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The Sword Sects Founding Ancestor

Yang Ye was slightly dazed as he gazed at the ethereal old man in midair who carried a sword on his back.

Yang Ye had heard too many legends about this strongest expert in the entire southern territory and even the entire continent 10,000 years ago, and he hadnt expected that he would lay eyes on the Unfettered One himself.

Even though it was only a wisp of the Unfettered Ones soul!

The first impression he had of the old man was domineeringness, unparalleled domineeringness.

Even though the old mans figure was ethereal, he seemed like a mountain range as he stood there, and his entire body emanated a faint imposing aura that was suffocating!

After the old man appeared here, there was a short moment of confusion in his eyes, but it wasnt long before his gaze cleared up.

His gaze moved downward and swept through everyone outside Sky Hall before he shook his head and said, “Id expected that the Sword Sect would fall into decline 10,000 years later, but I never expected it would be to such an extent!”

Su Muzhe felt a wave of shame, and he was just about to speak when Yuan Tian suddenly spoke coldly.

“Youre the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect”

The old man glanced at Yuan Tian before he said, “A mere ant at the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm is actually on the verge of destroying my Sword Sect.

How pitiful.”

Su Muzhe felt even more ashamed when he heard this.

“An ant” Yuan Tian spoke with a ferocious expression.

“Unfettered One, I admit that we would definitely not be a match for you if your main body was here.

But youre just a wisp of soul right now.

No matter how strong you are, how strong can a soul without a physical host be”

“Exactly!” Meanwhile, Ghost King spoke in a cold voice.

“Unfettered One, legends say that you were extremely domineering all those years ago and never wasted your breath on anyone.

Presently, we intend to destroy your Sword Sect, so based on your past temper, you should have just raised your sword and struck us down.

Why have you been wasting your breath after you made an appearance here Could it be that….”

“You talk too much!” The Unfettered one suddenly interrupted Ghost King, and then he flicked with his finger, causing a strand of sword qi to shoot violently towards Ghost King!

Ghost Kings pupils constricted, and he was just about to resist.

However, right at this moment, the strand of sword qi suddenly sped up explosively.

It transformed into a ray of light that pierced through Ghost Kings shoulder, and then his entire right arm flew off into the air.

“Hail the Founding Ancestor!” The disciples of the Sword Sect were first stunned when they witnessed this scene, and then they cheered and bowed to the Unfettered One.

Moreover, they revealed heartfelt smiles from surviving a calamity.

There was nothing more delighting and joyful than seeing hope in a time of despair.

At this moment, Yang Ye was in deep thought.

Because while that attack the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor executed earlier seemed like a strand of sword qi, it really wasnt.

After all, the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor was in Soul Form right now, so it was utterly impossible to gather the energy within the heavens and the earth.

If it was impossible to gather the energy within the heavens and the earth, then how was that attack executed But if it wasnt a strand of sword qi, then how exactly was it executedCould it be that besides the Sword Domain, Sword Intent, and Enlightened Sword Heart… theres another method to cultivate in the Sword Dao

The members of the Sword Sect were cheering while Yuan Tian and Yu Linglong had solemn expressions instead.

But in next to no time, their expressions had eased up because the Unfettered Ones soul have grown even more ethereal and translucent!

Ghost Kings expression was extremely ferocious after having his arm chopped off.

Even though he was astounded by the strength of the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor, he felt even more embarrassment and rage.

Because a dignified Master of a sect like him had actually almost died at the hands of a wisp of a soul from 10,000 years ago.

Even though it was a wisp soul which belonged to the strongest expert in the last 10,000 years of the southern territorys history, it was still an extraordinary humiliation!

“Unfettered One, how many times can you execute such an attack without a physical host Why dont you execute it one more time, and I wont resist it, alright” Ghost King roared madly with laughter.

The Unfettered one glanced coldly at Ghost King, and then his gaze swept towards the members of the Sword Sect outside Sky Hall and said, “Those who have comprehended the Sword Domain or Sword Soul, take a step forward!”

The disciples of the Sword Sect were stunned.

They were utterly unaware of what the Sword Domain was.

Su Muzhe shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Yang Ye was stunned amidst the crowd.

Could it be that the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor requires someone who has comprehended the Sword Domain to host his soul Right, whats the Sword Soul

The Unfettered One frowned when he saw no one step forward, and then he said, “Those who possess the Enlightened Sword Heart, step forward!”

At this moment, the members of the Sword Sect understood their Founding Ancestors intentions, and after they came to an understanding, all the disciples of the Sword Sect including Su Muzhe felt extremely ashamed.

Su Qingshi looked over at Yang Ye, and Yang Ye instantly felt quite troubled when he noticed it.

He naturally knew what Su Qingshi meant, but truthfully speaking, he really didnt have like the Sword Sect at all and didnt want to lend it a hand.

Moreover, he didnt dare to allow to host the Unfettered One.

After all, what would he do if the Unfettered One noticed the tiny vortex

However, how could he possibly bear to refuse a request from her

Right when he was conflicted and troubled, the Unfettered Ones brows had knit together even more tightly in midair, and he said, “Those who have comprehended Sword Intent, step forward!”

Su Muzhe sighed lightly.

He went forward and bowed to the Unfettered One before he said, “Founding Ancestor, no one in the entire Sword Sect has comprehended the Sword Domain, the Sword Soul, the Enlightened Sword Heart, or Sword Intent.”

The Unfettered One shook his head lightly when he heard Su Muzhe, and then he said, “I never expected that after I established this sect all those years ago, it would have actually fallen to such decline 10,000 years later!”

The reason he asked for those who had comprehended the Sword Domain, Sword Soul, Sword Intent, or Enlightened Sword Heart to step forward was because only profounders who had comprehended these things were capable of temporarily hosting his soul.

Only in that way would he be able to rely on that profounders body to utilize his strength.

After all, he was only a wisp of soul and not his main body!

“Haha!” Right at this moment, Ghost King suddenly roared with laughter.

He laughed for a short while before he said, “Su Muzhe, havent you made a mistake How could you Sword Sect not possess someone like that Doesnt that fellow, Yang Ye, possess the Enlightened Sword Heart Hasnt he comprehended Sword Intent Oh, right! He isnt a disciple of your Sword Sect anymore.

If Im not wrong, it was your Sword Sect that expelled him, right Hahaha!!!”

Yuan Tian shook his head as well and said, “You dug your own grave!”

The Sword Sects Founding Ancestor was extremely terrifying, and he was still extraordinarily terrifying even if it was only a wisp of his soul.

After all, he was once a Saint Realm expert and a sword cultivator.

However, his ability was limited without a physical host, and they only had to pay a certain price before this wisp of the Unfettered Ones soul would be nothing to worry about!

However, Yuan Tian had a question….

“Unfettered One, if you tell us the origins of the Heavenpath and how to overcome it, then we can even spare the Sword Sect!” said Yuan Tian in a low voice.

Ghost King and Yu Linglong hesitated for a moment, and then they remained silent.

Obviously, theyd tacitly approved of what Yuan Tian had said.

However, it was absolutely impossible for them to spare the Sword Sect.

“How laughable!” The Unfettered One glanced at them with pity and said, “You actually dream to overcome the Heavenpath with the strength of an ant You truly overestimate your ability! Even though Im merely a wisp of soul, and I can only execute one last attack, but I guarantee that itll kill one of you.

So, which one of youll be the first to give it a try”

Yuan Tians eyes narrowed slightly before he said, “The Sword Sect will be wiped off from the southern territory today!”

The Unfettered One remained silent while the space around him started to surge violently.

Obviously, he was prepared to launch that final attack.

Even though Yuan Tian had made such a threat, he didnt dare to be the first to attack.

Because while the Unfettered One could only execute one last attack, he wasnt confident in his ability to withstand that attack.

Even if he succeeded, he would probably suffer a heavy injury, and he couldnt afford to be heavily injured at such a time.

After all, the Grand Qin Empire was eyeing his Origin School from the shadows!

Yuan Tian didnt dare be the first to attack, and both Ghost King and Yu Linglong were even more fearful.

After all, they were slightly weaker than Yuan Tian.

Since Yuan Tian wasnt confident in his ability to withstand it, then how could they possibly resist it Moreover, they werent stupid enough to sacrifice themselves and help the others at a time like this!

For a time, both sides had fallen into a stalemate.

On the ground below, Su Qingshi had walked over to Yang Yes side.

The two of them gazed at each other for a few breaths of time before Su Qingshi lowered her head slightly.

She wanted for Yang Yes help, but she knew that it was impossible for Yang Ye to help the Sword Sect with the character he had.

After all, the Sword Sect had betrayed him first.

So, if she were to ask this of Yang Ye, then countless cracks might instantly form between her and Yang Ye.

Because she was unable to imagine how she would face him if he refused her request.

Actually, the problem was how both of them would face each other after that!

However, how could she possibly just watch as the Sword Sect was annihilated just like that After all, it was her home, and her loved ones were here as well.

While Su Qingshi was conflicted and felt extremely helpless, Yang Ye shook his head and sighed before he grabbed her hand.

After that, he pulled her into his arms and gave her a light peck on the forehead.

At this moment, the gazes of countless in the surroundings had descended onto Yang Ye.

After all, Su Qingshi was the daughter of the Sword Sects Master.

But at this moment, the was being embraced by a man in front of everyone.

Moreover, she didnt resist it at all.

So, such a scene naturally drew the attention and aroused the curiosity of countless people.

Yang Ye had left the Sword Sect for a few years now and coupled with the fact that hed disguised himself on purpose, so the disciples of the Sword Sect here werent able to recognize him.

Only some who Yang Ye had come into contact with, in the past, like Qingxue and the others felt that Yang Ye was slightly familiar!

It wasnt long before someone recognized him.

“Its Yang Ye! Hes Yang Ye! Hes that Yang Ye who killed the Sword Emperor and has become the Sword Emperor now! Its him! It really is him! My god! He has actually returned to the southern territory and returned to the Sword Sect….” A disciple of the Sword Sect who had once been an outer court disciple with Yang Ye pointed at him while roaring excitedly in a slight frenzy.

“It really is Yang Ye! It really is him! I recognize him! Hes even our Vice Master of our Sword School….”

“I recognize him as well! He was even a Labor Disciple in the past….”

“Hes that fellow” Su Muzhe gazed at Yang Ye while he muttered in a low voice.

Right at this moment, the Unfettered Ones gaze had descended onto Yang Ye.

He was instantly stunned upon laying eyes on Yang Ye, and then his eyes lit up.

After that, a slight smile appeared on his grim face.

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