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Chapter 296 – Too Weak!

The surroundings were perfectly silent, and it was silent to the point it was slightly terrifying!

At this moment, everyone was looking at Yang Ye, and they were guessing who Yang Ye was because he was actually able to make one of the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory, Nangong Meng, confess to him in public!

Yang Ye was slightly stunned as well.

He swore to god that it was the first time he’d met Nangong Meng! But she’d actually confessed to him as soon as they met! Could it be that his charm was already great to such an extent

Yang Ye would naturally not think that his charm was so great that one of the geniuses amongst the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory would fall for him as soon as they met! But there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with Nangong Meng, so why would she confess to him

Of course, the most important problem was Xi Luo and Li Qingshui who stood by Nangong Meng’s side.

Because as soon as she’d spoken these words, he’d noticed both of their gazes descend onto him, and they’d even locked onto him with their auras.

It looked like it was very likely that they would attack in the next moment!

Even though they were the so-called three outstanding geniuses of the central territory, Yang Ye wasn’t afraid of them.

But even though he wasn’t afraid, there was really no need to make enemies for no reason! Moreover, based on that bit of strength that Xi Luo had revealed earlier, Yang Ye knew that he would have no choice but to flee if they attacked him at once….

Young Master Xi Luo glanced at Yang Ye, and he cleared his throat and gazed at Nangong Meng before he said, “Meng’meng, how… how could your taste have become so bad Just tell me what you like about that fellow He isn’t as handsome as me or that Frostface, his background isn’t better than us, and even his cultivation is far inferior to us.

How could you have taken a liking to him”

“Indeed!” Li Qingshui who hadn’t spoken until now had suddenly spoken in agreement.

Yang Ye’s face darkened when he heard them.

But he had no choice but to admit that they were telling the truth….

If it was in terms of appearance, he really wasn’t as handsome as they were.

As for his background, he was merely a Labor Disciple in the past, so how could he compare to them who were from Ninth Rank Sects Besides that, he’d just advanced into the King Realm, whereas, they were at the Half-step Spirit Realm.

So, when he thought up to here, Yang Ye instantly felt as if he’d suffered a heavy blow, but this was only for an instant….

Nangong Meng blinked.

After a short while, she finally figures out that the words she spoke could have been misunderstood, and her fair face flushed red when she recalled what she’d said.

After that, she glared at Xi Luo and Li Qingshui before she said, “What were the two of you thinking of I meant that I like that little fellow on his shoulder.

Both of you are really infuriating!”

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched when they heard Nangong Meng.

So she liked that pet beast….

All of them moved their gazes from Yang Ye to the violet mink, and they came to an understanding when they saw it.

They said to themselves, No wonder one of the three outstanding geniuses from the central territory, Nangong Meng, would lose her composure.

It's because that violet mink is truly too cute!

At this moment, the violet mink had woken up, and its lively eyes spun about as it sized up everyone in the surroundings with a curious gaze.

Moreover, it frequently scratched Yang Ye’s ear with its little claw.

Coupled with its clean, shiny, and fluffy violet fur, the little fellow clearly seemed extraordinarily cute!

Yang Ye’s expression was slightly stiff right now.

Earlier, he’d thought that Nangong Meng had taken a liking to him, yet he hadn’t imagined that he was being slightly vain! Even though he didn’t have any improper thoughts towards her, he still felt slightly unhappy.

Of course, anyone who encountered something like this would probably feel slightly displeased!

Xi Luo instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he heard her, and then he laughed happily and said, “I knew it, how could Meng’meng’s taste have become so bad.

Right, Meng’meng likes that little fellow Alright, very good.

I just happen to know the owner of that little fellow.

I’ll go seize it for you.

Oh, I meant I would buy it….”

“Why go to so much trouble” Right at this moment, Li Qingshui spoke abruptly, and then his figure suddenly vanished on the spot.

In the next moment, he’d appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed right towards the violet mink who was on Yang Ye’s shoulder!

Yang Ye’s expression changed while a savage expression flashed in his eyes.

Since Li Qingshui had dared to make a move against the little fellow, he’d definitely touched Yang Ye’s ‘reverse scale’! Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to draw his sword and slash! Yang Ye hadn’t utilized his Sword Intent in this strike, and he merely utilized the strength of his golden profound energy and physical body! Even though it was like that, Yang Ye was at the King Realm now.

So, the might of this strike was extremely terrifying as well!

As soon as he attacked, the countless spectators in the surroundings merely saw a strand of golden light flash by, and it was even to the extent that some hadn’t even reacted to the collision between them!

At the moment that Yang Ye had drawn his sword, Li Qingshui had frowned slightly but his expression remained unchanged.

With a flip of his palm, his palm that was moving towards the violet mink had swiftly changed its direction, and he grabbed Yang Ye’s sword in his hand.

After that, he said, “Your strength isn’t bad, Unfortunately….”

Li Qingshui was about to continue saying something when Yang Ye revealed a cold smile.

He instantly added 3rd level Sword Intent to the sword, and then he suddenly spun the sword in his hand!

Li Qingshui’s expression changed, and he hurriedly loosened his grip on Yang Ye’s sword.

However, he was still a bit too late, and the sword had flashed past his palm and caused a blood red mark to appear there!

But this wasn’t the end of it.

Yang Ye shook his wrist, and the sword that was enhanced by 3rd level Sword Intent flashed like a cunning poisonous snake as it stabbed at Li Qingshui’s neck!

In Yang Ye’s opinion, he would usually not take the initiative to offend anyone, but if others were to offend him, then he would strike with the intention to kill! As for whether he was about to defeat his opponent or not, that was something that he would only consider after they were in battle!

When they saw Yang Ye actually utilize Sword Intent, and it was even at the 3rd level, countless people in the surroundings were stunned.

Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that this fellow whom they’d constantly overlooked was actually a sword cultivator.

Moreover, he was even one that had comprehended Sword Intent!

A wisp of surprise flashed in Xi Luo’s eyes while he spoke in a low voice. 3rd level Sword Intent, and it’s so condensed.

Haha! Looks like I underestimated you just now! However, it’s a pity because now that you’ve infuriated this Frostface, you’ll be crippled even if you’re able to survive! Alas, since I got to know him, should I lend him a hand How troublesome!

On the other hand, Nangong Meng’s beautiful brows were knit together slightly as she stared fixedly at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder.

She seemed to be recalling something….

When he saw that Yang Ye actually wanted to take his life as well, Li Qingshui’s expression turned cold while the profound energy within his body circulated slightly.

In an instant, a skull sized green ball of light suddenly appeared in front of him, and with a flick of his finger, the green ball of light shot swiftly towards Yang Ye’s sword that was stabbing at him!


The sword stabbed the green ball of light, and then the sound of metal colliding instantly resounded!

Yang Ye’s expression had changed when his sword stabbed the green ball of light because a strand of enormous force had moved along the sword in his hand and caused his arm to go numb.

After that, his entire body was blasted flying, and he flew for around 25m before he finally stopped!

As he gazed at the green ball of light that floated in front of Li Qingshui, Yang Ye had a solemn expression. What exactly is that Even my 3rd level Sword Intent was actually unable to harm it at all.

Moreover, I was blasted back by it instead.

I would have definitely suffered some injury just now if I hadn’t reacted swiftly!

Right at this moment, Li Qingshui flicked with his finger, and then the green ball of light instantly transformed into a ray of light that shot swiftly towards Yang Ye.

Moreover, it was so swift that it caused Yang Ye’s expression to instantly change violently! Because the green ball of light had already collided with his chest….


Yang Ye was instantly blasted flying, and he flew for almost 60m before his body smashed to the ground while his fate was unknown!

Everyone in the surroundings was astounded.

They turned to look at Li Qingshui and saw that the green ball of light had already returned to Li Qingshui.

Moreover, it was revolving slowly as if it wasn’t the cause of Yang Ye’s instant death just now….

Young Master Xi Luo had suddenly appeared where Yang Ye stood just now, and he gazed at Li Qingshui as he said in a low voice, “Frostface, it isn’t really good to act in this way, right You wanted to seize his possession, but he resisted, so you killed him to seize it.

If news of this were to spread, it would bring shame to your Ascension Sect!”

Li Qingshui glanced at Yang Ye who’s crashed to the ground and spoke indifferently.

“Too weak!”

Xi Luo frowned.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly started standing up slowly, and the spectators in the surroundings were dumbstruck when they witnessed this scene! This fellow actually resisted a move from Li Qingshui and survived

Xi Luo was first stunned when he witnessed this, and then the corners of his mouth curled up slightly while he revealed a wisp of a smile!

Li Qingshui frowned.

Obviously, he was slightly surprised that Yang Ye had survived his attack!

After he stood up, Yang Ye smiled at the violet mink who was about to go on a rampage, and then he stretched out his hand to bring the violet mink into his arms and restrained the little fellow who was about to attack.

After that, he gazed at Li Qingshui and said, “It was too weak indeed!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye shrugged nonchalantly, and then walked slowly towards Li Qingshui!

“Oh” Li Qingshui’s brows raised while the green ball of light that floated in front of him started spinning swiftly.

Moreover, strands of terrifying aura were surging out from within it.

Yang Ye still continued walking slowly towards Li Qingshui!

As they gazed at Yang Ye, the countless spectators in the surroundings instantly revealed expressions of admiration! The three outstanding geniuses of the central territory were like a legend there, and they were like mountains that were beyond the reach of others! Not to mention profounders at the King Realm, even some Spirit Realm experts didn’t dare rashly offend them! Yet now, a first rank King Realm sword cultivator intended to challenge Li Qingshui!

Not to mention anything else, just Yang Ye’s courage alone had already aroused admiration in their hearts!

Xi Luo gazed at Yang Ye while the interest in his eyes grew denser.

Because Yang Ye had truly surprised him by actually surviving a strike of Li Qingshui’s Heaven Rank Dark Treasure, the Demonic Dimension Ball! This truly surprised and puzzled him….

After all, the Demonic Dimension Ball’s might was something that even ordinary Spirit Realm experts didn’t dare resist head-on!


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