven people were on the Hidden Dragon List, and the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor, the Unfettered One, was second on the list!

Yang Yes actions of mentioning the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor was undoubtedly like slapping the two of them on the face.

Yan Hans eyes narrowed slightly before he said, “So, you mean that person called Yang Ye has really comprehended the Enlightened Sword Heart”

Liu Weiweis beautiful brows had knit together slightly when she saw that the other members of her sect seemed to be targeting Yang Ye, and then she said, “Senior Brother Yan, lets deal with those Darkbeasts below us first!”

“Its just a group of animals!” Yan Han grunted coldly, and a wisp of a smile had appeared on his face when he gazed at Liu Weiwei.

He said, “Theres no need to be anxious, Junior Sister Liu.

Even though they are huge in number, theyre just some brainless animals.

Just watch how Senior brother breaks open the stomachs of these Darkbeasts and retrieves their Inner Cores! Their Inner Cores are truly treasures!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yan He suddenly turned to look at Yang Ye while a wisp of an evil smile arose on the corners of his mouth.

He said, “Friend, since you dared to step foot into the Grand Myriad Mountains while at the First Heaven Realm, I presume you have some sort of shocking ability.

It just so happens that we havent met any geniuses from the southern territory.

So, how about you show us a little of your strength so we can see how formidable the monstrous geniuses of the southern territory are, alright”

“Yeah, show us a little.

Let us see exactly how weak, oh right, I mean strong the profounders of the southern territory are.


“Forget it.

Hes only at the First Heaven Realm in the end.

So, not to mention a group of King Rank Darkbeasts, hes probably not even able to deal with one….”

“How could that be possible Since he dared to enter the Grand Myriad Mountains while hes only at the First Heaven Realm, then he definitely possesses some sort of shocking trump card.

Perhaps hes that goddamn fellow from the southern territory that obtained the 1st position on the Ascension Rankings, Yang Ye who possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart.


When he heard all of them, Yan Han feigned surprise and glanced at Yang Ye before he asked.

“You wouldnt really be Yang Ye who possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart, right”

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at them before he chuckled and said, “My name really is Yang Ye!”

Yan Han was stunned, and then he roared with laughter.

He laughed for a while before he said, “Youre Yang Ye Yang Ye who possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart Haha! Come! Come! Let us see exactly how formidable a genius who possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart is.


“Enough!” Right at this moment, Liu Weiwei whod remained silent until now had suddenly shouted furiously.

She glanced at Yang Ye before she turned to gaze at Yan Han, and then he said, “Senior Brother Yan, even though his cultivation is low, you still shouldnt ridicule and mock him like this! You werent like this in the past!”

Cai Yanyan was unable to continue watching as well, and she immediately said, “Senior Brother Yan, even though this kids strength is slightly weak, his appearance is slightly ugly, and hes from the southern territory.

But he hasnt done anything bad to us in the end, so why do you have to bully the weak If others heard that a group of disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect had bullied a profounder at the First Heaven Realm, then wouldnt it be extremely humiliating”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes.

What does she mean by slightly ugly Does she know how to speak

Yan Hans expression grew slightly unsightly when he heard them, and as he gazed at Yang Ye, a wisp of a gloomy expression flashed in the depths of his eyes.

However, when he looked at Liu Weiwei and Cai Yanyan, he revealed an extremely gentle smile instead and said, “Junior Sisters are right, Senior Brother was mistaken! Lets not talk about all of this and deal with the group of beasts below us!”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at Yang Ye and said indifferently, “Stay at the side later and dont move about rashly, otherwise, dont blame us if you die!”

Yang Ye shook his head.

He was just about to speak when the ground in the distance started to quake violently.

Subsequently, a large and denseblack cloud had suddenly appeared in the sky, and when it came slightly close, the expressions of Yan Han and the others had changed violently because it wasnt a black cloud but countless flying Darkbeasts!

It wasnt just the sky, there were countless Darkbeasts on the ground as well, and it was impossible to see the end of them!

This time, Yan Han and the others revealed expressions of terror.

If it was a few hundred or even a thousand, then they would still be able to flee if they wanted.

But if it was this many… then not to mention them, even a Spirit Realm expert would probably be unable to escape!

“Were doomed! Were doomed!” As she gazed at the horde of Darkbeasts that blotted out the sky and covered the ground, Cai Yanyan had a ghastly pale countenance as she muttered.

“Were really finished.

Senior Brother Yuan, Im really going to be eaten by these Darkbeasts this time! Senior Brother Yuan, save me….”

Right at this moment, an enormous roc arrived around 60m away from Yan Han and the others.

There was a young man in a luxurious robe standing on the head of the roc.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he saw this young man because it was none other than that mysterious Darkbeast from the Grand Myriad Mountains, Luo Xue!

“The northern territory” Luo Xue spoke indifferently from atop the roc.

Yan Han didnt dare act proudly and immediately nodded before he said, “Exactly!”

Luo Xue grunted coldly and said, “Why didnt all of you head to the Ancient Battlefield and have come to my Grand Myriad Mountains instead”

Yan Han was instantly slightly annoyed when he heard Luo Xues questioning tone.

However, he didnt dare flare up and could only suppress the rage in his heart before he said, “We didnt come here with any ill intent.

Its merely because a slight mishap occurred when two of our junior sisters were teleported, and they were teleported to the Grand Myriad Mountains.

So, we came to look for them!”

“No ill intent” A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Luo Xues mouth, and he said, “In a short period of a single day, over a thousand King Rank Darkbeasts of my Grand Myriad Mountains were killed.

I presume there are hundreds of King Rank Inner Cores within all of your spatial rings, right This is what you mean by coming here without any ill intent and merely to look for someone”

Yan Han hadnt expected that what theyd done would actually have been noticed, nor had he imagined that the Grand Myriad Mountains would dispatch so many Darkbeasts to pursue them.

His heart immediately shook, and then he glanced at the surroundings.

After that, his gaze descended onto Liu Weiwei.

His gaze flickered a little while he hesitated for a long time, and then he took a deep breath as he decided in his heart!

When he saw Yan Han remain silent, Luo Xues gaze turned icy cold, and he said, “Since you refuse to speak, then all of you can pay with your lives!” As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to command the horde of Darkbeasts to attack!

However, right at this moment, Yan Han suddenly flipped his palm, and then a talisman appeared out of thin air, and then Yan Hans figure vanished mysteriously on the spot….

Everyone was stunned upon witnessing this scene, and this included Luo Xue.

He vanished just like that

“Its a Random Teleportation Talisman!” Right at this moment, someone from amongst the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect said, “I never expected that Senior Brother Yan Han actually possessed a Random Teleportation Talisman.


Even more surprising is that he actually completely disregarded all of us in the face of danger, and he fled without saying a thing to us.


Cai Yanyan felt slight disbelief and said, “Senior Brother….

Ptooey! That dog Yan is actually such a person That piece of **, trash! To think I called him my senior brother for so many years and even cooked for him! AHHHH!! How **ing infuriating! Weiwei, its fortunate that youve never agreed to his pursuit, otherwise, you would regret it forever!”

Liu Weiwei shook her head while a wisp of disappointment flashed in her eyes.

She had a slight good impression of Yan Han, but shed never imagined that he would act in such a way during a moment of life and death!

Yan Han fleeing abruptly was definitely quite a blow to these disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect.

While they were in the sect, Yan Han had always been very good at playing the role of senior brother.

However, theyd never imagined that this senior brother whod always been extremely good to everyone would actually not hesitate to abandon them and flee by himself!

Amongst the people present here, it was probably Yang Ye who was the most understanding.

Because hed seen numerous people like Yan Han.

Yan Han couldnt be said to be wrong.

After all, even ants wanted to drag out their tiny existence, let alone humans Of course, Yang Ye wasnt capable of abandoning his friends! Even though he was very cold-blooded at most times and could even be said to be selfish, he was absolutely unable to abandon his friends so that he could survive!

Not everything in the world could go as one wanted, and the only thing important was a clear conscience.

No matter what Yang Ye did, he always strived to maintain a clear conscience!

“This is what the monstrous geniuses of the other territories are like” Luo Xue shook his head lightly and spoke in a light voice.

Right at this moment, Liu Weiwei took a deep breath before she flipped her palm, and a sword appeared in her hand.

She said, “Disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect, heed my call! Form the sword formation!”

After Yan Han left, Liu Weiwei had become the most senior amongst them, so they didnt hesitate at all upon hearing her.

Their figures flashed to stand around Liu Weiwei before they withdrew their swords.

At the same time, a strand of terrifying sword qi suddenly surged out from the swords in their hands, and then it formed a strange vortex of sword qi.


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