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Chapter 297 – The Heaven Entrance!

Yang Ye stopped when he arrived 30m away from Li Qingshui, and then the profound energy within his body surged madly while strands of golden profound energy moved along his meridians and into the sword in his grasp.

As his golden profound energy surged ceaselessly into it, a dazzling golden glow immediately erupted from Yang Ye’s sword.

At the same time, a faint violet glow flashed into appearance on the little claw of the violet mink who stood on Yang Ye’s shoulder.

At this moment, the violet mink was extremely angry, and it was glaring at Li Qingshui.

If it wasn’t because Yang Ye had stopped it just now, then it would have shot a few hundred violet colored energy swords at Li Qingshui by now!

Meanwhile, Li Qingshui suddenly said, “Since you’ve comprehended 3rd level Sword Intent, I presume you’re not just a nobody.

I really am curious about which territory and sect you belong to!”

The crowd in the surroundings immediately converged their gazes onto Yang Ye when they heard Li Qingshui.

Obviously, they wanted to know which territory Yang Ye came from as well!

“Is there any point” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule.

“Right.” Li Qingshui nodded and said, “It really is pointless to ask such a question to someone who’s about to die!”

Right at this moment, Nangong Meng suddenly vanished on the spot and appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then she looked carefully at the violet mink.

After a short while, she took a deep breath while a wisp of shock arose in her eyes before she gazed at Yang Ye and asked.

“Why… why would it be by your side”

Yang Ye frowned and said, “What do you mean by that!”

Nangong Meng said with a low voice, “Don’t tell me that you’re unaware of its background!”

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. Does she mean she knows the little fellow’s background How was she able to notice that the violet mink is a Demon Beast

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, right”

A wisp of anger flashed through Nangong Meng’s eyes because no one amongst the younger generation dared to speak to her in such a way! However, she didn’t flare-up, and her tone became slightly gentler as she said, “Allow me to apologize for what happened just now.

I don’t have any ill intent towards you and it, and I merely felt extremely fond of it because it was cute.

But I never imagined that it was actually from that clan….”

“You didn’t have any ill intent” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule, and then he gazed at Li Qingshi and said, “This is what you call having no ill intent If I didn’t possess some strength, then I would probably be dead now, right”

“Do you really want to die” Meanwhile, Li Qingshui gazed at Yang Ye and spoke indifferently.

“You can give it a try” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed as he smiled coldly.

A wisp of killing intent flashed in Li Qingshui’s eyes, and he was just about to attack when Nangong Meng shook her head towards him before she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The incident from before really was our mistake.

I hope you don’t take it to heart.


As soon as she finished speaking, Nangong Meng glanced at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder with a complicated expression, and then she walked towards the Heaven Entrance!

Li Qingshui glanced coldly at Yang Ye and said, “You’re dead if this happens again!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hurriedly went after Nangong Meng.

Xi Luo walked over to Yang Ye and sized him up from top to bottom before he said, “Tsk, tsk.

I truly didn’t expect that you actually possess 3rd level Sword Intent, and this physical body of yours is actually strong to such an extent.

Even that damn ball was unable to harm you! Unfortunately, you’ve offended that Frostface, and he’s very petty.

So, he’ll definitely come looking for trouble with you in the future!”

“Whatever!” Yang Ye shrugged, and then he glanced at Xi Luo and said, “Actually, aren’t the three of you together”

“Ptooey!” Xi Luo growled.

“I’m not with that Frostface! That Frostface is usually reticent, silent, and acts cool, but he’s actually full of tricks.

If my strength wasn’t quite good, then I would have been cut apart and fed to Darkbeasts by him a very long time ago!”

Yang Ye said abruptly, “I think that you’re not a match for him!”

“Trying to provoke me into action” Xi Luo chuckled and said, “Don’t play such tricks in front of this Young Master.

If it wasn’t for the fact that we have to deal with those fellows from the demon territory, nether territory, and devil territory, I would have had a huge battle with him just now! Right, out of consideration that we’ve become acquainted, I’ll give you a word of advice.

If you encounter that Frostface while you’re alone, then run as far as you can! Let me tell you a secret, he has killed numerous Spirit Realm experts on his own! Haha!”

Spirit Realm experts Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed while a solemn expression appeared in his eyes.

Even though he disliked Li Qingshui, he had to admit that Li Qingshui’s strength was truly extremely terrifying! Especially that green ball of light.

Earlier, it had actually struck him before he could even react and blasted him flying! After all, his physical body wasn’t inferior to an ordinary Spirit Rank Darkbeast right now!

However, it was exactly such a physical body that had been blasted flying.

Moreover, the vital energy within his body roiled to the point he almost suffered an internal injury! Most importantly, he felt that it was only a casual attack from Li Qingshui.

In other words, Li Qingshui hadn’t attacked seriously at all, and just that casual attack had blasted Yang Ye flying!

Before he encountered Li Qingshui, Yang Ye felt that he wasn’t inferior to anyone amongst his peers.

However, the cruel facts from before told him that he was still very weak amongst King Realm experts!

There’s always someone stronger and better in the world.

This famous saying has always been truth itself!

Yang Ye took a deep breath.

He’d decided that he would head to the Ninth Hell and find the Ninth Hell Cold Gale as soon as possible, and it was best if he could find it before the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was opened! Otherwise, if he went against Li Qingshui with the strength he possessed right now, then he would definitely lose if he didn’t utilize the Nether Ghostflame and his 5th level Sword Intent! Moreover, he wasn’t confident in his ability to defeat Li Qingshui even if he utilized them!

After all, Li Qingshui was from a Ninth Rank Sect, so would he lack treasures and cultivation techniques Would he be inferior to Yang Ye The answer was naturally no!

At this moment, the others within the city had somehow found out that the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory were about to traverse the Heaven Entrance.

So, countless profounders had surged out from within the city, and it wasn’t long before no less than a few tens of thousands of profounders had arrived in the surroundings.

Moreover, this number was increasing incessantly.

The Heaven Entrance was undoubtedly a terrifying existence to the countless spectators in the surroundings! Not to mention the Heaven Entrance, the countless spectators in the crowd didn’t even dare to try traversing the Earth Entrance! Because if one were to die within the Heaven Entrance or Earth Entrance, then it would mean the destruction of both body and soul.

It made it impossible for them to even have a chance at reincarnation!

Nangong Meng walked slowly to the Heaven Entrance, and then she nodded lightly to both the Spirit Realm experts who stood outside it before she said, “Nangong Meng, an elite disciple of the Ninth Rank Sect, the Pure River Sect.

I’m at the peak of the King Realm!”

The Spirit Realm expert on the left nodded slightly and said, “Have you made up your mind”

“Of course!” Nangong Meng nodded.

“Then please go ahead!” The Spirit Realm expert on the right spoke indifferently.

Nangong Meng flipped her palm, and a mirror appeared there.

This mirror was round and had numerous strange diagrams inscribed on its back.

The borders of the mirror even had many marks that seemed like bolts of lightning.

In short, based on its outward appearance alone, there didn’t seem to be anything special or outstanding about this mirror!

However, the expressions of those two Spirit Realm experts had changed when they saw the mirror, and the expert on the left said in a low voice, “Little Girl, is that the low-grade Heaven Rank Dark Treasure, Spirit Illumination Mirror”

Nangong Meng nodded and said, “Excuse me for using it but I have no other choice.

The Heaven Entrance’s attack is equivalent to the attack of a fifth rank Spirit Realm expert who didn’t rely on any external forces to advance to such a realm of cultivation.

So, with the strength I possess right now, I can only rely on a Heaven Rank Dark Treasure to resist it!”

The Spirit Realm expert on the right shook his head and said, “Little Girl, you’re being too modest.

Throughout history, has there been anyone besides a small handful of people who were able to pass through the Heaven Entrance without relying on an external source of strength Hmm, it seems to have been a few thousand years since someone who traversed the Heaven Entrance without relying on any external sources of strength has appeared!”

The Spirit Realm expert on the left nodded and said, “Indeed.

One hasn’t appeared for a few thousand years! Not to mention those that don’t rely on any external sources of strength, even if it’s those who relied on such external sources of strength to traverse the Heaven Entrance, there have only been a few dozen throughout the last few thousand years! Your strength isn’t bad, so you’ll almost definitely be able to pass through the Earth Entrance if you choose it.

However, if you choose the Heaven Entrance, then the slightest carelessness would end in death! You have to think it through! I truly don’t wish to see our central territory lose an extraordinary genius!”

Nangong Meng grinned and said, “Thank you for the reminder, Seniors.

However, I still insist on trying, otherwise, I would be disgruntled my whole life!”

These two Spirit Realm experts exchanged glances when they heard this, and then they sighed in unison before moving aside.

Indeed, if a genius like Nangong Meng wasn’t allowed to try the Heaven Entrance, then it would be an eternal knot in her heart! Perhaps it wouldn’t affect her in the beginning, but it would be lethal once she attained the Monarch Realm!

So, they didn’t obstruct her!

Nangong Meng walked slowly towards the Heaven Entrance, and her expressions turned solemn as she gazed at it.

This entrance didn’t just represent a matter of dignity, it was also related to her own mental state! The path of cultivation was filled with countless difficulties.

If she wasn’t confident and was obstructed by this insignificant door, then how could she overcome the difficulties throughout her path and attain the peak of the Martial Dao

So, she had to traverse the Heaven Entrance.

Xi Luo and Li Qingshui fell silent.

They didn’t stop her because they understood her actions!

The countless spectators in the surroundings instantly shot their gazes towards Nangong Meng because nothing was more exciting than witnessing the rise or fall of geniuses!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s gaze was on her as well.

He’d witnessed how terrifying the Heaven Entrance was just now.

Truthfully speaking, he wasn’t confident in his ability to pass through it! Because if it merely attacked once, then he would naturally be able to overcome the attack.

However, the problem was whether the Heaven Entrance would only launch a single attack!

Moreover, he didn’t know whether the Heaven Entrance had even more terrifying attacks! In short, he wasn’t very confident in his ability to pass through it! However, he would definitely attempt it! Just like Nangong Meng, Yang Ye wouldn’t tolerate any flaws in his mental state!

Under the gazes of countless people, Nangong Meng raised her foot and stepped into the Heaven Entrance!


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