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Yang Ye vanished without a trace after the battle before Immortal Qilin City.

As for the 3 geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds, one perished on the spot while the other 2 vanished.

However, as far as everyone else was concerned, Mo Yixie and Yun Qingyao were probably dead.

12th level Sword Intent!

Word of Yang Yes 12th level Sword Intent swept through Profounder Continent, and then countless clans and sects left the territory of the Exalted Han Empire and headed to the southern territory….

The Hallowed Grounds was very formidable, but it was very far away while Yang Ye was right before them.

Moreover, even if they were once Yang Yes enemies, they had no choice but to admit that if Yang Ye had the chance to grow, then his accomplishments would absolutely not be inferior to the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor.

So long as he became an existence on par with the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor, then while he might not be able to destroy the Hallowed Grounds, he would definitely be able to annihilate any power on the continent with ease!

Most importantly, Yang Ye still hadnt suffered a defeat until now!

Everyone had to choose sides during these chaotic times.

A good choice would naturally equate to survival or even great success, but a bad choice would lead to eternal damnation.

Actually, if it was possible, then many clans and sects would rather side with the Hallowed Grounds.

But the problem was that the Hallowed Grounds didnt welcome them at all.

After all, even if they wanted to head to the Hallowed Grounds, would the Hallowed Grounds allow it

The arrogance and haughtiness of the geniuses whod come from the Hallowed Grounds was obvious! Every single one of them was beyond arrogant, and they made it seem like coming to Profounder Continent was like setting foot into a pigsty….

Everyone had dignity of their own.

So, since the Hallowed Grounds didnt welcome them, then had no choice but to side with the southern territory.

Of course, Ding Shaoyao wouldnt accept everyone.

All those who came to side with the southern territory were tested and selected because she refused to allow those who might betray the southern territory to join them.

As this continued, the forces of the southern territory grew greater and greater while the Exalted Han Empire grew weaker and weaker….

3 days later, Yang Ye finally showed himself.

Yang Ye didnt head directly to the capital like everyone expected.

Conversely, he travelled around the Exalted Han Empire for half a day before heading to the Ascension Sect.

The entire Ascension Sect seemed like it was facing an extraordinary enemy when Yang Ye arrived at their door.

The grand formation was activated, and all its disciples and elders left their places of cultivation.

It was such a grand scene that it seemed like a Half-Saint had arrived.

“Yang Ye, theres no enmity between my Ascension Sect and you!” The Sect Master of the Ascension Sect gazed at Yang Ye who stood in the air and spoke in a deep voice.

There were a few hundred Exalt Realm experts, over 10,000 Spirit Realm experts, and countless King Realm experts standing around him.

The Ascension Sect could be said to have summoned all its elites.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “You allied yourselves with the Exalted Han Empire, so youre an enemy of mine.”

“The Exalted Han Empire is already in such a state.

Sword Emperor, can you not show mercy” said the Ascension Sects Master.

“Weeds that arent uprooted will always stand up once more!” Yang Ye made a grasping motion and an intent sword appeared in his hand.

He said, “Ascension Sect, I only ask if youre willing to yield!”

“Yang Ye, dont go too far!” The Ascension Sects Master spoke coldly.

Yang Ye nodded, and then suddenly swung his intent sword.

A strand of sword qi shot forward and crashed against the grand formation.


The members of the Ascension Sect watched with horror as countless cracks appeared on the grand formation which was capable of resisting the attacks of Monarch Realm experts….

Yang Ye was just about to wave his sword once more when a white haired old man appeared before him.

Yang Yes pupils constricted because the old man was a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert!

“Supreme Elder!” All the disciples of the Ascension Sect instantly heaved sighs of relief when they saw the old man.

Every single one of them had witnessed how terrifying Yang Ye was, and they knew that if the Ascension Sect didnt yield, then Yang Ye would definitely slaughter their entire sect!

After all, how could anyone be a match for this demon if Monarch Realm experts couldnt act against him

Yang Ye didnt launch another attack.

He just gazed at the old man while the old man gazed at him as well.

After a moment of silence, the old man was the first to break the silence, “I didnt have the chance to witness the Unfettered Ones greatness, but I presume he wasnt as shocking as you are at such an age.

Even I would probably be unable to annihilate you if you attain the Monarch Realm.”

“Senior possesses unfathomable strength.

Im no match for you!” Yang Ye wasnt being humble.

It was really what he felt.

The old mans strength was absolutely not inferior to Luo Tian, and perhaps only existences like the Demon Emperor and the Dragon Emperor could defeat the old man.

“I dare not attack you!” The old man shook his head and said, “Lets get back on topic.

I presume youve witnessed how terrifying the Hallowed Grounds is.

Since its like that, then Id like to know if you think that you can go against such a colossus”

Yang Ye said, “All I know is that they want to kill me, so I intend to destroy them.

As for whether I can go against them, havent you seen the outcome already Most of the members of the Hallowed Grounds whove come for me are dead, right”

“That isnt their true strength!” said the old man.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Then do you think the strength Ive revealed is my true strength”

The old man too a deep and long glance at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye continued, “The Hallowed Grounds has a formidable enemy, the defiant profounders.

So, they will definitely not swarm out from the Hallowed Grounds to deal with me and the southern territory.

If they dont dispatch a Half-Saints, then do you think anyone on the continent is capable of destroying me and my master There isnt! The Half-Saints of the demon race, devil race, and oceanic race wont fight my master to the death for the Hallowed Grounds, right”

“What if the Hallowed Grounds defeat the defiant profounders again” The old man said, “The defiant profounders are formidable, but that was in the past.

Theyd been suppressed for almost 100,000 years now.

I refuse to believe that their strengths havent weakened.

On the other hand, the Hallowed Grounds has definitely amassed extremely terrifying strength throughout this time.

Otherwise, they wouldnt seem completely indifferent after they lost that many Monarch Realm experts!”

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he stared the old man in the eye and said, “May I ask if anyone below the Monarch Realm from your Ascension Sect can stop me”

The old mans eyelids twitched, and his gaze towards Yang Ye was icy cold.

Yang Ye remained completely fearless instead and said, “Senior, do you know why I only came to your Ascension Sect after going around the central territory for half a day I wanted to see if the Exalted Han Empire and those other 2 sects would assist your Ascension Sect.

But even youve seen the outcome.

The Exalted Han Empire hasnt come, the other 2 sects havent come, and even the Hallowed Grounds didnt come….

Senior, take a good look at your allies!”

The old man fell silent for a short while before he said, “Youve convinced me!”

Yang Ye grinned, and he didnt speak further.

Actually, he was aware of the old mans choice from the very beginning.

Or it could be said that the old man had no choice.

So long as the old man wasnt a fool, he would absolutely not choose to fight Yang Ye to the death.

After all, Yang Ye possessed absolute strength beneath the Monarch Realm!

Suddenly, the old man said, “Sword Emperor, I want a promise from you!”

“If the Ascension Sect doesnt betray me, then I wont betray the Ascension Sect!” Yang Ye looked the old man in the eyes as he spoke.

A short while passed before the old man smiled and said, “Even though youre called the Sword Demon as well, I have to say that youre much more loyal than Luo Jun, and youre much more trustworthy as well.” As soon as he finished speaking, the old man turned around and said, “From this moment onward, my Ascension Sect shall break all ties with the Exalted Han Empire.


“Yes!” All of them answered in unison.

Since the Supreme Elder has spoken, how could they dare to object However, all of them were quite worried because while theyd dealt with the dangers they faced from Yang Ye, it was very likely that they would have to face the Hallowed Grounds in the future, and it was a terrifying existence that surpassed all the powers on the continent!

But they werent completely without any hope because they had a freak like Yang Ye on their side….

“Senior, please lead the members of your sect to the southern territory.

Since Luo Jun cant unify the human world, then I will!” said Yang Ye.

Yang Ye had no intention to strive for supremacy, but everything hed experienced allowed him to be clearly aware that the strength of a single person was limited.

Especially when he had to go against the Hallowed Grounds and might have to fight the defiant profounders.

It didnt just require him to possess formidable strength, he needed formidable forces as well.

After all, regardless of how formidable he was, how many could he kill by himself

There was another benefit of possessing such forces.

Just like this very moment, while he was one of the reasons the Ascension Sect had yielded, it was still the forces that stood behind him which played a larger role.

Because to a certain extent, the forces of the southern territory which he represented were entirely on par with the Exalted Han Empire.

“Of course!” The old man nodded.

Now that hed decided to side with the southern territory, he would naturally not allow the members of his sect to stay here in the central territory.

Yang Ye nodded and then turned around with the intention of leaving.

The old man suddenly asked, “Where are you heading next”

“The Clear River Sect!”

“They might not yield!” said the old man.

“Then Ill kill them!” Yang Yes figure vanished in the horizon as he finished speaking these words.

The old man stared blankly at the direction Yang Ye left towards, and then his gaze gradually became solemn.

Truthfully speaking, he really had no choice but to yield to the southern territory.

His original intention was to maintain a neutral position, but it was obviously impossible.

So, he had no choice but to choose the southern territory.

Because it was just like Yang Ye had said, no one in the entire Ascension Sect could stop Yang Ye.

But he was very clearly aware that standing on Yang Yes side was equivalent to becoming enemies with the Exalted Han Empire and the Hallowed Grounds.

The Ascension Sect was naturally unafraid of the Exalted Han Empire now, but he had no choice but to fear a colossus like the Hallowed Grounds!

After all, could Yang Ye and the Undertaker really resist the Hallowed Grounds once it was determined to kill them

“The world… is really about to change….” The old man sighed lightly, and then his figure vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye traveled to the Clear River Sect upon leaving the Ascension Sect.

However, the Clear River Sect seemed to have expected his arrival.

Its grand formation was active, and all its disciples were fully geared up.

Moreover, Yang Ye even saw experts of the Exalted Han Empire amongst them.

Of course, the most important thing was that he saw Luo Jun!

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