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Chapter 295 – I Like It!

“Those that enter through the Earth Entrance are like the officials and aristocrats of the mortal world, and they’re able to enjoy a huge amount of special privileges.

However, it’s much more inferior when compared to those who enter through the Heaven Entrance.

You’ll understand the difference in the future, so I won’t speak further about it!” Young Master Xi Luo said, “Let’s talk about those who enter through the Man Entrance.

Those who enter through this entrance are like the ordinary commoners of the mortal world.

As for the treatment they receive, it definitely can’t compare to those who entered through the Heaven Entrance and Earth Entrance.

Those who entered through the Heaven Entrance and Earth Entrance can stay for free within Ancient Domain City, whereas, those who enter via the Man Entrance have to pay 50 energy stones every single day as their residential fee! 50 energy stones aren’t a small amount for some profounders!”

“They even have to pay to stay” said Yang Ye with an astonished expression on his face.

“Of course!” Young Master Xi Luo said flatly, “The Ancient Domain City is the only city in an area of a few ten thousand of kilometers, and it’s the only comparatively safe place.

Once those fellows from the nether territory, devil territory, and demon territory arrive, then not to mention 50 energy stones, many would pay even if it was 500 energy stones!”

“What do you mean” Yang Ye really had the desire to beat this fellow up because this fellow constantly refrained from making everything clear, and it caused Yang Ye to be dazed and confused by all of this!

Young Master Xi Luo sighed and said, “Exactly which territory and sect are you from How could you be ignorant to such an extent”

Yang Ye’s face darkened. Does this fellow not know how to hold back when he speaks

Even though Yang Ye really wanted to beat this fellow up, he couldn’t because he had to admit that he really was ignorant right now.

Young Master Xi Luo shook his head and said, “Even though we’re from the various territories, we have a similarity, and it’s that we’re human.

On the other hand, those fellows from the nether territory, devil territory, and demon territory can’t be called humans! Those of a different race definitely have ill intent.

You have probably heard of such words, right! If they have the chance, then they wouldn’t hesitate to kill all of us human profounders.

Of course, we’re the same.

So long as we had the opportunity, then we wouldn’t hesitate to annihilate them!”

“Isn’t fighting prohibited within the city” asked Yang Ye with a frown on his face.

“Of course, but what about outside the city” Young Master Xi Luo said, “This area is extremely vast.

If you walk straight towards the southwest from the city, you’d arrive at the mysterious Ninth Hell.

If you travel towards the east, you’d arrive at the Desert of Death that even Spirit Realm experts wouldn’t enter rashly.

If you head to the north, you’d be on the path that one had to pass in order to travel to and from the devil territory, Heaven Tower Mountain Range.

Even though these places are extremely dangerous, there’s fortune hidden within them as well.

Before the Hidden Dragon Pagoda opens, the members of the various territories would form groups to explore these places to search for treasure or temper themselves! Do you understand now”

Yang Ye nodded.

Now, he had a slight understanding.

Everyone was safe while they were within Ancient Domain City.

But once they left the city to explore and search for treasure, they would lose the protection of the city, then life and death relied solely upon one’s own strength.

Of course, one could stay within the city if one was afraid of death!

But if one didn’t leave the city, then how would one improve one’s strength How would one kill others to steal their treasures

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this.

The fate of others wasn’t related to him at all, and it was fine so long as he remained alive! Even though such a way of thinking was slightly selfish, it was the truth.

Because he believed that no one would care about his fate!

After a moment of pondering deeply, Yang Ye asked another question.

“Then what about the Dog Entrance”

“The Dog Entrance” Young Master Xi Luo chuckled and said, “Those who enter via the Dog Entrance are equivalent to the servants in the mortal world.

They have no dignity or human rights within the city! Their residences are separated from the rest, and they have to complete a huge amount of labor every single day.

Moreover, they have to pay a huge amount of fees to reside in the city as well.

To put it simply, their status within the city is even inferior than a dog!”

“Even inferior than a dog….” Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Did Ancient Domain City make these four entrances just to divide people according to their strength”

“People have always been divided according to their strength in this society!” Young Master Xi Luo said indifferently, “But it just isn’t so undisguised.”

“You’re right!” Yang Ye smiled and said, “So long as you possess a formidable strength, then you’ll be respected wherever you are; if you’re weak, then you’ll be bullied and humiliated everywhere as well.

You’re right, it’s just that the rules here are completely undisguised!”

Young Master Xi Luo glanced at Yang Ye and was just about to speak.

Right at this moment, Wang Jindao who stood in front of the Heaven Entrance had suddenly let out a loud shout, and then he stomped his foot on the ground and relied on the counterforce to propel his figure towards the entrance like a cannonball.

At the same time, he swiftly slashed the saber in his hand at the Heaven Entrance.

In an instant, the white light around him had instantly transformed into a while ball of light that shot off in front of him towards the Heaven Entrance!

Wang Jindao didn’t hold back this time.

With the enhancement from his 3rd level Sabre Intent, space shook while ear piercing whistled resounded incessantly like firecrackers everywhere the white energy ball passed!

Yang Ye nodded slightly when he witnessed this scene.

Even though Wang Jindao’s character wasn’t really good, his strength was really not bad. If I hadn’t attained the King Realm, then I would probably have to utilize 4th level Sword Intent, my golden profound energy, and my physical strength in order to withstand this strike of his.

But now, I naturally don’t need to do that….

Under the gazes of everyone in the surroundings, the white ball of energy instantly entered the Heaven Entrance.

However, a strand of green light had suddenly shot out from within the Heaven Entrance at the instant when the white ball of light had just entered, and the white ball of energy immediately exploded into pieces.

On the other hand, the green light didn’t slow down at all as it shot towards Wang Jindao who’d entered the Heaven Entrance!

Wang Jindao was astounded, and he didn’t hesitate to tighten his grip on his saber and slash forcefully!


A clear and melodious sound of metal breaking resounded abruptly….

Yes, Wang Jindao’s saber had just come into contact with the green light when it was immediately broken, and then the green light shot through his chest….

Wang Jindao was dead.

His eyes were opened wide while his mouth was opened slightly as well.

He seemed to have intended to say something but didn’t have the chance because the green light had instantly obliterated Wang Jindao’s vitality when it shot through his chest, and this included his soul which had been blasted into dispersal! In other words, Wang Jindao was dead in both body and soul!

It was instant annihilation!

Everyone was stunned!

Exactly how terrifying is that green light Even a seventh rank King Realm expert that has comprehended 3rd level Sabre Intent was actually unable to withstand it.

Moreover, he was even annihilated instantaneously.

My god! Could it be that the might of this green light isn’t inferior to an Exalt Realm expert

At this moment, Yang Ye was extremely shocked as well.

At this moment, Yang Ye was extremely shocked in his heart.

Because even he hadn’t been able to notice how the green light had appeared and vanished! Of course, the most important aspect was the might of the green light.

Such might was already on par with that attack he’d executed with the Dao Artifact to defeat Yuan Tong on that day!

After feeling shocked, he felt a wave of fear! Yes, it was fear! Because if he’d walked in rashly just now and faced such a terrifying strike, then even if he wasn’t killed, he would still be heavily injured! Fortunately, Wang Jindao had made an appeared, otherwise, it was very likely that he would have suffered death today!

“How could the Heaven Entrance be so easy to traverse” Young Master Xi Luo shook his head and said, “The strength possessed by that fellow with the lousy saber wasn’t bad, but he was slightly dumb.

If he tried to enter via the Earth Entrance, then he would still have a chance with the strength he possessed.

However, he just had to take the Heaven Entrance.

Now, he’s dead….”

As soon as he finished speaking, Young Master Xi Luo turned to look at Yang Ye and said, “Hey, what do you think Do you still intend to traverse the Heaven Entrance now”

Yang Ye was just about to say something.

However, right at this moment, an expression of happiness suddenly appeared on Young Master Xi Luo’s face, and then he swiftly turned around and looked towards the distance as he said, “Meng’meng Huh Frostface Why’s that detestable fellow with Meng’meng Does he want to die” As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying imposing aura surged out explosively from within him.

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and his figure flashed and moved around 10m back.

Right after Yang Ye had just left the spot, the ground around Young Master Xi Luo had sunk down by 3m!

Yang Ye’s expression instantly became solemn when he witnessed this scene. This fellow’s strength is actually so terrifying!Meanwhile, a man and woman had appeared in everyone’s fields of vision.

The man was handsome, carefree, and elegant, but there was no emotion on his face.

He was like a piece of ice, and even if they were extremely far away, others were still able to sense bone piercing coldness from him.

On the other hand, the woman had an extremely beautiful appearance, a delicate figure, and wore a green dress.

She was like an orchid that stood alone in an empty gorge, and she emanated an indifferent and tranquil aura.

“It’s Nangong Meng and Li Qingshui who are two of the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory.

Heavens! All the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory have shown themselves.

Oh my god!”

“It really is them….

According to rumor, Li Qingshui and Young Master Xi Luo both have feelings for Nangong Meng….

I don’t know whether Li Qingshui likes Nangong Meng, but Young Master Xi Luo definitely does, otherwise, how could he have flared up with such rage for no reason”

“Then who does Nangong Meng like”

“No one knows….”

Right at this moment, an explosion suddenly resounded, and then Young Master Xi Luo suddenly vanished on the spot and shot explosively towards Li Qingshui.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Young Master Xi Luo attack without saying a word, and then they were delighted. Looks like the rumors are true! A love triangle!

The woman called Nangong Meng frowned slightly when she saw Young Master Xi Luo attack as soon as he saw them, and then she flashed forward and obstructed Li Qingshui who was about to attack as well.

Young Master Xi Luo was shocked alarmed when he saw Nangong Meng stand in front of Li Qingshui, and then he hurriedly withdrew his attack and stopped 3m in front of Nangong Meng.

Young Master Xi Luo exclaimed.

“Meng’meng, move aside and let me kill this Frostface!”

Nangong Meng sighed and said, “Xi Luo, can you act a little seriously I’ve told you in the past, I’ve only taken you and Qingshui to be friends.

So, don’t keep fighting because of me, alright”

“You don’t like the two of us” Xi Luo was stunned, and then he smiled dryly and said, “Meng’meng, stop joking.

Besides the Frostface and I, is anyone else from the human world worthy of you Who else could you like besides the two of us”

Nangong Meng shook her head, and she was about to say something when she inadvertently noticed Yang Ye.

After that, a wisp of fondness flashed in her eyes.

She lifted up her fair hand and pointed a finger at Yang Ye before she said, “I like it!”

Qingshui was stunned, and so was Xi Luo….

On the other hand, the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched….


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