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Yang Ye didnt rest, and he went directly to the Technique Pavilion, and because of Yang Yes accomplishments in the Sword Servant Pagoda, he could be considered as a celebrity in the sect.

All along the way to the Technique Pagoda, all the outer court disciples bowed to Yang Ye and addressed him as a senior brother.

Yang Ye felt slightly helpless towards all of this.

However, since others gave him face, it was naturally inappropriate to make them lose face, so he replied to all of them one by one.

Thus, causing the expression on his face to almost start twitching.

Yang Ye had just arrived at the entrance to the Technique Pavilion when an outer court elder stopped him and said, “Kid, youre Yang Ye”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he nodded and said, “Elder, youre”

The outer court elder smiled and said, “Im the Inheritance Elder, Yan Su, that manages the Technique Pavilion.

Youre not bad, kid.

You were actually able to ascend to the 22nd level.

All those years ago, I lost at the 16th level.

Youre really not bad.

Work hard and cultivate so that you can attain a good ranking for our Sword Sect during the Ascension Rankings!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he said, “Elder, can I enter the Technique Pavilion to choose some techniques”

Yan Su pondered deeply for a moment upon hearing this, and then he said, “According to the rules of the sect, outer court disciples have to pay in Contribution Points in order to choose techniques.

However, since its you… I can make an exception.

Ill allow you to choose one Yellow Rank cultivation technique and one Yellow Rank combat technique on the Yellow Rank Floor.

As for the Profound Rank Floor, Earth Rank Floor, and Heaven Rank Floor that resides above the Yellow Rank Floor, those arent places that are within my control.”

When he heard Yan Su, Yang Ye instantly had a good impression of this elder that stood before him, and he cupped his fists to Yan Su and said, “Thank you, Elder!”

Yan Su smiled and said, “Go on in.

Some of the Yellow Rank cultivation techniques and combat techniques in there are really good!”

Yang Ye thanked the elder once more, and then he walked into the Technique Pavilion.

When he saw the scrolls that lay on the racks within the Yellow Rank Floor, Yang Ye was extremely shocked in his heart, and he thought to himself.

As expected of a sect.

Based on the number of scrolls here, there are no less than 100,000 Yellow Rank cultivation techniques and combat techniques here.

100,000 Yellow Rank cultivation techniques and combat techniques! And it doesnt even include the techniques on the three floors above me.

How shocking would such a scene be

Yang Ye suppressed the shock in his heart and walked over to the cultivation technique section on the left.

He didnt feel like choosing a sword technique for now.

Because he hadnt fully grasped the Gale Steps, Sword Control Technique, Energy Split Technique, Sword Qi Finger, and the Reactive Strike that hed created himself, so it was truly not suitable for him to learn other sword techniques!

Yang Ye understood the principle of not biting off more than he could chew!

Yang Ye directly disregarded those cultivation techniques that could improve the volume and quality of Profound Energy because that wasnt a problem for him at all.

Especially in terms of volume because if the tiny vortex cooperated, then it was simply inexhaustible, and even if the tiny vortex didnt cooperate, the golden Profound Energy that tiny vortex gave him was already sufficient for his current cultivation realm.

He wanted to look for a cultivation technique that could improve his physical strength like the Basic Body Refinement Technique.

Obviously, in this age where emphasis was placed upon Profound Energy and not the physical body, body refinement techniques were extremely rare.

Yang Ye searched for almost two hours yet was unable to find a single cultivation technique that could improve the physical body.

After another two hours passed and right when Yang Ye was about to give up, his gaze suddenly lit up, and then he walked swiftly over to a rock at the corner before he stretched out his hand to pick up a scroll at the very bottom.

Yang Ye blew off the dust on it, and then he saw the words that were written on it — Body Refinement Technique, Hundred Fortifications.

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart upon reading these words, and he hurriedly opened it up and started reading it.

“The Hundred Fortifications technique is divided into four levels.

The first level, hardening of the skin.

The second level, iron skin and stone bones.

The third level, bronze skin and iron bones.

The fourth level, steel body.

Every single time the physical body is improved, physical strength and defense will obtain a qualitative improvement, and when cultivated to the fourth level, it would be almost impossible for ordinary combat techniques to harm the body.”

When he saw this introduction, Yang Ye was rather disappointed.

Yes, he was disappointed because this Hundred Fortifications technique was slightly weak.

Because his current physical body was around the level of iron skin and stone bones, and so long as he worked hard for a while, he would probably be able to attain the bronze skin and iron bones level.

In other words, this cultivation technique wasnt really useful to him.

However, it was better than nothing.

Especially because it provided explanations on the method to temper the body, and this was really good for Yang Ye.

After he put the scroll away, Yang Ye was about to leave.

Yet right at this moment, Yang Yes eyes glanced towards a scroll that was placed by the Hundred Fortifications Techniques side.

On it, he saw the words — High-Grade Yellow Rank sword technique, Heavenrend Drawing Technique.

Yang Ye was stunned because hed never expected that there would be a combat technique in this section for cultivation techniques.

However, he quickly understood the reason for this, and it was probably placed in the wrong section.

Yang Ye was driven his curiosity and picked up this scroll, and as he gazed at the wordHeavenrend on it, he said in a low voice, “What a name.”

As soon as he finished saying these words, he started looking through the scroll.

“Heavenrend Sword Technique, a high-grade Yellow Rank sword technique….” As he read and read, Yang Yes eyes grew brighter and brighter, and an excited expression appeared on his face.

After around an hour, Yang Ye rolled the scroll again and said, “Its really good.

Fortunately, I didnt let it slip by.”

The Heavenrend Drawing Technique achieved the same goal as the Reactive Strike he created but through different means.

It stressed upon being simple, succinct, and annihilating with a single strike.

It didnt require any extra decorations or adornments.

Of course, it sounded extremely formidable, yet Yang Ye knew that it was extraordinarily difficult to cultivate successfully.

Because it required the accurate and flawless merging of strength and speed in order to attain the effect described in the technique.

Perhaps it was extremely difficult for others, yet it wasnt for Yang Ye because he already possessed a foundation in this.

Moreover, he only had to utilize this technique to perfect his own Reactive Strike.

In the past, when Yang Ye utilized the Reactive Strike, he felt that it lacked something, and when he saw this sword technique now, he finally knew what it lacked.

It lacked a form of instantaneous explosive force.

In the past, hed never placed his sword in a sheath.

It wasnt just he who didnt place his sword within a sheathe, most disciples of the Sword Sect didnt place their swords within a sheath.

Because everyone felt that it was troublesome.

If ones sword was placed within ones spatial ring, then it would appear in ones hand with a single thought.

How convenient was that

This sort of way of thinking wasnt wrong, but Yang Yes Reactive Strike shouldnt be utilized in this way.

Because the Reactive Strike stressed upon searching for a weak point and then annihilating ones opponent with a single strike.

So, in order to accomplish this, one didnt just need strength, speed, and discerning ability, one also needed explosive force! In other words, the force that the sword erupted with when it was drawn according to the Heavenrend Drawing Technique.

With the Heavenrend Drawing Technique, Yang Ye was able to better perfect the Reactive Strike that hed created, and this caused him to be slightly excited.

Yang Ye took the two scrolls in hand and went downstairs, and then he arrived before Yan Su and said, “Elder Yan, Ill take these two!”

When he saw the two techniques in Yang Yes hand, Yan Su frowned and said, “A body refinement cultivation technique Kid, could it be that you dont know how extremely painful it is to cultivate with a body refinement technique Moreover, after you attain the First Heaven Realm, youll be able to draw Profound Energy into the body to refine the body.

So, theres entirely no need for you to intentionally temper your body!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Its fine, I just want to give it a try!”

He would naturally not tell the old man that body refinement suited him.

However, the good intentions in the old mans voice caused Yang Yes heart to feel slightly warm.

Yan Su shook his head when he heard Yang Ye, and then he looked at the other scroll Yang Ye took and said, “I wont say anything about your cultivation technique, but do you really intend to cultivate this Heavenrend Drawing Technique Do you know that most sword techniques in our Sword Sect stress upon speed But youll still be drawing your sword while someone has already stabbed their sword towards you, thatll make you suffer a huge loss.”

Yang Ye said, “Elder, thank you for your good intentions.

But I still want to give it a try!”

Yan Su shook his head and said, “Dont blame me for talking too much but since Ive taken up the position of Inheritance Elder, Ive never seen someone lend a body refinement technique and the Heavenrend Drawing Technique.

It isnt that this cultivation technique and combat technique arent good, and its instead because both of them are truly too difficult.

Moreover, their effects may not necessarily be superior to other techniques.

If youre willing to give up on them, then I can allow you to choose once more!”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly and said, “I truly thank Elder Yan Su for your good intentions.

But I still want to give them a try.

If its really too difficult, then Ill earn Contribution Points and exchange them for other techniques.

Is that alright”

Yan Su sighed when he saw that Yang Ye persisted on cultivating these techniques, and he said, “Forget it.

With your strength and potential, perhaps youll really be able to allow these techniques to dazzle the world.

Remember, the techniques of the Sword Sect cant be spread to someone outside the sect, and you must return them within a month of time.

Otherwise, youll be punished severely!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when Yan Su stopped persuading him, and then he hurriedly nodded.

After Yan Su recorded the details of the techniques Yang Ye took, Yang Ye took them and headed towards Cool Breeze Gorge.

However, when he passed by the training grounds, a familiar voice caused Yang Ye to stop moving, and then he looked towards the source of the voice.


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