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Yang Ye stood on the Divine Gold Dragon in the air above the Origin School, and he pointed Lag towards the Origin School down below while revealing a cold and indifferent expression.

Countless disciples of the Origin School ran out onto the square outside their grand hall and gazed at both Yang Ye and the divine gold dragon in midair.

“Thats the Sword Sects Yang Ye What powerful Sword Intent! Im actually affected by his Sword Intent while hes that far away! My god! Exactly how strong is his Sword Intent”

“That enormous dragon beneath his is a legendary Divine Gold Dragon How terrifying! Its even more terrifying than the descriptions in the ancient texts.

According to legend, the Dragon Race is extremely proud and looks down upon humans.

How could a dragon actually be willing to become Yang Yes mount My god! Could it be that another Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect has been born”

“His Sword Intent is at the 8th level at least.

Theres probably no one in our Origin School who can rival him at the Exalt Realm.

Alas, our Origin School will be utterly disgraced just like the Flower Palace if no one is able to defeat him in battle!”

Zhao Zhangfeis expression changed when he heard Yang Yes voice that came from outside the grand hall.

He hadnt expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to come here to the Origin School by himself and issue a challenge.

Does he really think he is invincible

“He intends to dampen the morale of our troops!” Meanwhile, the refined man spoke in a low voice.

An elder of the Origin School smiled as he said, “Isnt it great that he has come It just happens to be the best opportunity to deal with him.

Hehe, I refuse to believe that he can escape from a few thousand Exalt Realm experts.”

The refined man glanced at that elder and spoke flatly.

“Didnt you hear him Hes asking for a one on one battle.

We would be the ones who lose face if we sent a group to besiege him, and it would even make the entire southern territory and some of the clans in the central territory think that my Exalted Han Empire is afraid of him.

If the group of a few thousand Exalt Realm experts could really kill him, then it wouldnt be too bad to lose some face.

But the problem is what if they arent able to kill him! At that time, it would be like Yang Ye smashing our faces on the ground before trampling all over it!”

“How could that be possible!” That elder said, “How could Yang Ye possibly be a match for a few thousand Exalt Realm experts Advisor Zhuge, arent you thinking a little too highly of him”

The refined man glanced at that elder yet didnt speak another word.

That elder was instantly infuriated from being disregarded, but he didnt dare criticize the refined man and could just shoot a fierce glare over.

“Could it be that all the members of the Exalted Han Empire and Origin School have no balls How about we do this Ill allow you to fight me in a two on one battle, alright” Right at this moment, Yang Yes voice resounded once more by their ears!

“Hes going too far!” That elder from the Origin School who spoke before exploded with rage!

“Elder Yuan Che, why dont you go fight Yang Ye since youre that angry Yang Ye is only at the third rank of the Exalt Realm while youre already at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm.

It should be easy for Elder Yuan Che to kill Yang Ye with the strength you possess!” The refined man spoke in an indifferent tone.

The corners of that elders mouth twitched.

Even though he hadnt fought Yang Ye in the past, hed heard about Yang Yes deeds.

Yang Ye had even killed a few ninth rank Exalt Realm experts in succession while he attacked the Flower Palace! Moreover, Yang Ye had slaughtered 10,000 troops from the Souleater Corps with that golden dragon.

So, he was clearly aware that if he were to fight Yang Ye, then he wouldnt be a match for Yang Ye at all!

However, if he didnt head over and face Yang Ye after that refined man spoke like that, then it would really bring huge disgrace to the Origin School But if he went to face Yang Ye, then it was very likely that he wouldnt be able to return!

“Didnt Yang Ye say so just now He allows us to fight him in a two on one battle.

Since its like that, then lets send one expert from my Origin School and another from the Exalted Han Empire, alright” Meanwhile, one of the other elders of the Origin School spoke abruptly.

“Right!” Yuan Che hurriedly said, “Yang Ye didnt just provoke my Origin School, he provoked the Exalted Han Empire as well.

General Zhao, youre a great general of the Exalted Han Empire who possesses countless experts under our command, so wouldnt you be able to annihilate Yang Ye by casually sending any one of them”

Zhao Zhangfei glanced coldly at Yuan Che.

These elders are really utterly useless yet good at causing trouble.

If it wasnt out of consideration of the overall situation, Zhao Zhangfei really wanted to kill Yuan Che on the spot!

“Im willing to fight that fellow, Yang Ye!” Meanwhile, a middle aged man who was covered in armor had stepped forward.

Zhao Zhangfei frowned, and then he said, “Yang Ye is practically invincible amongst those of the same realm of cultivation.

The two of you will probably be no match for him even if you join forces.

Theres no need to make unnecessary sacrifices!”

“But he cant be allowed to continue mouthing off from outside!” The man spoke in a deep voice.

“Allow me and Elder Yuan Che to test his strength.

Well flee if we cant fight him.”

Zhao Zhangfei was quite hesitant because Luo Juns message to him contained Luo Juns warning to be cautious of Yang Ye.

He could imagine how strong Yang Ye was, otherwise, the Mortal Emperor would definitely not attach such importance to Yang Ye and ask him to be cautious.

“Just let them test Yang Yes strength!” Meanwhile, the refined man said, “We need to have a clear understanding of Yang Yes strength, only then can we know our enemy well enough to formulate our strategy for the upcoming battle.

Perhaps Elder Yuan Che and Chi Hu are no match for Yang Ye, but it should be possible for them to escape him.

Even if they cant, we have all of our forces here, and we can lend them a hand!”

Zhao Zhangfei hesitated for a moment before he nodded and said, “Retreat immediately if the two of you are no match for him, understand” Even though Luo Jun had asked him to be cautious, he didnt have a good understanding of Yang Yes strength at all.

Just as the refined man had said, he needed to understand Yang Yes true strength!

If Zhao Zhangfei was aware of Yang Yes accomplishments during the battle outside the Saint Ruins, then he probably wouldnt allow them to fight Yang Ye.

Unfortunately, he didnt because Luo Jun had sealed off the news about his loss to Yang Ye.

As the Mortal Emperor, how could he let others become aware of his loss to Yang Ye.

After all, it would be a lethal blow to his reputation!

So, he hadnt told Zhao Zhangfei about Yang Yes true strength, and he just asked Zhao Zhangfei to be careful!

The man in armor nodded while a little disdain arose in Yuan Ches heart.

He admitted that he might not be able to fight Yang Ye in a one on one battle, but he refused to believe that the joint forces of 2 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts would lose to Yang Ye! After all, Yang Ye was only at the Exalt Realm and not the Monarch Realm.

So, Yuan Che truly felt that these profounders of the central territory were too cowardly!

The two of them left the grand hall and shot up into the air.

“Yang Ye! How dare you come here and run wild at my Origin School! Ill teach you the meaning of the worddeath today!” Yuan Che glared angrily at Yang Ye upon arriving in the air, and his imposing aura swept out violently.

Yang Ye laughed coldly as he swung Lag, and then an indistinct ripple flashed by.

Yuan Ches expression changed slightly, and he was just about to counterattack when the speed of that ripple suddenly rose explosively.

Yuan Che was astounded because it arrived almost instantaneously in front of him, and he was just about to dodge it.

Unfortunately, he felt a strand of strange energy envelop him at this instant, and the ripple had vanished when that energy vanished.

Yuan Che was stunned, and then he roared madly with laughter and said, “Yang Ye, is that your sword qi Is that all”

Yang Ye gazed at Yuan Che as if he was looking at an idiot.

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