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Chapter 7 – The Outer Court Rankings

The training grounds.

Yang Ye and Elder Qian walked side by side.

Even though it was already night, but under the illumination of the Moonlight Stones in the surroundings, the training grounds were bright as day.

Suddenly, Elder Qian stopped and look at Yang Ye before he said, “Yang Ye, did you ever feel resentment towards me when I reduced you to a Labor Disciple that day”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Elder Qian, if it wasn’t for you, then my younger sister and mother would have probably already fallen into the Liu Clan’s hands.

I do have resentment in my heart, but it’s only to my own self.

At that time, I didn’t live up to Elder Qian’s expectations and caused Elder Qian to be ridiculed by others just like I had.

It was I that disappointed Elder Qian!”

Yang Ye would never forget the scenes of those Outer Court Elders ridiculing him and Elder Qian.

When he was unable to become a Profounder even after a year, those Outer Court Elders and Outer Court Disciples had given him a ‘resounding’ nickname.

Moreover, they even ridiculed Elder Qian by calling him old, unable to see properly, and said he’d brought back a piece of trash for the Sword Sect.

It could be said that he was the laughingstock amongst the Outer Court Disciples, and because of him, Elder Qian became the laughingstock amongst the Outer Court Elders.

When he heard Yang Ye, Elder Qian patted Yang Ye on the shoulder and said, “Alright, all of that has already passed, and you don’t have to make a fuss about it.

I never imagined that you would actually possess Profound Energy of the five elements, and it would even be gold element Profound Energy.

Come, let’s head to the Outer Court Peak now.

I intend to reinstate your status as an Outer Court Disciple.

Let me see who dares call you a piece of trash now!”

“Elder Qian, I want to participate in the Outer Court Exam that’s being held a month from now.

I’ll use my strength to tell them that I’m not a piece of trash, and Elder Qian’s perception is the best in the Sword Sect!” Yang Ye looked at Elder Qian as he spoke in an extremely serious manner.

If he really possessed the Profound Energy of the five elements, then he might really follow Elder Qian to the Outer Court Peak.

But the problem was, did he possess gold element Profound Energy He didn’t want others to know of the secret that was the tiny vortex!

Elder Qian was stunned when he heard this, and then he started laughing before he said, “Good, good, you have ambition.”

The Sword Sect had two methods to recruit Outer Court Disciples.

The first method was that Outer Court Elders could recruit any three disciples at will because all Outer Court Elders had a quota of three Outer Court Disciples.

The second method was the Outer Court Exam.

This was the normal method the Sword Sect utilized to recruit disciples, and anyone that had attained the sixth rank of the Mortal Realm before the age of 17 had the qualifications to participate in this exam.

The strength and status of Outer Court Disciples chosen from the Outer Court Exam were superior to the Outer Court Disciples recruited by the Outer Court Elders because the exam was extremely stringent.

Not only did one have to possess a formidable strength, one also had to possess a formidable comprehension ability and natural talent.

It could be said that the former was taking the backdoor while the later was becoming an Outer Court Disciple by relying on one’s own strength.

So, the status of the former was far inferior to the latter in the Sword Sect.

Elder Qian thought for a moment and then withdrew a small pouch from his pocket.

He passed it to Yang Ye and said, “It’s very good that you have ambition.

There are 10 Energy Stones and Meridian Shield Pills here.

The Energy Stones will allow you to quickly absorb Profound Energy, whereas, Meridian Shield Pills can protect your meridians from injury.”

As he gazed at the small pouch, Yang Ye hesitated before he received it and said seriously, “Elder Qian, don’t worry.

I’ll definitely not disappoint you this time.” He didn’t refuse Elder Qian’s good intentions because he did indeed require cultivation resources now.

Otherwise, with his current speed of cultivation, it would definitely be impossible for him to attain the sixth rank of the Mortal Realm before he was 17.

Elder Qian smiled as he nodded, and then he said, “I believe that the speed of cultivation of someone that possesses the Profound Energy of the five elements is extremely swift.

I don’t know what the problem in your body was in the past, but it seems like there are no more problems now.

Cultivate properly and strive to obtain the top 10 positions in the Outer Court Exam and allow those old fellows to see who the true piece of trash is!” As he finished speaking, Elder Qian’s voice carried a trace of anger.

Even though he had a good temper, when he thought of looks on those Outer Court Elders at that time, he was still slightly angry.

“The first 10 positions” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

“What You aren’t confident in your ability to obtain that” Elder Qian spoke with a smile.

Yang Ye shook his head.

How could he not be confident His target wasn’t the become an Outer Court Disciple, and his true target was to become an Inner Court Disciple.

In the past, he didn’t dare have extravagant hopes of becoming an Inner Court Disciple, but now that he possessed that mysterious tiny vortex in his Dantian and coupled with his own hard work, he believed that he would definitely be able to become an Inner Court Disciple.

Of course, I had to first become an Outer Court Disciple before he had the qualifications to participate in the Inner Court Exam!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he said, “Elder Qian, I have something to ask of you!”

“What is it” Elder Qian spoke with curiosity.

Yang Ye told Elder Qian about the Southpeace City’s Liu Clan targeting his younger sister.

Originally, he intended to rely on his own ability to deal with the Liu Clan, yet now, his strength was still insufficient, and he still needed time.

So, he could only entrust Elder Qian with taking care of it.

Elder Qian went silent for a moment when he heard Yang Ye, and then he said, “If I’m not wrong, that Liu Qingyu who recently joined the Outer Court is a disciple of the Liu Clan, and that’s the reason why the Liu Clan dared to disregard my warning from that day and started to target your family again!”

“Liu Qingyu”

When he heard Yang Ye repeat this name, Elder Qian’s expression became slightly serious, and he said, “He’s a disciple of the Liu Clan that recently became an Outer Court Disciple after attaining the third position in the Outer Court Exam.

After cultivating for a single month, he was ranked at the 29th position on the Outer Court Rankings.

Supposedly, some Inner Court Elders have already started to pay attention to him.”

“29th on the Outer Court Rankings” Yang Ye’s expression became serious as well.

The Outer Court Rankings was a ranking of the strengths possessed by the Outer Court Disciples in the Sword Sect.

There were a few thousands of Outer Court Disciples, and there were countless experts amongst them.

Supposedly, the strengths of the experts on the top 10 positions of the Outer Court Rankings were already on par with Outer Court Elders.

So, since Liu Qingyu was able to be ranked at the 29th position in a short period of a month, it was sufficient to display his natural talent and strength!

“Don’t worry, I’ll make a trip to Southpeace City!” Elder Qian said, “That Liu Qingyu still isn’t an Inner Court Disciple now, and the Liu Clan will still give me some face.

However, if that Liu Qingyu passes through the Inner Court Exam that’s held in three months from now to become an Inner Court Disciple, then at that time, the Liu Clan might not fear me at all.”

Yang Ye bowed to Elder Qian when he heard this, and he said, “Thank you, Elder Qian.” Yang Ye knew that once Liu Qingyu became an Inner Court Disciple, then the status of an Outer Court Elder would be utterly insufficient to restrain him at all.

At that time, with the cultivation resources of an Inner Court Disciple, Liu Qingyu’s strength would definitely improve even more swiftly, whereas, the Liu Clan would definitely act in an even more unbridled manner within Southpeace City!

If he wanted to make the Liu Clan feel fearful, then he had to possess strength and an identity that was more formidable than Liu Qingyu.

In other words, he only had three months of time now.

If he was unable to surpass Liu Qingyu within three months of time, then the situation his mother and younger sister were in would be dangerous.

“Kid, since Liu Qingyu was able to ascend to the 29th position of the Outer Court Rankings, it represents that he has become a First Heaven Realm expert.

You must work hard, otherwise, not to mention protecting your family, even protecting your own life would be a problem.” Elder Qian spoke a low voice.

A First Heaven Realm expert!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted while he clenched his fists tightly.

It was common knowledge that the realm beneath the First Heaven Realm was the Mortal Realm.

The Mortal Realm was divided into the first until ninth rank, and the First Heaven Realm was after the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm.

There was an extremely enormous gap between experts at the Mortal Realm and the First Heaven Realm because even if everything else was disregarded, the First Heaven Profound Energy Barrier possessed by experts at the First Heaven Realm wasn’t something that experts at the Mortal Realm could break through!

“The First Heaven Realm, huh It looks like I have to work even harder!” Yang Ye clenched his fists tightly while he revealed a firm expression.

Elder Qian nodded with a smile when he noticed Yang Ye wasn’t terrified by the First Heaven Realm.

Besides Yang Ye’s loyalty to his loved ones, the reason he’d given one of the three spots he possessed to Yang Ye was because of Yang Ye’s firm nature.

In the path towards the Martial Dao, besides formidable natural talent, it required nature and disposition like Yang Ye’s.

After he bid his farewells to Elder Qian, it was already deep in the night.

Yang Ye didn’t continue cultivating in Cool Breeze Gorge, and he returned to his own room before taking out the Five Element Talisman Marking Technique and studying it.

If he were able to create talismans, then it would definitely be extremely helpful towards his strength.

After all, the effects of those talismans were extraordinary.

As he looked through the introduction of those talismans within the Five Element Talisman Marking Technique, Yang Ye felt more and more shocked the more he read because the effects of some talismans were truly too formidable.

For example, a talisman called the Spirit Gathering Talisman was actually capable of allowing others to swiftly absorb Profound Energy.

Even though it only lasted for four hours, it was already extremely formidable.

There was also a type of Strength Talisman that was capable of allowing one’s strength to multiply a few times for two hours.

Moreover, there were many others as well….

After looking through it for a while, Yang Ye was finally unable to restrain himself, and he decided to create a talisman.

He didn’t choose those difficult talismans, and he chose the Strength Talisman instead.

His way of thinking was good, but only when he started did Yang Ye notice that creating talismans was much more difficult than he’d imagined.

However, Yang Ye wasn’t discouraged, and he tried over and over again.

In the next few days, because of Elder Qian, the new Manager of the Labor Peak acted very wisely and didn’t distribute any work to Yang Ye.

So, Yang Ye had much more time, and every single day, he was either cultivating bitterly in Cool Breeze Gore or studying the talisman marking technique.

On this day, while Yang Ye was studying the Five Element Talisman Marking Technique in his room, a Labor Disciple arrived at Yang Ye’s room.

This Labor Disciple had a solemn expression and said, “Big Brother Yang, there’s something I must notify you of!”

“What is it” Yang Ye was puzzled because he didn’t know this person at all.

Even though Du Xiu and the others were eliminated because of him and these Labor Disciples were usually very polite to him, he didn’t have any relationship with these Labor Disciples.

When he heard Yang Ye, that Labor Disciple hesitated for a moment before he said, “Big Brother Yang, Du Xiu’s cousin brother seems to be about to return.”

Because of Yang Ye, everyone within Labor Peak didn’t suffer the oppression of Du Xiu any longer.

So, all of these Labor Disciples had a good impression of Yang Ye, and they didn’t wish that Yang Ye would suffer any mishaps.

“Du Xiu’s cousin brother” Yang Ye frowned.

He knew that Du Xiu’s cousin brother was an Outer Court Disciple. Could it be that he intends to come looking for trouble with me

The Labor Disciple nodded and said, “Big Brother Yang, the others asked me to notify you that Du Xiu’s cousin brother is supposedly already an expert at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm.

After he returns, if he finds out that Du Xiu and the others were sent to Star Ore Mountain because of you, then he’ll definitely come looking for trouble with you.

You have to mentally prepare yourself!”

“The eighth rank of the Mortal Realm” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he pondered deeply for a short moment.

After that, he withdrew 50 gold coins and passed it to the Labor Disciple before him and said, “Thanks for all of your kind intentions.

I’ll be careful.

This is 50 gold coins.

Don’t refuse it and take it.

If there’s any other important information next time, then you can come notify me about it!”

There were a few thousand disciples on Labor Peak, and they were scattered all around the mountain.

So, they were able to hear many things every single day.

It could be said that these Labor Disciples were in possession of a large amount of information, and if they became his eyes and ears, then it would absolutely be an enormous help to him.

After he received the 50 gold coins, the Labor Disciple said with excitement, “Don’t worry Big Brother Yang, if there’s any news related to you in the future or any important information, we’ll definitely notify you at the first possible moment!” As soon as he finished speaking, he left the room.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed after he saw the Labor Disciple leave the room, and he said in a low voice, “The eighth rank of the Mortal Realm.

I’m only at the fourth rank of the Mortal Realm now.

Looks like I have to continue working hard!”


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